IM Platforms Increasingly Used by Threat Actors in Place of Dark Web Marketplaces – Disposable mail news

Researchers at IntSight have discovered that IM platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, IRC, and Jabber are being used by cybercriminals for advertising and putting their goods and services on sale. One of the major reason as to why cybercriminals are switching to these IM platforms from the conventional ones is ‘law enforcement practices’; law enforcement operations have been targeting online darknet markets one after another. Earlier in 2017, the world’s largest dark web market, AlphaBay was taken offline, sending darknet users into chaos. Immediately after, the cyberspace witnesses the shut down of Hansa, another major darknet market. As more and more major dark web markets went offline due to the law enforcement penetrations, cybercriminals are wisely migrating to new platforms.

Although threat actors are loving IM platforms, the regular cybercrime sources such as dark web markets, credit card shops, and forums are still witnessing their web usual traffic. These platforms have more advantages such as chatbots, fewer rules, and automated replies due to their core nature, unlike IM platforms that are majorly meant for communication.

While giving insights, Etay Maor, IntSights CSO, said,
“Telegram appears to be experiencing the most growth, with more than 56,800 Telegram invite links shared across cybercrime forums and over 223,000 general mentions of the application across forums. Telegram is also the platform most often discussed in foreign language forums.”

“Financial threat actors and fraudsters exchange stolen carding information, selling or trading all kinds of credit card dumps, and publishing methods or techniques relevant for the fraud community. In addition, there is also a trade of physical items stolen or counterfeited from organizations in the retail industry.” He added.

“While the data itself is fully encrypted and law enforcement needs sophisticated algorithms in order to decrypt it, some countries have authorized law enforcement agencies to access the private information of their citizens if sanctioned by courts or other judicial authorities – including information that lives in IM platforms. Threat actors are worried about the cooperation between technology companies and law enforcement agencies, especially in the United States.” Maor further explained.

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Top 5 [FREE] Platforms to Watch Series and TV Shows Online – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Almost about 90% of our generation wants to do anything at their own time wish. Watching Online Series of 2018 and Free TV Shows on your device at any time, anywhere globally is become more convenient nowadays. There’s no need to worry about finding missing shows & episodes. These top 5 best free websites to watch Online Series and Free TV Shows will never disappoint you for sure.

Top 5 Best Sites to Watch TV Series and Shows Online
Best Sites to Watch TV Series and Shows Online

There were times when people used to read novels and storybooks. But now people watch TV series instead of reading the novels. TV series are developed based on a particular novel and is then broadcasted over various websites for the people. The most prominent difference between a TV series and a movie is that the movie is limited to a couple of hours whereas a TV series has seasons and each season has a number of episodes, making it a continuous chain.

This means that the story is not shortened to fit in a time slot and the details of the story are taken into consideration. These TV shows are broadcasted on television as well as on various websites. there are many such best movie streaming sites that also work on the same concepts.

However, it is much convenient to stream your TV series on a website rather than sitting and watching it on a television set since you can access the websites from your smartphone while traveling, making it highly portable. Hence, here we are with a list of some of the best websites where you can find your favorite TV show.

Let’s have a quick look over these best online portals and websites that provide online series and Shows for free.

Best Free Movie Websites of 2018
Hotstar | Best Free Movie Websites of 2018

This is one of the best online series websites where you can find most of the TV series and exclusive shows from around the world. Since this website is owned by Star India, it is recommended for Indian users. But, users from other countries can also access this website. Some TV series might be free to access while some might need a premium connection. For your convenience, you can also use the app version of this app which is available for Android as well as iOS users. you can download it for windows from here.

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#2 YouTube

YouTube is a website with the highest amount of content uploaded to it. However, you might not find all the TV series here due to copyright issues. But, there are chances that you might find some TV series here. You can stream them online or download them and watch them later.

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Here, you can stream your favorite TV show for free. But, you will have to bear some of the commercials which will be displayed on your screen while streaming your TV series. The shows are categorized as a comedy, action, sci-fi, etc. This makes it easier to search for a show based on a particular category. You can also search for a particular TV series by typing it into the search box.

Kickass Torrent Alternatives Working 2018
The Pirate Bay

This is a forbidden website for streaming online shows since it is illegal. You will find all the latest TV shows here but, they are pirated. And hence, downloading content from here is an illegal activity and it can land you in some serious trouble. But, since we are discussing the websites where you can find TV series then it is important to let you know about the torrent. We are not promoting this website, and this information is just for educational purposes.

#5 Yidio

Yidio Online Sereis Streaming

Yidio is another TV series streaming website where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. You can use ‘’ this link to watch all free TV shows on this website. The only negative point about this website is that it is not updated on a daily basis and might not contain all the TV series. But, when you click on a particular show, it displays the summary of the show along with the IMDb ratings and screenshots of that TV series.

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These were some of the best websites for watching online TV series for frer, where you can stream or download your favorite TV series for free or by paying an amount of money. If you have any queries regarding any of the websites listed above or if you know of any such website where you can find TV series and is not listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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