Windows 12 Beta Version 2020: Release Date Leaks – 10 minute mail

We use a computer in our everyday life to carry out several tasks such as making a project, searching for information, playing games, etc. People from almost every age group need a computer to perform specific tasks. when is windows 12 coming out

Windows 12 Beta Download and Release Date 2019
Windows 12 Beta Download and Release Date 2020

As we know, a computer is a combination of hardware and software! The hardware of a computer consists of a keyboard, monitor, processor, etc. The software consists of the operating system, which allows the users to give commands to the computer. Without an operating system, one cannot make use of the computer’s hardware!

One of the largest operating system, used around the world is the Windows operating system, developed by Microsoft. The initial version of this software was released in the year 1985 and since then, it has been rolling out its updated versions with all the latest features!

The most recent version of Microsoft’s operating system is Windows 10. This operating system has brought about some serious changes in the world of operating systems. After the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft announced that there will be no new operating systems released by them! But somehow, Windows 7 still be the most used OS by Microsoft in most of the workspace around the globe.

However, Microsoft is all set to release its updated version of Windows 10, which will be named Windows 12, instead of Windows 11. Thus, here we are with all the details about Windows 12, which you must know!

#1. The all-new operating system will have its own set of hardware requirements and is expected to be compatible with the virtual reality system.

#2. The design of Windows 12 will be totally different from the previous design patterns. However, you will easily get around with it.

#3. The users will also be given an option to choose between the start-up menu and the homepage.

#4. Most of the people use third-party software such as Bandicam, Camtasia, etc. With the launch of Windows 12, the users will be provided with an inbuilt screen recorder!

#5. People are also expecting an inbuilt, high-efficiency antivirus to protect their computer from any external threat.

#6. One of the latest features to be added is the Aero glass transparency!

#7. Along with the latest Windows 12 operating system, users can expect a set of exciting new apps specially designed for this operating system.

#8. The RAM consumption will be taken care of along with an easy way to modify settings in Windows 12.

The exact date of release has not yet been officially announced. However, you can expect Windows 12 in January of 2020. Giving out an exact date is in the hands of Microsoft’s official team only!

“Questions regarding Windows 12 have been asked before. If you look, you should find them. The short answer is that Microsoft has said that Windows 10 is going to be the last, and they will just keep upgrading it. In other words, no windows 11 or 12.” – Quora

Windows Central Podcast on Windows New Updates.

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This is all you need to know about Windows 12 Beta Testing, Features and Release Date 2020 and all the expected new features which it will bring along with it!

If we have missed out on any such information about Windows 12, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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