Disposable mail Year in Review 2018 – 10 minute mail

It’s been a great year for Disposable mail and there’s a lot that’s happened for us as we continue to grow our teams and business. Join us for a proverbial toast to the year as we share a recap of our highlights: Disposable mail year in review 2018

Successfully raised 5 million EUR in March 2018

In March, we were pleased to announce a successful series A funding round that raised €5 million led by New York-based venture capital and private equity firm, Insight Venture Partners. Our existing investors, Paua Ventures and Inventure, also participated in the funding round. The investment supports Disposable mail’s international expansion and continued R&D.

Over 50,000 vulnerability findings from Disposable mail Crowdsource submissions

In its second year, the Disposable mail Crowdsource white hat hacker platform has welcomed several high-profile hackers to our community. This year we created 185+ new security tests from our Crowdsource vulnerability submissions and these have generated over 50,000 unique findings in our client scan profiles. Want to meet a couple of our hackers? Check out our Meet the Hacker interviews with Gerben and Fredrik on the Disposable mail Youtube channel.

4 Hacker Schools

Knowledge sharing is a key part of the Disposable mail culture and part of our strategy on how to help our clients improve their own security skills and stay updated on our company happenings. For this reason, we started hosting Hacker Schools in our Stockholm office and invited our valuable customers to show our appreciation for our partnerships. This year our events featured hacker talks from our Disposable mail Crowdsource members, Gerben Janssen van Doorn, Carl SvenssonFrans Rosén (Disposable mail Security Advisor) and Fredrik N. Almroth (Disposable mail Co-founder). We also invited Spotify, Pipedrive and SBAB to speak about how they work with Disposable mail in their teams. We noticed that the concept took off this year and we started to see our office become a meeting point for Stockholm security professionals to network and exchange best practices on how to make their own organizations more secure. We look forward to more in our new office in 2019! Fredrik at Hacker School Image: Disposable mail co-founder Fredrik Nordberg Almroth speaking at Hacker School Photo collage of Disposable mail Hacker Dinners Image: Collage of Hacker Dinner Events in MEATMission in London, Stack in Las Vegas and REM Eiland in Amsterdam

Internationally hosted Hacker Dinners

We now have customers in 50+ countries and to build upon this presence, we hosted exclusive Hacker Dinner events in some of our up and coming country markets including London, Las Vegas and Amsterdam. We brought together some of our Disposable mail Crowdsource white hat hackers together with security professionals to dispel some myths of the hacker profile, talk about cool hacks and show how powerful crowdsourced security can be. These dinners also featured live lightning talks from Disposable mail’s own co-founder and security researchers, Fredrik N. Almroth, Linus Särud and Frans Rosén.

We attended 31 events with speaker or panel spots at 27 of these.

Highlights for the year include Frans Rosén’s keynote talk at AppSec EU and our debut at Black Hat. These events included app- and info-security conferences, client-side inspirational sessions and developer knowledge events. We gained a lot of security knowledge and shared our company swag with new friends to tag them with #gohackyourself. Martina, Disposable mail software engineer, has continued to show other security-interested developers how she previously hacked her own code to strengthen her coding skills at Code Night and two events dedicated to women who code – Technigo and PyLadies Stockholm. We look to continue supporting the security community and security-interest folks, share our product and research with everyone and keep pushing automation forward. We’ve created an events page where you can follow us on the road! Our CMO, Yasmin Tilles, has also shared the marketing secrets of Disposable mail with keynote presentations at various conferences including Conversion Jam and Business Model Summit.

Disposable mail achieves advanced technology partner status with AWS

We are now recognized as an advanced technology partner at Amazon Web Services and we were granted pre-authorization for application vulnerability scanning of AWS hosted applications.

Implementing Practical web cache poisoning module

In August, Portswigger Security Researcher, James Kettle, published research that got a lot of attention from the security and developer world. Web cache poisoning has long been thought of as a theoretical threat that a developer ought to think about but was never really taken seriously. However, Kettle proved how vulnerabilities could be realized and our security researcher team implemented tests to detect for this including adding several authentication bypasses.

API v2

Security should be easy to integrate into the development process and to make it easier for our customers we updated the API to version 2.0. This allows you to easily trigger scans and get Disposable mail data, all while supporting the standard REST format. Integrating it is easy as you can generate the API keys directly in the Disposable mail tool. This option is available for our professional and enterprise plans, and you can read the API v2 documentation here.

Added Domain monitoring service and 6 SAML integrations

We added Domain Monitoring Service (DMS) as a regular feature in the Disposable mail tool. It started with a customer request in order to monitor security issues on abandoned or forgotten domains.  We realized the potential and need for this and rolled it out as a regular feature in our tool. We also made it even easier for some teams to access the Disposable mail tool by building six different Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integrations including G-Suite and Onelogin.

Rebuilding of the dashboard & account completion

This year we took in a lot of helpful customer feedback to rebuild the tool into a more intuitive interface and continue to drive transparency while encouraging continuous monitoring. On the dashboard, users now see the Latest Scanner Updates and features posts from our Disposable mail Blog and Disposable mail Labs.

Widget on the Disposable mail tool dashboard Image: new widgets showing new security tests added and new content

We also added the “Account Completion” guide at the top menu to show you whether your Disposable mail account has been fully set up yet, to ensure you are not missing out on the best bits of our tool. Account completion menu in the Disposable mail Tool

Image: account completion feature

Let’s Encrypt SSL-certificates, GraphQL, Upload Policies and bypassing HTTPS

Our top story on Disposable mail Labs from 2018 was from Disposable mail Security Advisor and top-ranked white hat hacker, Frans Rosén. His research showed us all how he exploited ACME TLS-SNI-01 by issuing Lets Encrypt SSL certificates for any domain using shared hosting. Additional popular research included GraphQL Abuse, Bypassing Upload Policies and Signed URLs, and MITM regardless of HTTPS.

CORS misconfigurations

Our top article from 2018 on Disposable mail Blog was an explanation of CORS misconfigurations by Disposable mail Security Researcher and Technical Content Writer, Linus Särud. CORS is a header set by the web server and this article shares the most common ways to misconfigure it. View the article here.

20+ new employees and 18 different nationalities

It’s been a year of adding (a lot) more new faces to the team. In fact, we’ve welcomed 22 new colleagues so far in 2018 with many added to our tech teams. Diversity is a key part of our company as we are made up of 18 different nationalities at Disposable mail, and 40% of us are female! Want to join us? Check our job openings here.

A new and bigger office!

We were operating at capacity in our office, bribing one another for meeting rooms and getting creative with the spaces to squeeze in more people. In December, our new and larger office was finally ready and we have a lot more space for more.


Jury’s choice of Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution and Hottest Nordic Startups List

Our CCO Carl Svantesson was invited to pitch our company at PwC’s Cybersecurity Week in Luxembourg and won the prize of Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution – Jury Award! Thank you, Luxembourg! We were also listed as one of the hottest Nordic startups to look for in 2018 by Business Insider Nordic and Dagens Industri (in Swedish).   What a great year it’s been and we are looking forward to even bigger and better things next year! Will you join us on this journey in 2019?

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Detectify year in review 2019 – 10 minute mail

Detectify year in review: 2019 has been quite a journey so far with expansion to the US and doubling our size. Join us for a proverbial toast to the year as we share a recap of our highlights:

Detectify's year in review 2019
Image: Detectify year in review of 2019

Opened an international office in Boston, USA 

Detectify expanded borders and open the first international Detectify office in Boston, USA in March 2019. This only made sense since the USA has a major cybersecurity market that’s just ready for disruption. In less than 9 months, the US team has quickly grown to 10 team members and is led by Wilder Parks, Head of Sales – North America

Detectify secures 21.5 million EUR investment led by Balderton Capital

As first reported by Steve O’Hear at Techcrunch, Detectify secured 21.5 million EUR in a Series B round led by Balderton Capital in November 2019. Crowdsource security is starting to expand in the infosecurity space, and Balderton’s confidence in Detectify shows us that we are onto something great, and providing something much needed by security teams and organizations. The funding will support our ambitious growth goals and continue recruiting world-class talent.

Launched a new product – Asset Monitoring


Detectify Asset Inventory

Just before Black Hat USA, we launched a new product called Asset Monitoring. This allows our users to conduct security screening across publicly exposed attack surfaces, discover forgotten subdomains and expose any vulnerabilities to potential subdomain takeovers. Each time new code is released, the potential attack surface increases and you can find this in our new UI feature, Asset Inventory. Going forward, we will build more features into this service.

32 events – we hosted, attended, sponsored and more

This year we were speakers and was also graced with awesome speakers at our own events like Anne-Maire Eklund Löwinder. Detectify’s Security Advisor, Frans Rosén spoke at AWS re:inforce this year and we also introduced new faces to the stage such as Johanna Ydergård, Detectify’s Head of Crowdsource, at the 44CON x Many Hats Club in London.

Launched our first webinar series for Detectify users

As our team grows, so do the opportunities for us to try out new content outlets such as live webinars. We put on our first webinar, How to maximize the value of Detectify (on Youtube). If you attended this episode, you may have gotten insight into future topics. Stay tuned for more details on what webinars are to come in 2020!

We’ve doubled our team size and 45% are women in the company!

The year 2019 has brought us many more women in security and we have women on all but one of the teams. In fact, 4 of 7 of our senior management positions are women. In general diversity has always been part of our recruitment strategy and we currently have colleagues from 25 different countries. If you’re interested in joining us, check out our career page.

Anna Engman on Detectify and Diversity

Crowdsource keeps growing! 

Growing our Crowdsource platform was one of our main goals for 2019. What started as a 1-person product team in January, it is now a team of 9 with php developers, react developers, module developers and more. The Detectify Crowdsource community continues growing as well and is nearly 200 members strong and they continue to share interesting and widely applicable research:

To top this, we had awesome research come through and at times hours after the CVE was made public. This included the File Disclosure in SSL VPNs and Drupal RCE.

New integrations and connectors added

While we take pride in our UI, we can also appreciate the efficiency of integrations which is why we added more. This year users started dispatching Detectify notifications to Splunk and ServiceNow. We didn’t stop there. We also added a connector to Route 53 to allow direct and accurate information flow from your DNS records in AWS Route 53 to Detectify for more complete monitoring of subdomains.

Fast 50 tech in Sweden by Deloitte

We were honoured to be mentioned as #7 in the Fast 50 tech in Sweden by Deloitte. Detectify started in 2013, and continues on a hyper-growth journey and keep up Stockholm’s reputation for innovation and active start-up landscape.

Popular interviews and Crowdsource guest blog contributions

We are always happy to showcase the talent of the ethical hackers active in our Crowdsource community. This year we had several insightful blog contributions from our hackers and we interviewed some big names in security!

Featured as an enticing employer in Boston

Our team in Boston is carrying the torch for us to build a great working culture in the US. Their energy and culture has quickly established Detectify as a top employer in Boston.

These are just a handful of the many achievements our teams have accomplished in 2019 at Detectify. We are raising the bar in 2020, and eager to add more passionate colleagues to our teams. Want to join us? Check out the different job openings on the Detectify career page.


Temp Mails (https://tempemail.co/) is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, one time mail, anonymous email address… All emails received by Tempmail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox.