Top 6 Best Free DVD Ripper Softwares of 2019 (Windows & MAC) – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Are you looking for best free DVD Ripper? Then you are landed to the right post. Here, In this article, we have shortlisted Top 6 Best and Free DVD Ripper Softwares for Windows 10 and MAC of 2019. Please read the article till the end for better understanding and I bet, you will also get the download links below.

Top 6 Best Free DVD Ripper Software's of 2018

Top 6 Best Free DVD Ripper Software’s of 2019 | itechhacks

People from almost every walk of life use a computer or a laptop for completing a task. There were times when people used to store their data on DVDs for portability. However, since the launch of portable hard discs, the use of DVDs has declined considerably. But, one cannot leave out on all the data which was previously stored on DVDs thus, to copy all the contents from the DVDs on a hard disc, one can make use of a DVD Ripper.

There are a number of DVD Ripper Softwares for PC available in the market for Windows 10 and for MAC itself which will allow you to copy the contents of your DVD to your hard disc for free. Thus, here we are with the list of some of the best free DVD Ripper softwares which you can use to retrieve all the data from a DVD to a hard disc.

What is DVD Ripping?

DVD Ripping is the process of saving one file into another format, which allows you to use the data with different media players on another PC or other devices. DVD ripping changes the data and makes it more accessible to you by allowing you to download and play it on multiple devices. However, Many of us know thinking that How DVD Ripping is Different from Copying? See, Copying a DVD is exactly what it sounds like.

You use DVD copy software to remove the copying restrictions from the data and make an exact copy of the DVD on a new disc. This is how these both terms different from each other. And Did you know as per as DMCA concerned Both DVD Ripping and Copying is not LEGAL anymore.

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So here we have a list of top 5 free DVD Ripper Software and alternatives to it of 2019

#1 WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition 2019

#1 WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition 2019
WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition 2019

WinX DVD Ripper is the easiest and fastest free DVD ripper. It enables you to rip DVD to any digital file with only three steps (Load DVD -> Select the output format -> Start DVD ripping). It supports a number of output formats such as DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. This software support GPU hardware acceleration to speed up the DVD ripping process, and does not tamper the quality of the files extracting them on your hard disc.

#2 HandBrake

Best Free DVD Ripper Softwares 2018 ||
HandBrake | DVD Ripper

This is another useful software which was released in the year 2003. It is loaded with some interesting features such as Hardware Acceleration, Transcoding, Batch Encoding, etc. Its latest stable version, which is Version 1.0.7 was released in 2017. You can run this software on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

You can download HandBrake software on your PC from HERE.

#3 BDlot DVD ISO Master

Best Free DVD Ripper Softwares 2018 ||
BDlot DVD Ripper

Using this software, you can save all the contents of your data on a hard disc in ISO format. You can also use this software to burn your DVD. However, this software is compatible only with the Windows Operating System.

You can download BDlot DVD ISO Master software on your Windows PC from HERE.

#4 MakeMKV

Best Free DVD Ripper Softwares 2018 ||

As the name suggests, this software is designed to extract the files from a DVD in MKV format. The size of this software is quite small as compared to other similar software. It has a very intuitive user-interface. Also, the transfer speed provided by this software is quite impressive.

You can download MakeMKV software on your Windows PC from HERE.

#5 DVD Shrink

Best Free DVD Ripper Softwares 2018 ||
DVD Shrink

BEST DVD RIPPER FOR WINDOWS 10: This software is similar to all the softwares listed above. The only difference in this software is that it compresses the files which you extract from your DVD, which helps in saving the valuable disc space on your PC. The user-interface of this software is easy to understand and it smoothly transfers data from your DVD to your hard disc. However, the compression on files is optional. Thus, you can choose not to compress the files when extracted.

You can download DVD Shrink software on your Windows PC from HERE.

#6 ratDVD


This is another useful software which you can use to backup all the contents from your DVD to your hard disc. However, you will be missing the drag and drop option which makes transferring files a lot easier. But, you can adjust the output quality of the contents from the settings. This software can manage large files easily.

You can download ratDVD software on your Windows PC from HERE.

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These were some of the Best free DVD Ripper software 2019 which we could find for you. Most of them are supported only on Windows Operating System. But, you will also find few software which run on various platforms. You can download and install these software and know which one suits you the best. Since all these software are free to use, you can get your work done for free.

If we have missed out on your favorite DVD Ripper software, then do let us know about it in the comments section below. dvd ripper mac 2019, winx dvd ripper for Mac platinum key 2019, free dvd ripper for windows 10

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World’s Top 10 Notorious Female Hackers List 2020 (Updated) – 10 minute mail

Most of us only know Men Hackers. But do you know about Female Hackers? Only a few of us know that there are many and notorious female hackers around the world, and that is why many are surprised to hear that there are a handful of women that have found a place in this world. It remains an evolving, multi-billion dollar industry as some hackers are often blamed for causing irreparable damage while others are simultaneously credited for some of the biggest breakthroughs in technology. These most Hottest Female Hackers in the world can reach several milestones in ethical hacking or black hacking also.

World's Most Hottest Female Hackers Ever on internet - iTechhacks

World’s Most Hottest Female Hackers Ever on internet – iTechhacks

Inside Tech: In short Hacks, Here you going to meet world’s top 10 Hot & Beautiful female hackers and chance to know about them. About their achievements, about their hacking skills and everything that a female hacker done in her life. 

Its Sounds good, So in the case of men you all show no interest but when the talk comes in case of girl hackers you’re very curious to know about them about their lifestyles etc. whether Hacker will be a men or women doesn’t matter because they are doing same things with computer and internet, they play with security daily and find bugs in very popular sites that’s why they are pretty famous on the internet. So today after long research on top Hottest Female Hackers, itechhacks listed top 10 Most Hottest and Beautiful Female Hackers in the World of Hacking. Before going to read about these girl hacker must read about white hackers and black hacker

*. World’s Top 10 White Hat Hackers – All-Time Best

*. World’s Top 10 Best Black Hat Hackers

Meet World’s Top Most Beautiful Female Hackers

Let’s have a look at some of the Hottest, beautiful and notorious female hackers all-time best and the impact they have on the world. As the told you in above No matter what a hacker may be, they are known for their resourcefulness and their knowledge of complexity theory. The girl hackers listed below have been credited with some of the biggest breakthroughs that changed the perception about hacking.

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#1. Adeanna CookeMost Hottest Female Hacker Ever!

Adeanna Cookie Sexiest Female Hackers, beautiful hacker of the world -
Adeanna Cookie

Adeanna Cooke is a former Playboy model. Adeanna Cooke is famous for her ethical hacking skills and is a self-trained hacker. Her story of being a famous hacker when one of his old friends wanted to make money by placing her face on another body without clothes with a photo montage. But, when she saw the naked photos on some random unauthorized websites, she immediately took the matter in her own hand and hacked the website without informing or asking for help from the authorities.

Adeanna Cookie Hot Female Hacker, Top Girl Hacker, best Girl Hacker Sexiest Female Hackers in the world -
Adeanna Cooke

After this event, Cooke was named “Hacker Fairy” and found her calling within the hacking industry. She now helps professional models and other women from being taken advantage of online. This incident made her very strong and she becomes a very famous female hacker.

#2. Xiao Tian – China Girl

Xiao Tian -- Sexiest Female Hackers -
Xiao Tian

Xiao Tian became famous in forming the group “China Girl Security Team”, a group of hackers, especially for women, At The Age of 19, Tian quickly expanded the group to just over 2,200 members, all of which were female girls looking for a community in which they would feel welcome.

This female hacking organization now has ties to some of the most infamous hacking groups throughout the world and has become one of the largest Chinese-based hacking groups.

#3. Anna Chapman.

Anna Chapman Sexiest Female Hackers -
Anna Chapman – Hottest Female Hackers

Chapman is a Russian hacker who was residing in New York City and was born on February 23, 1982. She arrested in New York city when she was found with nine others under the charge of working for the Illegals Program spy organization under the Russian Federation’s external intelligence agency.Anna-Chapman-hot

As the Anna Chapman alleged guilty to one count of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the United States General Attorney and was deported to Russia on July 8, 2010, as part of the treaty exchange of prisoners between the United States and Russia.

#4. Ying Cracker

ying cracker sexiest female hacker
Ying Cracker

Ying Cracker is a professionally Professor at Shanghai, China. We cal her “Most Beautiful Female Hacker” Because she is one of the hacker show teaches student ” How To Start Hacking” and many more like “How To Hack Computer”.When it comes to the world of female hackers, Ying Cracker can be seen as the professor that gives students their first taste of this unique field.

Ying-Cracker Sexiest Female Hackers
Ying Cracker

Since she became popular in a Forum known asChinese Hottie Hackers” where she got a large fan base. She is an expert in hacker software writing and charges good money for courses on simple and for high-end hacking tools.But, the most interesting thing is that her achievements changed her surname to CRACKER. And her name put as Ying Cracker.

#5. Kristina Svechinskaya

Kristina-Svechinskaya hottest » itechhacks sexiest female hackers
Kristina Svechinskaya

The full name of Kristina Svechinskaya is “Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya”, born in the city of Irkutsk. Her name is most popular when we talk about hackers. She hacked many servers of banks and get millions of dollars. As her light blue eyes and her remarkable Russian beauty, made her one of the “Most Hottest Female Hackers ”, when she was arrested in New York, USA, in early October 2010, for being accused of integrating a network of Internet fraud, where malware and viruses, trojans were used to steal $35 million from the several US bank accounts and using false passports.

#6. Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna rutkowska Sexiest Female Hackers
Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna Rutkowska is further proof that not all hackers are bad, and few specialists have done more for operating system security than this notorious hacker. Rutkowska shocked the world in the August 2006 Black Hat Briefing Convention in Las Vegas. In front of a crowd, Rutkowska demonstrated two simple methods for hacking into the Windows Vista beta. She also revealed a Blue Pill technique that allowed her to transfer a running operating system onto a virtual machine well before the worldwide use of virtual machines and virtual servers within the private sector.She continues to give lectures at conferences and works closely with some of the biggest software and hardware designers in the industry including Windows.

#7. Raven Adler

adler Most Sexiest Female Hacker » iTech Hacks

Adler was the first woman to ever present at the DefCon’s hacker conference. She continues to design hack-detecting systems, test and audit hacking detector systems for large federal agencies. She now works as a senior security consultant for a number of companies and continues to give lectures and regularly publish her work in industry magazines.

#8. Gigabyte

Gigabyte iTech Hacks » Tech Hacks Most Sexiest Female Hacker

Her real name is Kim Vanvaeck. Gigabyte was born and brought up in Belgium.While many of the top female hackers are known for their legal work within the security sector, Gigabyte is on the opposite end of the spectrum.Recently, Vanvaeck was arrested just outside of her hometown of Mechelon near Brussels but was released within 24 hours on bail. She is currently accused of stealing and destroying private data and is facing 3 years in prison and over 100,000 Euros in fines.

#9. Natasha Grigori

Natasha GriGori Sexiest Female Hackers
Natasha Grigori

Grigori started her career as a hacker in the 1980s but she did not receive fame until the early 1990s with a bulletin-board website for amateur programmers and hackers. With this site, she helped others share, release, and hack various forms of software. One of Grigori’s largest projects was centred on software that will automatically glean information from tens of thousands of suspected URLs and track those that are sending and receiving data with those websites. Unfortunately, Natasha Grigori lost her battle with severe illness on November 11, 2005, but ACPO has been left behind as a viable and effective organization that continues to operate today.

#10. Jude Milhon

Sexiest Female Hackers
Jude Milhon Female Hacker

Jude Milhon started her career as a computer programmer in 1967 only to later form a hacking group known as Cyberpunks. She was also a member of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. Throughout her life she wrote several books as well as contributed to a number of magazines within both the hacking industry and the computer programming industry.

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Final Words:

You can read more stories and tales of these beautiful girl hackers from outer source.So above is the big list of World’s Beautiful, Hottest and Most Hottest Female Hackers. i know you like them very much. Please Don’t forget to share these Beautiful hackers with your friends. Stay Connected for more latest updates through tech hacks.

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(Working) Couchtuner Alternatives of 2020 – 10 minute mail

Couchtuner: Undoubtedly, Couch Tuner is one of the best sites to stream video online for FREE. But, The movies and content available in the couchtuner euphoria site are not as broad as other sites are providing. However, there are various similar sites like couch tuner available on the internet. So let’s have a look at these CouchTuner Streaming Series Alternatives of 2020.

Top 5 Sites like Couch Tuner: Alternatives To Couch Tuner

Alternatives To CouchTuner

The Internet is one of the finest media for movies and TV series lovers. Internet of these days has had the most amazing impacts on almost all aspects of our life, such as creating a new world of communities and enabling people to access all kinds of information and services on the scale.

In other words, we can say that people can access almost everything through the internet. One such interesting service provided by the internet to its users is called online streaming TV. Before we got a huge response on Best Free Movie Streaming and Downloading Websites and One such useful website which offers this facility to the Internet users if known as CouchTuner. Below, we have explained more about this website in brief.

Is CouchTuner safe?

People of these days are familiar with online TVs, and Couch Tuner resembles the same. Couch tuner is one of the leading online movie streaming sites. Most of the people love to watch new movies and TV shows on this website.

If you are one among them, then you may come across most of the sites like CouchTuner. Who would not love to watch the new movies and TV series for free? Thus, CouchTuner has grabbed people’s attention and has become quite popular.

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Movie, TV, and Web series:

With the help of some sites like CouchTuner, people can easily search for their new movies and TV series. Some people would love to watch new movies, whereas some would like to watch TV series. The reason behind the popularity of sites like CouchTuner to watch TV series is that the people of these days are running beyond the hectic life schedule, and they do not find time to watch the TV series.

This option paves the way for those people. The continuity is the most important factor when it comes to watching TV series, and one can access this through the online TV series. Even though we have many options with the Couch Tuner, some would need to have wide alternatives. Thus, we have come up with the list of some of the best websites which can replace Couch Tuner.

Is CouchTuner Down?

Yes, Couchtuner is down. But you can check its all working alternatives inorder to stream high-quality content.

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#1 Hulu:

How To Get Free Hulu Plus Account & Get Free Access
How To Get Free Hulu Plus Account & Get Free Access

According to the research, Hulu has considered the greatest place for the people who would like to enjoy watching online TV series. This easy platform brings many latest TV shows and movies including classic shows. One can simply enjoy watching the movies with HD prints without interruption of Ads. You can also access Hulu accounts for free.

#2 Alluc:

Is Dead? Top 15 Alternatives

We can simply name Alluc as the best place to find new movies at a faster rate. This place always brings the links to the best sources that allow everyone to watch many movies. If you are in need of watching movies that are still in the theater, you can even get it here. Browse for amazing new movies here to get started.

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#3 Putlocker:

The best alternative of couch tuner. If you are searching for movies from some places like Couch Tuner, it is also better to look into Putlocker. Once you wish to watch movies in Putlocker, you can simply click to the link and start watching into it. There is no need of creating an account, and you will not interrupt with stupid advertisements.

#4 The Dare TV:

This alternative brings you almost all TV series. We can simply mention this as the best medium for TV series lovers.

Likewise, one can own up to many alternatives to the CouchTuner. Once you do not have leisure time to watch new movies in the theater, you can simply click a link and start watching movies wherever you are.

Last but not least, This big online streaming giant comes into play after all these sites. You can access Netflix free accounts and enjoy the premium Netflix shows a lifetime.

#6 Solar Movie


One of the most popular alternatives to CouchTuner is Solar Movie. On Solar Movie website, you will get a huge list of movies and TV Shows of all types. The User Interface of the site is well-designed and is very simple to use. You need to register on the website and you can rate movies and TV Shows. One can save their favourite movies to watch it later. Using this website to watch movies is completely free, you don’t need to pay any money. No personal information is needed while you use the site for the first time. All the content on Solar Movie website is provided by third parties.


#7 Prime Wire


Primewire website is the best online streaming site where the user can watch all the latest movies for free. Yes, the website is free to use and it won’t ask any money. You can choose the video resolutions as multiple options are available. All the users of Primewire website rate the individual mirrors which are based on the quality. It is good if you create a user account on this site before you use. Once you create an account read the guide on the screen and watch movies online.


#8 AZ Movies

AZ Movies website has the collection of so many movies which also has oldest movie from the year 1915 and the movie was directed by Charlie Chaplin. However, the site looks like paid streaming service, but actually, the website is free to use. A group of Movie and TV Show runs this site who wants to share movies and shows with everyone. It is an interesting site to watch movies.


#9 Movie Watcher

A Free movie streaming site where the user can watch movies and TV Shows online for free. You don’t need to register to use this site. Movie Watcher has different genres of movies like action, adventure, animation, comedy, biography, drama, comedy, Romantic, news, horror, musical, mystery, thriller, war, western and much more. Almost everything is there on the Movie Watcher website for everyone. So, you don’t need to go anywhere else to find any type of movie.


#10 New Episodes

In the name itself, you can see, NEW Episodes, so it is obvious that this website has all the new episodes of the most popular TV Shows. All the episodes come here after a minute they air on TV. New Episodes website shows all the TV Shows which are aired in the week. The user can also search for TV Shows using the search bar. It has an active forum section.


#11 Daily TV Fix

If you are a big fan of TV Shows, then Daily TV Fix website is the best online streaming site to get your daily shows. On this site, you will get all the latest movies and also TV Shows. Search for any content by the name or using the search filter and watch it. On the homepage, you will see all the newly added TV Shows episodes and also movies which are recently updated. Daily TV Fix updates the content regularly so it is good. There is an active forum section available on the site, where one can discuss about their favourite TV Shows, movies and can also make a request with one another.


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This is all you need to know about CouchTuner and all the alternatives to couchtuner 2020 You can try them out and know which one suits you the best. It is highly unlike for any of them to disappoint you with their performance. If you have any queries, then please let us know about them in the comments section below. Cheers 🙂 couchtuner chernobyl

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(Working) Best Alternative to r/SoccerStreams – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: After the removal of a popular subreddit with 100k followers, /r/SoccerStreams for copyright issues. We are here with some top working alternatives to r/soccerstreams so that you can’t miss the upcoming football leagues, Obviously for free. Here we have listed top best alternatives so that you can stream all football leagues in 1080p and 720p quality.

Top 6 Best Alternative For /r/SoccerStreams for Live Streaming

/r/SoccerStreams for Live Streaming

What is Reddit r/soccerstreams?

SoccerStreams Subreddit page was one of the best options for people who did not wish to spend money on channel subscription. This subreddit gained much popularity during the Fifa Worldcup 2018. During this world cup event, more than 100k people used to visit this website for soccer streams links.

This page used to flood with hundreds of links, 30 minutes prior to that match, using which one could live stream a football match in full HD quality. Direct links, Sopcast links, Acestream links were also available on SoccerStreams.

Most of these links work on P2P technology, which is the same as a torrent website. The best thing about these streaming links is that the people were able to live stream in High Quality and without buffering.

Unfortunately, the page is no more available due to copyright infringement from the Premium League team. It was one of the most trusted subreddit for sharing HD working streams. 🙁

What is Reddit r/soccerstreams
r/soccerstreams shutdown?

Thus, here we are with some of the best alternatives which we could find for r/soccerstreams 2020.

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Top Reddit Alternatives for SoccerStreams includes:

#1 r/Soccerstreams69 (Shutdown)r/soccerstreams alternatives

This subreddit was created for people who still wish to use Reddit as their go-to website for football streaming. Since this subreddit is small in size, as compared to r/soccerstreams, links to all games cannot be found here. Asian leagues and other less popular leagues are likely to receive no streaming links.

This subreddit provides streaming links, moments before the game starts. Numerous people post links to various matches. Thus, it is likely that you will be able to find the link to the football match you are looking for! Currently, it has a small audience of only 10k subscribers. However, you will find more than 1k people on this website at any given time. Most of the links posted on this website are of AceStream. Thus, you do not have to worry about buffering.

#3 r/soccer

Redsoccer is a relatively new website as it was created only after SoccerStreams was brought down. Thus, it does not have a large number of subscribers. However, the links which are posted are quite useful! To maintain the high-quality of the streaming links, there are a number of rules which have to followed, by the people who are allowed to post streaming links on this website. Only direct stream links are permitted for starters. The quality of the streams is either SD or HD.

#4 r/USsoccer/

USsoccer tried to turn itself into what r/USsoccer/ was! Everything is done through their discord channel, which clearly states that the actual reddit sub is actually bare. As Soccer Streams has been taken down recently, we cannot say whether Soccer Thunder will be allowed to be accessed for a long time. However, you can use this website as long as it is around.

#5 r/SoccerstreamsRedd

Due to the repetitive banning of subreddits, which were found posting stream links, r/soccerstreamsredd was created. This subreddit has no amusing features, does not look aesthetically pleasing, and only shows a limited number of links at a time. Once the links are putt of use, they get deleted. This is done to help in keeping the website from getting banned.

#6 r/chelseafc

Chelsea football club, which is known as chelseafc, is a subreddit and a forum dedicated to the Chelsea football club. It has more than 130k active members. In this subreddit, you can get the latest updates, news, match schedules. Here, people also share memes about football matches and discuss football matches.

If you are interested in tech, you must have heard about Discord. Discord is a VoIP application that is used for sharing text, audio, images, and videos related to games. You can use the Discord application on all operating systems as well as on web browsers.

Soon after Reddit banned SoccerStreams, discord servers started their operation. Within a couple of weeks, more than 1.5 lakh members joined its server, and there are thousands of members online at any given time.

The working of Discord is similar to SoccerStreams subreddit. Users can directly message the admin panel or moderators to share channel links. Once they approve the message, you can send links to any match! Also, you will be given a streamer role for future link sharing. Just like SoccerStreams, streamers can post links to live matches only 1 hour before the match starts. But, the channel links will be visible only 30 minutes before the match. Thus, if you visit the discord channel when there is no live game going on, you will not find any links.

Discord Channel is one of the best AceStream links serving website for football lovers. Here, you will find links to not only football but also Tennis and Basketball games. Unlike SoccerStream, the Acelisting website provides links to channels one week before the match. Thus, you will see upcoming matches and its AceStream links in the website a week before the game!

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On the homepage of this website, you will find the list of all the matches which are scheduled on that day. Next to the list of events, you will find the AceStream links.

If you have AceStream installed on your device, you need to click on the links from your browser. It will launch the AceStream app on your device and start streaming the game on the AceStream channel.

This website lists channels which broadcast Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Portugal A Liga, Argentina SuperLiga, Columbia Primera A, Champions League, French League, Italian League, Europa League, etc. You will also find links to multiple channels that broadcast the same match in different languages.

Alternative Site: for acestream links.

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Conclusion: Soccer Streams Reddit Gone

These were some of the best alternatives to reddit soccerstreams 2020, which we could find for you on the internet! However, you must understand that even these websites can be brought down without any prior notice, due to potential copyright violations. Till then, you can try these alternatives, Discord channel and AceStream link serving the website, and decide which one suits you the best for getting live soccer streaming links. If you know of any such useful website which provides streaming links to soccer matches and has not been listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below. Cheers 🙂

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The Best 10 VPN Services to Try (May 2020) – 10 minute mail

Best VPN Services of May 2020: VPNs are the best way to get you online security; access blocked websites, and much more. Virtual Private Network to call it in its full form, helps you secure your IP address. VPN helps you get more anonymity, and, in that way, you surf the internet more securely. Here, We have listed the ONLY Best and Affordable VPN Services that you must own to protect yourself over the internet.

The Best 10 VPN Services to Try in 2020 - 100% Trusted & Tested
The Best 10 VPN Services to Try in 2020 – 100% Trusted & Tested

VPN is now rapidly replacing the traditional security services, and it provides you with a lot of options apart from providing security. There are many VPN providers, and it definitely can prove to be challenging to choose from such vast options and to find one VPN provider who is reliable as well.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that enables the user to encrypt their data transmission in the public network and access the networks from the different regions of the world. VPN encrypts the data through tunneling protocols.

Where you can use VPN?

You can use VPN services from any country in the world. The content on the Internet has many strict policies that make the end-user cannot able to reach out to that content. Netflix or some Ad*lt sites are still blocked in many countries and this restriction by the government will be bypassed by some methods like using a VPN. Basically, using a VPN is the way to bypass the restriction by your government using tunneling technology or literally change your IP location to other countries in which anything is working seamlessly.

READ MORE: Top 5 Best Free Netflix VPN

Here are some VPN service providers that are in the top list, which you could purchase for safer surfing on the internet!

#1 ExpressVPN

This is one of the best VPN service providers that has been around. ExpressVPN is rated number 1 by TechRadar. It offers access to 3000+ servers in approximately 94 countries.

The Best 10 VPN Services to Try

ExpressVPN has a lot to give and has a user-friendly interface as well. It has detailed instructions and guides to help you learn using the website. Moreover, it has a 24X7 live chat support service to answer your questions, if you face any problem. It is fast enough to respond to your queries within minutes of posting your question.

ExpressVPN rarely gives you a chance to complain, and the only drawback is that it has a minimal number of devices on which it can work. Apart from this, ExpressVPN is a fantastic option to choose while you are searching for VPN service providers. Hence, it is also rated number one!


  • Works on almost all platforms.
  • Enterprise-level encryption.
  • Fast VPN servers across 94 countries.
  • 24X7 live customer support.
  • 30,000 IP addresses.
  • One hundred sixty server locations across 94 countries.
  • Works on five devices at the maximum.

#2 Surfshark

Surfshark offers OpenVPN, UDP and TCP, IKEv2 security protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a kill switch ready to block your details from leaking if you have a failed connection. This is a British Virgin Islands-based company that guarantees total anonymity and safe surfing.

Best VPN Services to try


  • Covers unlimited devices.
  • Speedy connections.
  • Cheaper than other VPN services.
  • 1000+ number of servers.
  • 60+ server locations.

#3 NordVPN

NordVPN gives you a vast choice of around 5500 servers across 60 countries. It offers durable DNS leak protection, kill switches (application-specific and system-wide), proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and if you pay you can have more options to secure, for example, Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards.

Best VPN Services to try

NordVPN has very few negligible issues and works perfectly fine all-in-all. Topics such as destination cities are not listed in alphabetical order or searching through menus for specialist task functions can be a little time-consuming.


  • Mobile and desktop clients.
  • Connects six devices at the maximum.
  • Great performance.
  • 5000+ servers to choose from.
  • 55+ server locations.
  • SmartPlay feature helps to unblock a large number of streaming options.
  • Speedy connections.

#4 CyberGhost

It is a Romanian-German based VPN service provider that has over 10 million users. It covers around 90 countries providing 5000+ servers. This VPN allows the streaming apps to connect to the best server automatically.

Best VPN Services to try

This also blocks ads, malicious websites and trackers to give you more security to surf the internet and stream your favorite shows and movies.

But the desktop interface can be a little difficult to learn or use, the support site is weak, and a few of our long-distance connections work slowly and can barely reach 10Mb.


  • A lot of smart features.
  • Great performance.
  • Supports torrents.
  • Supports seven devices at the maximum.
  • 110+ server locations.
  • 5000+ servers.
  • Fast Live Chat support.

#5 IPVanish

This VPN provides a lot of features and apps. Servers connect quickly, and the download speed is also remarkable. It is a strong performer and a reliable VPN to choose from. You can even access it from your phone and enjoy the services through your android or iOS.

Best VPN Services to try

There are a few minor issues as well as the apps are powerful, so you have to spend time to learn them well. There are also a few stability issues to consider, as well. A few numbers of servers didn’t appear to be in the shown locations, and it doesn’t provide with the kill switch in the iOS app.


  • It has around 40,000+ IP addresses.
  • 13,00 servers.
  • 70+ server locations.
  • It supports ten devices.
  • 24X7 customer support service.
  • Supports torrents.
  • It works on mobile.
  • Unlimited P2P traffic.
  • Owns its servers.
  • Configurable apps.
  • Great download speed.

#6 Hotspot Shield

It is a free VPN service that also comes with a paid one named Hotspot Shield Premium, which has a lot more features than the standard version. The speed is consistent, and it lets you access distant sites too. You get a seven days free trial, and the price of this VPN is very reasonable also.

Best VPN Services to try

There are a few drawbacks as well as Hotspot Shield uses its Catapult Hydra protocol, and doesn’t support standards like OpenVPN, so manually setting it up on your router, games console, Chromebook can not be possible. In other words, the service only works on devices where you can run its Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS apps. It also doesn’t support Bitcoin, doesn’t unblock BBC iPlayer, and there is a shortage of options to configure other apps.


  • 3,200+ servers.
  • 70+ server locations.
  • Supports five devices at the maximum.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Fast downloads.
  • Easy to use.
  • 24X7 chat support.

#7 StrongVPN

As the name suggests, this VPN is a secure performing VPN. This VPN has an approach that says ‘strength over style,’ which you could also figure out by the name. It gives total security while you stream as well as cookies turn-off.

Best VPN Services to try

It takes minimum information, which keeps your anonymity and lets you stream more safely and without worries.


  • 950+ servers.
  • 46 server locations.
  • Supports 12 devices at the maximum.
  • Quick connecting speed.
  • No logging-in.
  • 30 days Money-back guarantee.

#8 TunnelBear

As cute as the name sounds, this VPN gives some fantastic service. It is a Canadian VPN service which is very basic and straightforward. This VPN focuses on simplicity hence not demanding much from the users.

Best VPN Services to try

Even if it focuses on simplicity, the connections are speedy, and you wouldn’t face problems downloading or streaming through this VPN. It gives you total security, so you don’t have to think if it is a reliable VPN or not with such a primary interface.

It does not have a vast network area and locations, but it does work pretty well and can be counted as one of the best VPN service providers.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • A lot of options for client software to choose from.
  • Transparent privacy policy.
  • 1000 servers.
  • 20+ server locations.
  • Supports five devices at the maximum.

#9 VyperVPN

It is a Swiss-based VPN service provider that has excellent performance. Its Chameleon protocol helps you get online even in China and Iran, where VPN is supposedly blocked and platform support covers, for example, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps, and routers like Android TV, QNAP, Blackphone, Anonabox and more.

Best VPN Services to try

You wouldn’t face problem while downloading since the download speed is pretty fast as well. All-in-all VyperVPN is an excellent option for you to choose from.


  • 700+ servers.
  • 70+ server locations.
  • 200,000+ IP addresses.
  • Supports five devices at the maximum.
  • Speedy performance.
  • Configurable clients.
  • No logging.

#10 Windscribe

Giving you unlimited connections to stream, Windscribe is a VPN provider that offers you more than your expectations.

Best VPN Services to try

Winscribe gives you clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, as well as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera extensions, and you can manually set up the service on routers, Kodi, and more.

There are minor drawbacks, for example, connections times could be slow, some long-distance servers barely managed to work. The website unblocking might also have some minor issues as Windscribe didn’t give access to BBC iPlayer.


  • 400+ servers.
  • 110 server locations.
  • Unlimited devices can be connected.
  • Free plan and offers 10GB of data monthly.
  • Clear and detailed privacy policy.

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Frequently Asked Question-related to VPN

Q1. Is using a VPN legal?

Answer: Yes, There are no issues of using VPNs even in U.S as well. But downloading copyrighted material and accessing to the deep or dark web is still an illegal process over the VPN as well.

Q2. Should We Use a VPN at Home?

Answer: Yes, You can use VPN Services at your home computer and also on your mobile devices. The objective is to secure yourself from being tracked.

Q3. How much does a VPN cost?

Answers: Free and Paid – There are both options available for users.

Q4. When should we not use a VPN?

Answer: The answer to this tricky question is – You should not use a VPN when you feel you are safe over the internet and you should not use a VPN when you are traveling.

Q5. Does Netflix ban VPN users?

Answer: NO, Netflix never bans VPN Users. In fact, if you use above mentioned premium VPN services you will never be banned from any streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu.

Q6. Is VPN worth getting?

Answer: 101% Worth.

Q7. Does a VPN change your IP?

Answer: Yes.

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VPN is now an essential service which you should have as cyber crimes are increasing on a day-to-day basis. Having a VPN only helps you surf the internet securely and maintain your anonymity for your good! This way, the chances of you facing frauds become less, and the risk of you becoming a victim of one of them becomes lesser. Having this list provided with the top VPNs to choose from, it can be easier for you to buy a VPN service in May 2020 without worrying about how trustworthy or reliable these services are.

Choosing anything branded comes with a guarantee, and you can be stress-free about using it, especially when it comes to technology.VPN lets you access blocked websites, so it doesn’t mean that it is illegal. VPN is very much legal across almost the entire world. It’s just that having an approved VPN will cause you no harm, and hence, choosing a branded one will help you better.

We are hoping that this simple and rich information article by itechhacks helps you to pick the right VPN services for Netflix or for another purpose. If you like this article, Feel free to drop your feedback by the comment section below, and don’t forget to share the article with your dear ones. Cheers! 🙂

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Top Similar Sites Like – 10 minute mail

Shopping is one of the very essential for almost every individual in the world! There are various things such as clothes, groceries, gadgets, etc. Without them, one cannot imagine living in the modern world! I personally kill my pocket to fulfill my desires but I end my livings just spending too much on things. But, Don’t worry! There’s a solution to every problem 😛 and Fingerhut is one such solution to buy now and Pay later. Well, In this article we have published top 15 similar websites like Fingerhut

Top 15+ Best Alternatives to Fingerhut, Sites Like Fingerhut
FingerHut Alternatives 2019

One of the latest inventions is online shopping. A number of e-commerce websites have been set up which are functioning round the clock for its users to order their product from them. Those products are then shipped to the customers after settling the payment.

What is FingerHut?

Fingerhut is one such amazing e-commerce website where you can find almost all the products from categories such as clothing, electronics, health, beauty, etc. The distinguishing feature of this website is that it offers with its own credit card which you can use to purchase products from this website and pay for it later. Also, you can use the EMI option to pay the total amount.

Another fact of these credit cards is that they are absolutely free to make and use!

However, this is not the only website which offers such features. There are several other accessories on the internet. Thus, we have shortlisted some of the best alternatives which we could find for Fingerhut and listed them below along with their detailed review.

Headquaters Eden Prairie, Minnesota, U.S.
CEO Bluestem Brands
Active Users 10 Million+
Business Type e-Commerce and buy now, pay later

You can also read:

How Does Fingerhut Works?

Fingerhut works on the credit-based-purchasing system. Which means you have to Register on their website and apply for Credits (Depends upon your shopping List) and then you will get instant approval on your credits and then you can use those approved credits to buy things (Goods). Now, What if you will not pay their loan or credit? Well, if you are thinking to fraud them then don’t worry! while registering they took some serious and legal papers to make sure their customer is legit. So, if you are a serious buyer and you don’t have enough money to buy things at the time, only then opt such websites.

Sr. No. FingerHut Alternatives Websites
1 StoneBerry
2 Gettington
3 Home Shopping Network: HSN
4 Skymall
6 Lend You
6 The Shopping Channel
7 FlexShopper
8 Seventh Avenue
10 Masseys
11 MDG
12 The Swiss Colony
13 Midnight Velvet
14 Monroe & Main
15 Ginny’s
16 Country Door

Fingerhut Alternatives
Fingerhut Alternatives

In this e-commerce website, you will find a number of products such as electronics, furniture, clothing, etc. You can also use the search box to search for a particular product you are searching for! Also, you can apply for a credit card, which will be issued by this website itself. You can also opt for EMI options through your credit card to pay for your product in easy installments. There are no fees to apply or use the StoneBerry credit card. The customer service of this website is available 24/7 to help you with tracking your order, solving any difficulty, etc. The return policy is also very helpful in case you are unsatisfied with the product delivered to you!

Fingerhut Alternatives
Fingerhut Alternatives

If you are looking for the best alternative to the Fingerhut website, Gettington is the website you should go for! The user interface of this website allows you to easily search for your desired product and each product is placed in the yessir specific category to reduce the searching time. Also, you can apply for a credit card by Gettington and avail up to $2500 in credit every month. However, you are charged an amount of $38 as a late fee if you miss an installment of any product you purchase on EMI.

Fingerhut Alternatives
Fingerhut Alternatives: HSN

This is another useful website which can be accessed to purchase a variety of products from clothing and beauty category. The credit card offered by Home Shopping Network is known as HSN card and it can be used to purchase products at EMI and also avail exciting discounts on a wide range of products. The installment scheme is termed as Flexpay and this website odds a30-day replacement policy for all of its products. Another most useful feature of this website is its live chat with customer service.

Fingerhut Alternatives

In this website, you can purchase products from clothing, Home and garden, Health and beauty, electronics, pets, music instruments, and automotive categories. Using this website is quite easy due to its user-friendly interface and detained navigation. Even here, you can purchase any product and pay for it later. The quality of the products is top of the class since it works with some of the best manufacturers. Also, the prices are reasonable and affordable by the most.

As the name suggests, this website is ready to lend you with its products and you can pay fit them later! The distinguishing feature of this website is that you can apply for cash up to $1000, which usually gets approved immediately. Before you start using this website, you are supposed to register yourself. To register, you are required to provide with email id, zip code, and date of birth!

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These were some of the best alternatives to Fingerhut 2019 which we could shortlist for you! You can check them out and start ordering your products and pay for them later. Each website has its

If you know if any such amazing alternative to Fingerhut website which is not listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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(10+) Modern Rainmeter Skins & Themes for Windows 7/8/10 (2020) – 10 minute mail

Best Rainmeter Skin Guide: Well, We all want to change the dull windows pre-installed themes to something new and cool that we can customize easily according to our needs. However, there are many alternatives to this but luckily, today we come up with a tutorial on “Rainmeter” by which you cannot only change rainmeter skins but you can also create your own theme for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 in 2020

Best Rainmeter Skin and Themes 2018
Best Rainmeter Skin and Themes

Customization is one of the major reasons which attracts most of the audience towards the windows side. Mac fans you need to accept this point. Microsoft gives you more customization than Apple. Yes, I know they are damn cheap than a Mac computer but that is not the only reason why most of the people selecting windows over mac. Even after that much access to customize things windows users need more.

They want to customize each and every single thing on their computer according to their personal touch. Is there anyone who doesn’t want a computer with every single thing on their taste? That’s why the reason you are in this article.

For all the nostalgia eyes, there is good news. For all your needs there is a software named RainMeter. It is one of the famous desktop customization tools which help you to customize your computer as you want. It has many cool things to describe. It supports all the versions of Windows from Windows XP – Windows 10. The Rainmeter application is extremely powerful and powerful means it won’t drain your hardware resources.

All that core customizations can be done without any sort of coding or complex things. It can be easily done by using a windows program called RainMeter. Speaking about RainMeter, it is just a simple windows program that lets you download skins based on your taste. Don’t worry about the count of the skins. As RainMeter is freaking famous, the skins are also available as many as possible. At least there will be over 500K skins available for RainMeter. You know how big this number is! So, without wasting any more time let us begin this article with the download guide of RainMeter and we move on to the top Rainmeter skins for Windows 7/8/10.

In Fact, this application is efficient in using resources and uses very little amount of your computer resource. Without wasting any more time let us start this guide with the Introduction to Rainmeter and best rainmeter skins to enhance your visual experience.

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What is Rainmeter? Introduction to Rainmeter?

What is Rainmeter? Introduction to Rainmeter?
What is Rainmeter? Introduction to Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a free Windows software for desktop customization (Theme/Wallpapers/Fonts etc). It allows users to create and display user-generated/user-demanding customizable desktop widgets or applets called “skins” that display information. However, By the use of this Open-Source software, you can easily create your own themes for any version of your Windows PC/Laptop.

Download and Install Rainmeter

  • STEP 1: Open your favorite browser and visit this link
  • STEP 2: Download RainMeter which is compatible with your operating system.
  • STEP 3: Now, double-click the downloaded file and click the “yes ”, “Yes” and finish the installation process.

After completing this step, you have a working RainMeter installed on your computer. But the RainMeter alone doesn’t make any sense Right? You need some good looking and productive skins for your rainmeter and we are here to help you with this. Let us look at some of the best skins for your RainMeter in detail.

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#1. ENIGMA: Best RainMeter Skin


Enigma is the most downloaded Rainmeter skin of all time. Enigma provides you the ability to customize each and every single thing on your desktop screen. Enigma is very minimal and good looking which helps you to make full use of your desktop screen. It has many widgets like RSS feed, Weather, Music, News, CPU Usage and many other which saves you tons of time. If you are a new user to Enigma then you really need to spend some time on its configuration then only you can get most of this skin. There is not even a single doubt this skin will make your desktop to the next level. You can download this skin by clicking the link which is located below:




If you are a person who hates to configure things but wants something in your screen to look absolute cool then Before Dawn is your only choice. It makes your whole lot better as soon as you download this skin. It is also one of the unique looking skin on this list. It has also a lot of widgets available from which you can select which needs to appear on your desktop screen.




Any tech-savvy out there? Shout out to you man via team itechhacks. If you are reading this article until this the chances are high for you to be a geek. Am I correct? For all the people out there TECH-A is the perfect skin for you. It is a very versatile skin that changes your entire mood once you saw the screen. It has all the necessary elements needed in a skin-like RAM and CPU utilization, Shortcuts which can be configured by the user, RSS Feed and many other. Although you are not a geek, you can definitely check this out. I strongly believe this skin will not disappoint any. You can download TECH-A skin by clicking the link which is located down below:


#4. WISP:


If you need to show off your desktop screen to everyone and wants everyone ask you about that unique screen, WISP is the go through option for you. It is one of the rarest skin you can cross in the Rainmeter skin. I tried to find some skin which almost looks like this but I failed miserably. It is very appealing and doesn’t compromise on the modules it contains. It has CPU usage, weather, shortcuts and all the things you need. You can easily download wisp from the given link which is located below.




As the name suggests, Elegance 2 is a very interesting and elegant skin which every one must try at least once. The developers of this skin are very conscious about the simplicity and elegant look of the skin. It provides a great appealing screen which contains only the necessary basic information. If you are a guy who likes to have a very clean and decent looking screen then Elegance 2 skin will make you flabbergasted.

#6. UNITY:

Any old-school Linux guys? Anyone, who want windows to be like Fedora? With this Unity skin on your RainMeter, you can get that fedora looking screen on your windows machine. It is fully functional and very clean. Some people feel very bad if you ask them to change skin from Unity. It is one of those skin which appeals to people on their first glance. You can download Unity from the link given below.




Green Screen Lovers? I got you covered too. Greenzo is a clean looking green color based skin which helps you to achieve the eco-friendly look on your screen. It gives you all the needed widgets with this skin. Further, you can create many shortcuts and hotkeys with this skin. If you are a green color lover you won’t hate this skin. You can download Greenzo from the link which is located below.




Mass Effect is perfect for all the gamers out there. With this skin, you will get the gaming rage on your screen. It has a timeline which is cloned from many AAA title games. Also, this skin has all those RSS Feed, Weather, CPU usage, Date, Notes and all the other things in cool panels. You can easily download this Mass Effect skin from the link given below.




I have no surprise why this skin is so damn famous. As the name is enough for most of the people to download this skin. It is a very premium looking gamers skin that ticks all the boxes of a gamer. You can download BattleField 3 skin from the link given below.




I really love this skin because of its color scheme- Matte Black and Red. Who doesn’t like this killer combo? Further, this skin provides you the battleship look which cannot be provided by any other skin in this link .it is definitely one of the most underrated skins in this list. So do check this out. You can download this skin from the link given below.


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That’s pretty it. If you do enjoy this article, share this with all your friends. Let us know your favorite Rainmeter skins Free 2020 in the comment section. Also, In case we miss any of the great skin for rainmeter let us know in the comment section. Catch you guys on the next one. Have a great day. Cheers!

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7 New Invitation Alternatives of 2020 [BEST] – 10 minute mail

Evite Alternatives: Googling for online invitation services? Well, there are a couple of amazing services that allows you to send or invite your friends, business partners over the internet. No need to print cards and post them to their homes. Here in the US, We have used lots of online services to invite our dear ones just with the help of applications. Evite is one of them but there are some people who don’t like it. So considering the choice I have prepared a list of best sites like Evite for an online invitation in 2020.

7 New Invitation Alternatives of 2020
7 New Invitation Alternatives of 2020 | itechhacks

What is Evite?

Evite is a website developed for creating, sending, and managing online invitations to your friends and relatives. It was founded in the year 1998 and is being used by people from all around the world! It is known for its features which include styling invitations, hosting donations, automatic reminders, etc.

However, Evite is not the only website to provide these features! There are several other websites that provide similar and even better features. Below, we have listed some of the best alternatives to the Evite website.

Evite Premium Plan

Evite Premium Plan
Evite Premium Plan

Evite Promo Code

  • EVITE15 – Save Money on next order
  • OR-SLLOA – Free Shipping Code
  • EV2H-582S-VSSN-K6K2RC – 25% OFF
  • turkey15 – 15 Invitations Free
  • 30HOLIDAY – Send 30 Invitations for free
  • CYBERMONDAY – Upto 80$ Off

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Best websites like website include:

#1 Anyvite

This is one of the best alternatives to Evite, as it allows you to send personalized invitations to your friends and relatives via SMS. Creators can make use of various tools to create an impressive invitation.

7 New Invitation Alternatives of 2020

Using this website, you can organize your own event and sell tickets through invitations. Anyvite allows its users to invite their friends to your event. However, you can limit the number of friends they can invite and disable this option for any particular guest of yours!


#2 Punchbowl

This is another useful alternative to the Evite website. Punchbowl is widely known for its user-friendly interface and the features provided by it. It also has some of the most vivid templates and you can easily send invites to 100 guests per event. Invitation Alternatives of 2020

One feature of Punchbowl which makes it stand apart from other alternatives is that you can change the time at which you wish to send the invitations to your guests. Using this website, you can send RSVP cards. These cards can be tracked and you can post updates regarding the event to your guests.


#3 Purpletrail

If you are looking for a highly customizable alternative to Evite, then you must make use of Purpletrail. It provides more than 5000 designs for events such as birthdays, holidays, weddings, Invitation Alternatives of 2020

Also, you can customize these designs to meet your requirements. Sending these invitations is free of cost and you won’t see any kind of advertisement on this website! The paid version of this website provides a feature in which your invitation card is printed and delivered to your guests physically.


#4 Paperless Invitation Alternatives of 2020

As the name suggests, this is another website that can be used to send online invitations. This website has a feature in which you will be asked some questions and a template will be suggested accordingly.

You can track each and every invitation sent through Paperless Post on its website. It also provides a premium plan which allows you to send invitations to 15,000 people at once.


#5 Pingg

This is one of the quickest website, where you can create an invitation to your event within a few minutes. It provides templates based on different occasions. Invitation Alternatives of 2020

All invitations sent using Pingg can be tracked easily. Pingg can prove to be a useful website if you are willing to sell tickets for third-party events, or collect donations.


#6 Shindigg

This website can help you in creating as well as managing your event. Here, you can create your event, design invitations, and sell tickets. You can send invitations via social media websites and over Invitation Alternatives of 2020

Before you are ready to send out your invitations, you must create an event page on this website. You can customize it by adding text, pictures, videos, and animations. Then, you have to provide all the details of your event on the page.


#7 Facebook

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platform in the world! You can use it to create an event and send invitations to your friends and family members.

The process of creating an event is not very complex. To create an event on Facebook, all you need is a Facebook account. You can also set the privacy of your event as Public, Friends of Guests, or Invite Only.


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These are some of the best alternatives to the Evite website. You can use either of the websites listed above to plan and send invitations to your event to your friends and relatives. If we have missed out on any such useful alternative to Evite, then please let us know about it in the comments section below. Cheers!

Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, one time mail, anonymous email address… All emails received by Tempmail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox.

(100% Latest) Top 11 Best SoulAnime Alternatives Free of 2020 – 10 minute mail

Sites like Soul Anime: Apart from all the movies, TV shows, and documentaries, anime is one such genre that has millions of users worldwide! There are several websites that allow you to stream these anime shows. But due to the large number of fake stuff over the internet, there is a little difficult to find the real websites, I know you are also desperate to know the websites to watch animes and download them.

11 Best SoulAnime Alternatives of 2020
Best SoulAnime Alternatives

About Soul-Anime?

Soul Anime is one such website that has an extensive library of anime collection. You can stream anime movies and series on this website. However, some people might face difficulty in streaming anime using this website due to copyright issues or when this website is down. Thus, here we have listed some of the best alternatives available for Soul Anime.

If you are one of those anime fans who are worrying about the ban of site, don’t worry we had good news for you. There are many unknown famous anime sites that are there on the Internet which provides similar services like blade and soulanime and some of these sites are better than soul in some ways. Let’s find out which one fulfills your anime needs.


This is one of the best alternatives which you can use to stream or download anime series on your device, for free. It has an extensive library and all the movies and series are placed in their specific categories.

You can also use the search bar or the alphabetical filter to search for your desired result. The interface of this website is very user-friendly, which makes it easier to use by people from every age group.

#2 Crunchyroll


The free version of this website contains almost every Anime series and movies. If you are unable to find any content, it might be available only for premium subscribers. The premium version of Crunchyroll provides some additional features.

All the content is stored in a specific category, based on its genre. Users can also find a search bar on the homepage, which can be used to search for their desired results. New users can easily find their way across this website due to its user-friendly interface.

#3 GoGoAnime


Even this website is rich in content and new content gets updated frequently. You can use this website to stream your favorite anime series or download it to watch when offline. Another useful feature is this website is that it provides with dubbing in various languages.

GoGoAnime allows its users to read a short description of the series or movie and rate it on their website. This rating helps other users to decide if a series or movie is good enough to watch or not. To start streaming, all you need to do is create an account on this website.

#4 Animefreak


This website has its users from all around the world due to its unique features. One of the most useful features of this website is that it provides with subtitles as well as dubbing. Another unique feature of this website is that you can create a watchlist on it.

All the content and features are available for free! Also, the quality of the videos is quite impressive.

#5 Chia-Anime


This is another widely used anime streaming website around the world! The developers of this website work round the clock to optimize and update it with some of the latest and most useful features.

The only drawback of this website is that it has a higher number of advertisements as compared to other anime streaming website. Each anime on this website is available through several servers to ensure its availability.

#6 YouTube


YouTube has one of the most extensive libraries with videos from every category such as movies, documentaries, tv shows, etc. Here, you can find some of the latest and well-known anime shows and movies.

All the content on YouTube is free to stream. You can use the search box to search for your desired anime show or movie. You can also download it on YouTube to watch when offline.

#7 AnimeHeaven

Cute[Kawaii] and Beautiful Anime Girls

As the name suggests, this website can be a haven for some of the anime fans, due to its anime collection and its user interface. Here, you will find dubbed anime shows and movies.

Best Alternatives
Best Alternatives | itechhacks

This website provides features that are similar to Soul Anime. It has an extensive library of anime collection and it has filters for various genres. The user interface of this website is very interactive.

#9 AnimeNova


Anime Nova is the best place to get anime series, anime movies, and Korean dramas. The website gives daily episodes of anime shows, cartoons, and movies. The website comes with doubled anime versions. The best part of the website is that the Website provides high-quality Videos. You can see some ads, but the ads are not boring. You will get a pleasant visual experience.

#10 KuroAni

KuroAni | Latest Anime Movies Site
KuroAni | Latest Anime Movies Site

This is one of the latest added soulanime website alternatives in this list of 2020. If you are following us then you might know that it is a very good and safe anime site with fewer ads and you will get almost every old animes here. I should recommend it to all otaku people – newcomers and expert ones, to try the site once. You will also get a Chat option on this site.

#11 ✅

Anime Freak is also another best free anime streaming sites available on the internet. The best part of the website is that It is completely free to Access. As the name suggests this site is made for anime monsters like you.



These are some of the best alternatives to the Soul-Anime website where you can stream your favorite anime movies and series. You can check them out and decide which one suits you the best. If we have missed out on any such useful sites like Soul Anime, then please let us know about it in the comments section below. We are happy to help you again. Cheers!

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Top 20 Free Live Sports Streaming Websites of 2020 (May) – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Sports Streaming Websites are quite popular these days because of there handy features and because you can watch-anywhere at any time on your smartphones/PC easily. In This article, we have listed top free 20 best Live sports streaming websites and apps of 2020.

Top 20 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Websites of 2019
Best Free Live Sports Streaming Websites | itechhacks

Every person loves to watch some of the other sports. since everyone has at least one favorite sport and loves to be updated about the latest matches. Sitting in front of a television set to watch your sport is too old-fashioned and impractical.

Because of the enormous development of the online streaming facility, it is not very ideal to sit in one place to enjoy your favourite sport on your television. Instead, you can check the different online streaming websites which will allow you to watch your favourite sport from anywhere you want. But, these sports streaming sites are new to the people and hence, not many people know about them.

Therefore, we are going to list some of the best free sports streaming websites of 2020 which you can use to watch your favorite sport online anytime and anywhere. So let’s take a look at these apps and see what they have to provide you with.

Personally, we love to watch sports like FIFA, Cricket, NBA and 2020Rugby Championship etc but as you all know time is the only thing that does not go free 🙁 So how could we watch our favourite sports on TV?

So to overcome the issues of your tight schedule we at itechhacks listed out Best free live sports streaming websites. However, if you love to watch movies and serials on the same aspects then you should check out these best movies streaming websites.

Instead, you can check the different online plays streaming websites that will allow you to watch your favourite sport from anywhere you want. But, these online sports websites are new to the people and hence, not many people know about them.

Therefore, we are going to list some of the best sports streaming websites which you can use to watch your favorite sport online. So let’s take a look at these Free Sports Streaming Sites and apps and see what they have to provide you with.

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Free Sports Streaming Sites

#1 WatchESPN Play

Top 10 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Websites of 2017
Best Free Live Sports Streaming Websites of 2017

You must have definitely heard about the ESPN sports channel. But, this is about the free live streaming website. It has got an amazing user interface and it is an ad-free app. However, this website streams only US sports. Thus, if you want to watch any other sport then, keep reading this article further on.

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#2 Stream2Watch

Best Live Sports Streaming Websites/Apps 2017
Stream2watch |

This is another amazing sports streaming site where you can live stream all kind of sports. It also displays the end time of every game. Also, this site is totally free. However, this site has too many ad pop-ups which are quite distracting. It provides with multiple mirrors so that, you can stream via different mirrors in case there is some error in a mirror.

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#3 FirstRow Sports

Best Live Sports Streaming Websites/Apps 2017
First Row Sports

Even this website will be a good choice for you and it is free of cost. The most amazing feature of this site is that, if you have a slow internet connection then, you can just check the scorecard which provides you with live scores. But, you will see numerous ads in every click and hence, using an ad-blocker would help a lot.

#4 All Sports LIVE

Best Live Sports Streaming Websites/Apps 2017
Allsportslive |

This site is highly recommended for the people of Russia but, it can be used to watch different sports such as football, hockey, and tennis. It is recommended to make use the Google translator since it is possible that it will live stream in a different language. The overall performance of this app is really awesome.

#5 Streamwoop

Best Live Sports Streaming Websites/Apps 2017 If you are looking for free live streaming apps for sports then, you can use this app for free. It streams sports events such as Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Racing, Boxing, Cricket, Golf etc. You can use the search box to search for any sport you want.


Best Live Sports Streaming Websites/Apps 2017 The most amazing feature of this website is that you can select your own time zone. You will be able to stream sports such as Rugby, F1, Soccer etc. It also provides with an online chatting option which you can use to chat with other people who are interested in the same sport.

#7 VIP League

You can use this website to live stream Cricket, Football, Hockey, Cycling, Nascar etc. It supports different languages such as Francis, Deutsch etc. You can change the theme and your time zone easily. The homepage of this website is divided into different categories such as Football, BasketBall, Baseball etc. You can also keep up with the timetable of upcoming sports events here.

#8 FromHot

Best Live Sports Streaming Websites/Apps 2017

This is one of the best sport streaming websites where you can stream events such as Football, Hockey, Tennis, BasketBall, BaseBall, Golf, Cycling, MotorSports etc. You can also select your time zone here. You can also watch a list of live streaming matches and that too free of cost. It also comes with a live chat widget which you can use to interact with other live streamers.

#9 Hotstar Sports

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017
Hotstar | Best Free Sports Streaming Websites of 2020

Well, Hotstar app is only famous for its Live Sports Streaming Cricket and mostly sports covered in India. However, In this app or website you may get to see some serials, movies and much more Indian hot trending streams and yes, this is absolutely free to access.

#10 Sony LIV Sports

Best Live Sports Streaming Websites/Apps 2017
Sony LIV | itechhacks

Last but not least, Yes This one is Amazing and free to access live sports streaming app and website for Android, PC and iOS users as well. You can watch your favourite sport here at any time and anywhere without paying any amount.

#11 LOALA1

Loala1 is one of the most underrated sports streaming websites. It is a great website to watch all your favorite sport in the same spot without switching websites to watch different sports. It has a very cool looking user Interface which helps to easily navigate through your favorite sport. Also, it is one of the clean looking websites which has only very few ads running on the sidebar that won’t distract you from watching your sport. In this website, each and every sport has a separate forum which helps to build and gather up the similarly-minded community. Also, it helps the website to improve user retention. Always there is a discussion going on in the forums which helps the fans to keep note of everything happening in the game. You can reach LOALA1 by visiting the link which is mentioned below:


It is the most famous website in this list. It has already a huge number of the audience because of its very own features like multi-language support, minimal user Interface which keeps on changing based on the suggestions by the users. Also, it has a wide variety of sports to watch. You can select a sport by clicking the corresponding icon of a sport from the sidebar. It broadcasts most of the sports in HD quality which is another great thing. It has a scorecard on the right-hand side which helps you in a situation from which you can’t watch your favorite sport. You can reach LIVE TV by clicking the link below:


CricFree is a great website for people who love to watch US-based sports. It mainly covers US-based sports. It doesn’t mean they don’t cover other variety of sports. They start updating them based on the popularity of the sport. It has a very clean looking and simple design which makes the user feel comfortable and spend more time on this website. As it covers all the US-based sports, it may be blocked many times by several governments. But you can easily unblock this site by simply using any free and paid VPN service. You can visit CRICFREE by clicking the link which is located below:

#14 STREAM SPORTS: Stream NFL games for free

Top 10 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Websites of 2018
Top 10 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Websites of 2020

It is the unique looking streaming websites on this list. It is surprisingly ad-free and has very good navigation like many premium websites. You don’t accept that it is a free website as it has no pop-up and any bullshit advertisements around like all the other websites. But it doesn’t cover many varieties of sports which is something bad about this website. But if something is becoming hot you can easily stream with this website no matter which country sport or category. You can visit Stream Sports by clicking the link which is located down below:


It is the similar looking site like others on the list which has also all the features of other sites in this list. It is very difficult to find dead links on this website as the admins are very conscious about updating the links of the sports events. Also, it is one of the most reliable websites from which you can watch all the sports which are happening around you. You can watch sports Lemon by visiting the below-mentioned link:

#16 Batman Stream

It is one of the best available sports streaming websites in the market. It allows you to stream many varieties of sports including baseball, football, basketball, rugby, and many other sports. More importantly, this website also supports many Indian games as well. Also, it has a very brilliant design and layout to make the users happy. You can visit Batman Stream by visiting the link below:


Forty wire is a brilliant looking website which helps the user to watch live sports and highlights too. Yes, it allows users to watch highlights of their favorite sports. Sounds great Right? It has a very clean looking and responsive design which makes this website unique from other sites. You can easily search for any sports events which are happening near you in the search bar. It helps you to stream tennis, volleyball, handball, cricket, baseball, and many other sports. You can visit FOTTY WIRE by visiting the link below:

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#18 CBS Sports

It is not just a sports streaming site but a sports world where you can find many latest sports news, interviews, exclusive videos, and much live streaming as well. You can register with your favorite sport on this website and you can get all the latest news in your mailbox. They don’t charge any money for this subscription. It was a very neat and modern design which makes the navigation like breeze. You can visit CBS Sports by clicking the link below:


In case you don’t want to stream your favorite sport but want to keep a track of the sport you can use Yahoo sports which gives you each and every single thing to you for free. It has news, videos, highlights, community and what not? If you seriously love any sports then you also fell in love with this yahoo sportsman! You can visit yahoo sports by clicking this link:

#20 Stream Hunter

Stream Hunter itechhacks
Stream Hunter

Last but not Least, Stream Hunter is a decent website to stream various sports like handball, volleyball, golf, rugby, and many more. But it doesn’t have reliable servers to hold the site which makes the experience somewhat worse than other websites. But if you don’t get any sites to watch your favorite sports you can definitely check this stream hunter site. You can visit Stream Hunter by clicking this link:

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Well, this is pretty much with the list of all best free sports streaming websites of 2020 where you can find your favourite sports. After a long tiring day, watching sports can make you feel better and may lighten up your day as well. If you can watch it on free platforms like Star Sports or similar then there’s no such issue of any legal cases. So for the final verdict, we would call for streaming everything on a legit platform other than any fake websites. Cheers! 🙂

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