(10+) Modern Rainmeter Skins & Themes for Windows 7/8/10 (2020) – 10 minute mail

Best Rainmeter Skin Guide: Well, We all want to change the dull windows pre-installed themes to something new and cool that we can customize easily according to our needs. However, there are many alternatives to this but luckily, today we come up with a tutorial on “Rainmeter” by which you cannot only change rainmeter skins but you can also create your own theme for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 in 2020

Best Rainmeter Skin and Themes 2018
Best Rainmeter Skin and Themes

Customization is one of the major reasons which attracts most of the audience towards the windows side. Mac fans you need to accept this point. Microsoft gives you more customization than Apple. Yes, I know they are damn cheap than a Mac computer but that is not the only reason why most of the people selecting windows over mac. Even after that much access to customize things windows users need more.

They want to customize each and every single thing on their computer according to their personal touch. Is there anyone who doesn’t want a computer with every single thing on their taste? That’s why the reason you are in this article.

For all the nostalgia eyes, there is good news. For all your needs there is a software named RainMeter. It is one of the famous desktop customization tools which help you to customize your computer as you want. It has many cool things to describe. It supports all the versions of Windows from Windows XP – Windows 10. The Rainmeter application is extremely powerful and powerful means it won’t drain your hardware resources.

All that core customizations can be done without any sort of coding or complex things. It can be easily done by using a windows program called RainMeter. Speaking about RainMeter, it is just a simple windows program that lets you download skins based on your taste. Don’t worry about the count of the skins. As RainMeter is freaking famous, the skins are also available as many as possible. At least there will be over 500K skins available for RainMeter. You know how big this number is! So, without wasting any more time let us begin this article with the download guide of RainMeter and we move on to the top Rainmeter skins for Windows 7/8/10.

In Fact, this application is efficient in using resources and uses very little amount of your computer resource. Without wasting any more time let us start this guide with the Introduction to Rainmeter and best rainmeter skins to enhance your visual experience.

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What is Rainmeter? Introduction to Rainmeter?

What is Rainmeter? Introduction to Rainmeter?
What is Rainmeter? Introduction to Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a free Windows software for desktop customization (Theme/Wallpapers/Fonts etc). It allows users to create and display user-generated/user-demanding customizable desktop widgets or applets called “skins” that display information. However, By the use of this Open-Source software, you can easily create your own themes for any version of your Windows PC/Laptop.

Download and Install Rainmeter

  • STEP 1: Open your favorite browser and visit this link https://www.rainmeter.net
  • STEP 2: Download RainMeter which is compatible with your operating system.
  • STEP 3: Now, double-click the downloaded file and click the “yes ”, “Yes” and finish the installation process.

After completing this step, you have a working RainMeter installed on your computer. But the RainMeter alone doesn’t make any sense Right? You need some good looking and productive skins for your rainmeter and we are here to help you with this. Let us look at some of the best skins for your RainMeter in detail.

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#1. ENIGMA: Best RainMeter Skin


Enigma is the most downloaded Rainmeter skin of all time. Enigma provides you the ability to customize each and every single thing on your desktop screen. Enigma is very minimal and good looking which helps you to make full use of your desktop screen. It has many widgets like RSS feed, Weather, Music, News, CPU Usage and many other which saves you tons of time. If you are a new user to Enigma then you really need to spend some time on its configuration then only you can get most of this skin. There is not even a single doubt this skin will make your desktop to the next level. You can download this skin by clicking the link which is located below:




If you are a person who hates to configure things but wants something in your screen to look absolute cool then Before Dawn is your only choice. It makes your whole lot better as soon as you download this skin. It is also one of the unique looking skin on this list. It has also a lot of widgets available from which you can select which needs to appear on your desktop screen.




Any tech-savvy out there? Shout out to you man via team itechhacks. If you are reading this article until this the chances are high for you to be a geek. Am I correct? For all the people out there TECH-A is the perfect skin for you. It is a very versatile skin that changes your entire mood once you saw the screen. It has all the necessary elements needed in a skin-like RAM and CPU utilization, Shortcuts which can be configured by the user, RSS Feed and many other. Although you are not a geek, you can definitely check this out. I strongly believe this skin will not disappoint any. You can download TECH-A skin by clicking the link which is located down below:


#4. WISP:


If you need to show off your desktop screen to everyone and wants everyone ask you about that unique screen, WISP is the go through option for you. It is one of the rarest skin you can cross in the Rainmeter skin. I tried to find some skin which almost looks like this but I failed miserably. It is very appealing and doesn’t compromise on the modules it contains. It has CPU usage, weather, shortcuts and all the things you need. You can easily download wisp from the given link which is located below.




As the name suggests, Elegance 2 is a very interesting and elegant skin which every one must try at least once. The developers of this skin are very conscious about the simplicity and elegant look of the skin. It provides a great appealing screen which contains only the necessary basic information. If you are a guy who likes to have a very clean and decent looking screen then Elegance 2 skin will make you flabbergasted.

#6. UNITY:

Any old-school Linux guys? Anyone, who want windows to be like Fedora? With this Unity skin on your RainMeter, you can get that fedora looking screen on your windows machine. It is fully functional and very clean. Some people feel very bad if you ask them to change skin from Unity. It is one of those skin which appeals to people on their first glance. You can download Unity from the link given below.




Green Screen Lovers? I got you covered too. Greenzo is a clean looking green color based skin which helps you to achieve the eco-friendly look on your screen. It gives you all the needed widgets with this skin. Further, you can create many shortcuts and hotkeys with this skin. If you are a green color lover you won’t hate this skin. You can download Greenzo from the link which is located below.




Mass Effect is perfect for all the gamers out there. With this skin, you will get the gaming rage on your screen. It has a timeline which is cloned from many AAA title games. Also, this skin has all those RSS Feed, Weather, CPU usage, Date, Notes and all the other things in cool panels. You can easily download this Mass Effect skin from the link given below.




I have no surprise why this skin is so damn famous. As the name is enough for most of the people to download this skin. It is a very premium looking gamers skin that ticks all the boxes of a gamer. You can download BattleField 3 skin from the link given below.




I really love this skin because of its color scheme- Matte Black and Red. Who doesn’t like this killer combo? Further, this skin provides you the battleship look which cannot be provided by any other skin in this link .it is definitely one of the most underrated skins in this list. So do check this out. You can download this skin from the link given below.


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That’s pretty it. If you do enjoy this article, share this with all your friends. Let us know your favorite Rainmeter skins Free 2020 in the comment section. Also, In case we miss any of the great skin for rainmeter let us know in the comment section. Catch you guys on the next one. Have a great day. Cheers!

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How To Enable or Disable Service Host Superfetch in Windows OS (2020) – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Windows is, no doubt one of the most futuristic and common operating systems. All windows upgrades come with lots of new functions and features, and if you are using windows, then you must have listened to the prefetch of the word and SuperFetch. Basically, prefetch and SuperFetch are two functions that were first introduced in Windows XP and are still used till windows 10. Both the features are named similarly, but they actually are not the same. In this article, we have shown you how to enable and disable service host superfetch in Windows 7/8 and Windows 10 in 2020.

Enable and Disable Service Host Superfetch in Windows 7/8/10
Enable and Disable Service Host Superfetch in Windows | itechhacks

In fact, the function of both features is very different. Prefetch is basically a feature or algorithm that runs when you boot up your computer. This function basically loads the program files that are frequently-used into the memory so that it can run the program instantly. SuperFetch is basically an upgrade of prefetch, but this function actually is programmed so that it can take your whole memory to preload the apps and release the memory when needed which can make your PC slow and laggy.

What is the first operating system you have used in a pc?  Let us know in the comments below. If we closely look, most of the people started using PC on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Isn’t it? Windows makes the whole computer usage user-friendly and make everyone to use a computer without any geeky skills. Before Windows, there is DOS which is another operating system by Microsoft which completely command-line based operating system.

We don’t say DOS is worse but every operating system has its own pros and cons. You can still do all the things you are doing on the windows on your Dos too. But it doesn’t have the fancy user Interface and the animations which you are enjoying on the window and many other operating systems which we are using now.  Other than that operating systems are come a long way and doing many things which we don’t even know for improving our user experience with it.

Do you know windows services? Or Heard about it? If you don’t we will explain this to you. If you want to use the application on windows, there is no application which is fully independent of the operating system. Each and every application need some dependency to work on your computer. There are other applications which will need some other background process to work. These background processes are also needed by the operating system which is commonly known as services.

On our daily basis, we are using many services as background processes which are hard to find but it is vital because without these services we cannot able to do all things. If you ever noted that you don’t use any application on your Windows computer but your disk usage and some memory are almost full. I’m sure you will be in this situation. It has many reasons but the most common one factor for this issue is the service host fetch.

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What is a Service Host?

Host Fetch? Yes! It is a windows service which will learn which applications do you use the most and what time you will open the particular application and learns it over the time you spend with the computer. Later, using this information, this service makes all the files needed to open that particular application which decreases the application loading time significantly.

There are many services like these are available in the windows which gradually increase the experience of the user. Its main purpose is to speed up the performance of any application you are using. Now you may think, it is a great service to have and what’s wrong with this application. Isn’t it?

I agree this is a great service to have but to have on a computer. But like every other windows service, it has its own set of problems for quite a long time. Really long time and its problem keep on increasing on the further updates. Super fetch was introduced with windows vista and it is present in all the later version up to the present windows 10.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a background process which can consume our system resources without any user Interface or anything. There is a big problem with it regarding memory management.

In a system which has less than 4GB of ram, many users reported this super fetch spikes the many Ram and CPU usage of the PC.  It heavily affects all the intensive tasks like gaming pathetically. It causes shutter and causing frame drops and also causes CPU to continue running on its maximum potential which is not good for any pc.

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What is Prefetch and Superfetch?

You can say it can be stopped from the task manager and get rid off this service to improve the performance of the PC. But here is the most tedious thing happening in windows operating system.

Host fetch is not running on the individual thread where we can simply press the stop button to stop this. Instead, it runs on the collection of many .dll files named Service host. If we force stop this process, it may cause some other issues in many applications. So, it is impossible to force stop service fetch completely.

But don’t worry we are here to help you with the 100% disk usage issue of your computer.  There are some other ways available from which you can stop this issue. Let us quickly tell you what you need to do for stoping 100% disk usage.

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Do note disabling service host fetch will reduce the speeds of application openings in many times. To disable this only when this service started using most of your memory. If it doesn’t grave your memory, leave it as such. To disable service host fetch, there are two methods to do.

Enable and Disable SuperFetch (2020)

Now when we want to enable or disable SuperFetch there are many ways to do so. Here we will discuss all the methods in detail with a step to step guide.

How to Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Services app)

Step 1. Open the Run tab by pressing (Windows + R) key. Now type services and after finding just double click on “services.msc”.Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Services app)

Step 2. After opening services just manually find out SuperFetch then click on it and now click on stop.Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Services app)

Step 3. SuperFetch is now disabled from your device but you can also restrict it by starting automatically.

Step 4. Now just change the StartUp type to Disabled from automatic and it will disable SuperFetch permanently.Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Services app)

Yeah, that’s it you have successfully disabled SuperFetch in your device. You can Enable SuperFetch just by repeating the step and changing startup type back to automatic and then click on start.

How to Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Registry)

Step 1. On the home screen open the run tab by pressing (Windows + R) keys.

Step 2. Now, search for “Regedit”. Then click on it.Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Registry)

Step 3. Then Registry editing dialogue box will appear. Then scroll down till you find “PrefetchParameters” then click on it.Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Registry)

Step 4. Now select “New” > “DWORD Value” and type the new value for disabling the SuperFetch put (value=0) and put (value=3) for enabling the SuperFetch.Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Registry)

Step 5. You have successfully disabled the SuperFetch and you are ready to go.’

Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Command Prompt)

Step 1. First of all, open the command prompt manually or press windows key and type “command”. Now click on the command prompt to open it.

Open CMD
Open CMD

Step 2. Now type or copy this (“net.exe stop superfetch”)then enter it into the command prompt and then click on enter.

Step 3. Now the command prompt will open here type or paste this (“sc config sysmain start=disabled”) and then click on Enter to disable the SuperFetch service.Enable or Disable SuperFetch from (Command Prompt)

Step 4. Close the command prompt.

To enable back SuperFetch repeat all the steps just in step 3 replace this code (sc config “SysMain” start=auto & sc start “SysMain”).

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There are many more methods by which you can disable or enable SuperFetch but I found these methods are the easiest as well as quick. You can choose any method and disable SuperFetch from your Windows.


I hope this article will help you to understand what is service host fetch and how to enable or disable it with all three working methods. it if it starts consuming a lot of memory from your computer. If you like this article share this article with all your friends and help us to grow bigger. Also, comment on what is your thoughts on these kinds of services on your PC.  If you have any suggestions, always feel free to let us know in the comment section. Thanks a lot for reading. cheers! 🙂

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Windows 7 ISO Full Version Download 32/64 Bit 2020 (Free Working) – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Windows 7 ISO Free Download Version 32 Bit or 64 Bit,  Here we are discussing methods of windows 7 ultimate downloading. The first method is to windows upgrade free and Second one is to Create Windows 7 ISO installation disc for older Windows Version and to install on any PC. This the way you can easily Download Windows 7 Full Free for any windows pc in 2020.

Windows 7 ISO Free Full Version Download 32 or 64 Bit 2019
Windows 7 ISO Free Full Version Download 32 or 64 Bit 2020 | itechhacks

Windows 7 is always the favorite version of windows for many of the people in this crazy world. It is the most popular Operating System which is ever produced by Microsoft. Windows 7 was published way back in 2009 and after that its fame and user base start growing exponentially. It is also one of the most revenue driven Operating System for Microsoft. There is no doubt that Windows 7 is one of the best products produced by Microsoft in their entire lifetime. Windows 7 is clean, minimal, lightweight and gets the job done.

If you are a long-time Windows 7 user, you cannot easily upgrade to windows 8 / windows 10. All are simply different in each and every aspect. If you are someone who is having indeed love with windows 7 and want to install fresh windows 7 / change from other versions of windows to windows 7, You are at the right place.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to download windows 7 iso and lot of people started asking us to make an article about How to download windows 7 ISO 32 bit/ 64 bit and here we are with the actual article. Before going deeply to the download and installation part of Windows 7 let us look at some of the key features and minimum requirements to install windows 7 on your computer. If you want to download windows 10 full free for your PC and laptop then you can download that at free of cost. Without wasting any more time let us actually begin with the why people prefer windows 7 over another version of windows.

Why people Prefer Windows 7 over other versions of Windows?

#1. More User-Friendly

Windows 7 is the more user-friendly version of windows, Microsoft has ever produced. Yes, it is real and you have to accept this fact. If you take Windows XP it is very limited and the operating system itself is not much functional. If you say it is an older version you have to compare it with the newer versions than let’s do it now. Take Windows 8 it is an operating system which has almost no signs of previous versions of windows.

It may good or bad but as a brand, you need to provide some similarities between the older and newer versions of Operating system Right? After this many people are feeling awkward as it is a whole new design filled with most of the things which are truly inspired by another operating system in the market. We all don’t know why the setting in the windows 8 is actually alive. All the tinkering stuff can be done via control panel which is very easy and simple to change things.

It`s time to compare our favorite windows 7 with the latest version of Windows 10. With Windows 10 you can actually get rid off many of the unused things from windows 8. But it is too heavy when you compared with windows 7. Also, Windows 10 consumes a lot of your system resources than the windows 7 or any versions of windows. This is because of the animations of the windows 10. You can actually turn off you animations manually in windows 10 but after that, you feel like a hell.

#2. Speed

As I mentioned earlier windows 7 is the lightweight and also the most functional version of windows. It uses less of your system resources which help to get the most of your system. You can run windows 7 in a 2 GB ram laptop with some good performance but it is not the case with windows 10. It needs more resources than you think and has some issues with it memory management too.


Beauty changes from eyes to eyes Right? If you look for an OS which is very simple and doesn’t bore you after times Windows 7 is the only available operating for you. Believe me, there is no replacement for Windows 7 in terms of simplicity.


I call all the Microsoft application which are pre-installed with Windows 10 as bloatware. I personally didn’t use any of the Microsoft applications than Skype and not even met people who use those applications on regular basis. If you think what the hell is wrong with these applications? They are draining your computer resources even in the background.

Windows 7 ISO doesn’t come with any of this bloatware which is really a very good thing for the casual user. This will definitely help normal users to improve their computer speeds.

I hope after reading this you will understand the real benefits of using Windows 7 over other versions of windows. Also, do note Microsoft is also officially announced that they are not going to release specific security patches and security updates for your Windows 7. But if you use some good antivirus package you are all set to go Man! Let us look at the minimum specifications of windows 7 to be installed on your computer. After this, we will move on to the download sections of window 7 32 bit/64 bit.

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Minimum Requirements for using Windows 7

Windows 7 ISO Free Full Version Download 32 or 64 Bit 2018With reference to the official Microsoft’s website here is the basic requirement to install windows 7 on your computer. If you are going to install windows 7 on your computer have a look at it. Nowadays all the computer comes double than this specification but it’s our job to actually let you know the minimum specs.

#1. Your processor speed must be more than 1GHz.

#2. You need at least 1GB of Ram to Install Windows 7 32 bit and 2 GB of Ram to install 64 Bit based windows 7 on your computer.

#3. You need a minimum of 16 GB hard disk space available on your computer. (Today smartphones are coming with whooping 512 GB of internal storage Just saying)

#4. DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.

I know you have all the above-mentioned specifications and you are ready to install windows 7 on your computer. Let us look at how to download and boot windows 7 on your new computer.

Product Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and 64-bit versions
Developers Microsoft
Setup Type Offline Installer/Full Standalone Setup
System Compatibility 32Bit(x86)/64 Bit(x64
Licence Free
Offered by iTech Hacks 2018

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STEP 1: Open your favorite browser and visit this URL (https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/software-download/windows7)

STEP 2: Click the Download tool now button to download the Windows 7 Media Creation tool.

STEP 3: Now install the application just by clicking next, next and select your bootable device from which you are going to boot your new Windows 7.

Windows 7 ISO Free Full Version Download 32 or 64 Bit 2018
Windows 7 ISO (Full-Guide)

STEP 4: Its time to have a cup of coffee while the windows 7 will be downloaded to the device you selected.

STEP 5: Now, click next to change your device into bootable and finish the download part.
In the same way, you can download all other windows versions which you need. It’s time to boot the windows in our PC and start rocking.

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CLEAN INSTALL Windows 7 (2020)

STEP 1: Turn on your Computer / Laptop and Enter your Bios mode. If you don’t know the key combinations you can google with Model name. The most Common used keys are F12 / Fn+F12. Try these keys if not working google your model you can easily get your key combinations.

Windows 7 ISO Free Full Version Download 32 or 64 Bit 2018
Boot Manager

STEP 2: After entering into your Bios you need to enable USB boot in case you are boot from your pen drive. If you are using a CD you can completely skip this step and move forward to the next step.

STEP 3: Now save your settings and restart your PC and enter into your Boot Mode. Again if you don’t know the key combinations, Google is your friend and feel free to ask him.

Windows 7 ISO Free Full Version Download 32 or 64 Bit 2018
Windows 7 Ultimate

STEP 4: Its time to select your bootable device and press your magic key Enter. Now the actual windows installation process started.

STEP 5: Select your desired partition and click the install button. If you need a clean windows installation after selecting your drive click the drive options and click on format.

We prefer to clean install windows than normal install because it helps to prevent some annoying issues and also increase your overall performance of the computer.

STEP 6: Now its time for you to take a break. In the meantime, a fresh installation of Windows 7 will be done on your computer.

Windows 7 ISO Free Full Version Download 32 or 64 Bit 2018
Windows 7 Setup

Now, start your computer and do the initial setup process and enter into your desktop. You will have a new, clear and clean desktop. If you are from window 10 or Windows 8 you will love this new desktop Right? Let us know which looks clean and elegant in your opinion let us know in the comments below.

Wrap Up: 

We hope this article will help you through the entire process of downloading and installing Windows 7 Ultimate 32-64 Bt on your new computer. We tried to explain all the things so that the whole process is way easier for even a non-computer guy. If you feel to appreciate us or do any favor for us to share this article with your social media friends or put this article in your stories and help us to grow more.

If you still facing any difficulties or error while downloading or installing the windows 7 always feel free to contact us. We are really feeling happy to help you. That’s it. Thanks for Reading and see you there in our next article. Cheers! 😛


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  • windows 7 ultimate 32-bit download

  • Windows 7 Home Edition 2020

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(3 Methods) Fix GoogleUpdate.exe Problem for Windows 2020 – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Google Chrome Update Stuck? 🙁 Unable to update google chrome browser just because of the error “please whitelist GoogleUpdate.exe. (error code 7: 0x80072EFD — system level)”. Well, Don’t worry! We are always there for you. Anyway, In this tutorial, we have added 3 Working methods by which you can Easily Whitelist GoogleUpdate.exe in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 firewall.

How to Whitelist Googleupdate.exe for Windows 7/8/10
How to Whitelist Googleupdate.exe | itechhacks

GoogleUpdate.exe is an executable file that runs as a Google updater and used to automatically updates, installs, download, and removes Google applications. Even if you are experiencing any issues, it is not required not to remove like any other critical windows components.

Google Updater was distributed as a suite of software programs and as a part of the Google Pack. It is no longer supported and we strongly recommend you to uninstall this application.

We all know that Google has been established as the biggest company and offers social networking services, office software, cloud storage, webmail and other hundreds of services.

Google Chrome browser (Internet browser) uses GoogleUpdate.exe to search for any latest updates and downloads the same. This is also used to send usage statistic which includes software and hardware information to Google particularly for analysis. Google Chrome browser may cause multiple issues if you disable this process.

Please check the .exe file (executable file) before running the same on your computer. In modern days, Malware can be renamed to anything like .exe file extension and it can be located on your local hard drive as well. Please ensure that your local hard (Windows or System32 folder) does not contain any non-Microsoft executable files (.exe files). If so, those files may be a worm infection, Trojan, Spyware, or a Virus.

Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall
Googleupdate.exe Error

We would like to inform that GoogleUpdate.exe application may cause any issues occasionally and it is not an important process or a required system file for the Windows Operating system. It is a service and “gupdate” is the service name. You will face security vulnerabilities and other issues if the application was stopped or disabled. The program does not have a visible window and digital signature was available within the file.
Please follow the below-provided steps to whitelist googleupdate.exe application in windows 10:

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Method #1: Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall

This is the only working method for Googleupdate.exe you will find exclusively on itechhacks. This method is very easy to use and it takes just 30 seconds to proceed with this.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel and then Tap on the Windows Firewall (Follow screenshot for better understanding)

Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall
Control Panel

Step 2: There you will get to see many options on the left side of the screen. Just click on the “Turn Windows Firewall on or off“.

Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall
Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall

Step 3: Here by default all the ticks are on the Green icon which is “Turn on Windows Firewall“. Now just change it to the Red Icon “Turn off Windows Firewall (Don’t worry nothing wrong will happen) Hit the Save Button.

Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall
Turn off Firewall Status

Step 4: Now open your Chrome Browser > Tap on (Top right Corner) 3 Dots > Help > About Chrome.

Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall
Chrome Help

Step 5: Now your chrome browser starts to update. However, if you don’t want to update it from there. Then you can Download the latest version and then reinstall it.

Step 6: After the update is done. Quickly Relaunch the chrome and Again go back to your Control Panel > Windows Firewall > and TURN ON FIREWALL.

Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall
Turn On Firewall

This method saves your Chrome to consume fewer data and it prevents from everyday updates. Just follow this method whenever you want to update your chrome browser safely.

Method #2: No Add-ons Mode to update Chrome

Step 1: First, you need to check whether your computer works fine in “No Add-ons” mode. Then follow the below steps to check whether the Internet Explorer browser works in “No Add-ons” mode:

Step 2: Click on Start or ribbon key on your computer and type the keyword run and hit the enter key. On the existing window (pop-up window), type the keyword iexplore-extoff and hit the enter key.

Step 3: If the Internet Explorer browser works fine in “No Add-ons” mode then we suggest you disable the add-ons by following the below steps:

Step 4: We would like to inform that Add-ons may cause a compatibility risk or any security risk or crash or may slow down the browser. In this case, you need to disable the specific add-ons to fix the issue or increase browser speed.

Step 5: We suggest you to completely delete or remove the unwanted add-ons which are no longer usable by your computer or might cause security, compatibility and performance issues.

To disable Add-ons:

Access your Internet Explorer browser and select the “Tools” option. From there, click on “Manage Add-ons” option. You need to choose All Add-ons option. Enable the add-on (particularly which one you would like to delete). You need to disable and exit from the browser.

Method #3: Fix GoogleUpdate.exe (error code 7: 0x80072EFD) Disable Antivirus

You can try installing the Google Chrome browser and disabling (temporarily) any antivirus software on your computer.

Please note that the Antivirus software can help to protect your system against any security threats or virus. It is not recommended to disable in most cases. However, you can temporarily disable and re-enable it after installing the required software. Your computer may be easily affected by Virus, Malware or Spyware when you are connected to a network or Internet after disabling the antivirus software.

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Share this How to Whitelist Googleupdate.exe for Windows 10 article with your chrome freak. Also, like this article on all the social platform and help us to reach more people. If you think we missed any other method? Let us know in the comments below and we try to add this application to this list. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries with tech. Cheers! 🙂

We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps to understand more about googleupdate.exe application and how to whitelist the application in Windows.

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Russian banks to face risk due to a cancellation of support for Windows 7 – Disposable mail news

Termination of technical support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems (OS) can become a serious problem for Russian banks. According to the architect of the Microsoft technology center in Russia, Ivan Budylin, now, banks are required to quickly switch to Windows 10, since working without technical support is contrary to information security requirements. He added that the lack of updates can lead to significant risks of data loss.

At the same time, according to the survey, credit institutions are not yet ready to completely abandon the old OS.

Some banks reported that they had signed an agreement with Microsoft for paid additional support for Windows 7 (EAS). However, the expert noted that paid support is not an alternative to updating the operating system, but a temporary measure.

A similar situation was already with the Windows XP operating system, which was not supported in 2017 but continued to be used. During WannaCry ransomware virus epidemic, some XP users faced a situation where the malware appeared on the computer, was blocked and deleted by the antivirus.
However, then the virus repeatedly tried to get into the computer again and was blocked again. This caused a huge load on the network, processor, and disk. The devices started working so slowly that it was almost impossible to do anything on them.

Therefore, experts recommended updating Windows 7 as soon as possible, even though antiviruses can protect an already unsupported system.

Yuri Brisov, a member of the Commission on legal support of the digital economy, said that by denying the ability to regularly and timely update systems, banks put their customers at risk, which is unacceptable.

According to Boris Yedidin, a lawyer and co-founder of Moscow Digital School, for using outdated programs and operating systems, banks can bring to administrative responsibility under the article “Violation of information protection rules”.

Recall that Microsoft has refused to support the Windows 7 operating system since January 14. The computer will work with the old OS, but the company does not provide technical support for any software updates, as well as security updates and fixes.

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An Ex-Operating System Hit by an Exploit Found In Audio Files – Disposable mail news

A crypto-mining exploit attack, has as of late been discovered in Windows 7 , the ex-operating system which ceased to exist only a couple of days back as per the official announcement by Microsoft, hidden away in sound WAV records.

Ophir Harpaz and Daniel Goldberg, two security analysts at Guardicore Labs, have uncovered how a medium-sized medical tech sector business was attacked by cryptominers utilizing WAV audio files to muddle the malware.

While trying to exploit the EternalBlue vulnerability the attackers focused on the organization’s system, running Windows 7 machines in December 2019. The EternalBlue exploit has been around for quite a few years now and was even behind the scandalous WannaCry attacks that hit the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) in 2017.

The Guardicore research journey started in October 2019, when a number of blue screens of death began coming up on Windows machines in the target network. Further investigations unveiled that over half of the system, some 800 endpoints, were getting to suspicious data in a registry key.

And soon enough the Guardicore researchers found a Monero crypto-mining module, utilizing steganography to hide within the audio WAV files.

Daniel Goldberg, a senior cybersecurity researcher at Guardicore Labs and one of the report authors, when asked to comment on the risk-level for those still running Windows 7 replied that, “The risks are crazy high to organizations facing this WAV-based attack if they are running a Windows 7 system after EoL. Before the quarter is over, there will be other vulnerabilities discovered in Windows 7 too that will not be fixed by Microsoft and will also be easy to exploit.”

Further going on to describe the WAV-based attack threat to Windows 7 as being “like a hot knife through butter.” 

Apart from updating to Windows 7 , whether there exists any other way for those who will not or cannot make a move away from Windows 7, Goldberg points out, “Segment machines you can’t support away from the internet and the rest of your network, your old windows 7 machine running this critical but obsolete application should not be accessible from the internet, or most of the machines in your networks.”

Additionally arguing that the best offense is a good defense, Terry Ray, senior vice-president and fellow at Imperva, a cyber-security software and services company, says, “Businesses must be responsible, and act in favor of their customers, who trust them with their information, by updating their systems, if not, they will face severe consequences which will come at a huge cost to the customer, and the future of the business. Simply put, don’t fall victim and instead, upgrade to up to date systems which generate regular security updates and have the right systems in place to deter attacks.”

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Why and What’s Next for Windows 7 Users? – 10 minute mail

Microsoft Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. It has released a number of versions since it was established in the year 1985. In 2009, Windows 7 was released in the market by Microsoft, and since then, it has been a successful operating system.

Windows 7 End of Life: Why and What's Next?
Windows 7 End of Life: Why and What’s Next?

Though the all-new Windows 10 has been around for several years and many people upgraded to Windows 10 years ago but, there are millions of people still using Windows 7 on their PCs.

However, Microsoft will no longer support the 11-year-old operating system from January 14, 2020. This is a piece of sad news for all its users, as Microsoft will now stop providing updates and security patches for Windows 7.

Like other operating systems, Microsoft regularly ends support for its outdated software. It has stopped supporting Windows 8 in 2016 and Windows XP in 2014.

Microsoft said that Windows 7 users can still use their computers after January 14, 2020. But, Microsoft warns they will be at “greater risk for viruses and malware.”

Microsoft has been trying to step away from Windows 7 for nearly five years now. But the system’s extreme popularity has forced the company to extend support. Many banks, doctor’s offices, and even airlines have used Windows 7 to operate their equipment.

The company is encouraging people to upgrade to Windows 10 for $139, though a copy of Windows 10 Pro runs $200 or buy a new device that is compatible with Windows 10 if their computer is more than three years old. It previously offered a free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 when Microsoft launched its latest operating system more than four years ago.


This is all you need to know about the death of Windows 7 and how you can get over it. Though Windows 7 has been our favorite operating system, it is time for us to move on to another more efficient and useful operating system.

If we have missed out on any such useful information about Windows 7, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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