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Implementing an SSL certificate is a basic security measure that allows your website’s visitors to browse using a secure connection. Websites that use SSL get a boost in search rankings, but companies are often reluctant to make the switch. We talked to Staffan Ragnö, partner at SEO agency Firstly, about Google’s security initiatives and SSL’s impact on organic search rankings.

Staffan Ragnö | Firstly

Staffan Ragnö, Firstly

 Security as an investment

The role of web security is transforming and  security measures can impact your brand’s reputation in more ways than ever before. Staffan Ragnö from SEO agency Firstly explains: “As a content distributor, Google aims to offer the best content based on the user’s search terms, which is why it encourages webmasters to implement features like SSL and offer visitors a secure connection.”

To show companies that SSL is a good investment, some extra incentives were needed: “In 2014, Google announced that websites secured with SSL would get a bonus to perform better in organic search. Even though the offer only corresponded to a 1% value increase, it was enough to convince many to consider switching to SSL.”

SSL search rankings | Disposable mail

The advantages of a secure connection go beyond SEO visibility. Staffan adds: “Other initiatives are highlighting secure websites with a coloured icon in Google Chrome and in the search results list.”

Switching to SSL

Staffan says that SSL is becoming a frequent topic in client dialogues: “It’s becoming more common as the implementation scale and security awareness grow.” This does not come as a surprise – users read about security in the media and a seemingly small problem like an in-browser alert about a missing SSL certificate can have a negative impact on a brand.

SSL search rankings | Disposable mail

Those who wish to reap the benefits of Google’s ranking boost can get started by implementing an SSL certificate: “If the client is interested in increasing their long-term organic search visibility and revenue, we think they should consider SSL.“

However, the purpose of security is not just improved search visibility, Staffan emphasizes: ”What’s even more important is the responsibility that companies, organisations and authorities have to offer website visitors a secure experience that reflects the entire organisation. If you move to SSL for your customers and not just for SEO, it will benefit both in the long run.

The future will be security-oriented

Staffan explains that it is not clear what incentives Google will provide in the future in order to prioritise security. However, he points out that their stance on the matter is no secret as is evident in this Tweet by Parisa Tabriz, team lead for Google’s security technicians.

SSL rankings | Disposable mail

What’s next for security and search? Staffan says mobile security might be the next step: “What could be interesting is the recent shift to focusing on the mobile experience when ranking websites in organic search. Mobile security is still a relatively unexplored area that changes the demands on web administrators.”

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Why agencies should work with security (Part 1) – 10 minute mail

Why it’s time for agencies to start working with security

The main reason to add security to your offer is not that you will make more money, but because it is best for your clients. By adding security to your services, you will stay relevant and increase customer loyalty while increasing revenues.

Few agencies talk about security and even fewer are working with it in a structured way. Security can help you build longterm relationships with your clients, make more money and get ahead of your competitors. We know that explaining security to clients can be a challenge, which is why we have gathered convincing arguments that you can use as a starting point in customer dialogues.

Your existing clients might assume that you are already continuously working with security because of new legal guidelines, like the General Data Protection Regulation, that require businesses to focus on preventive measures. Potential clients will want to know whether your code is secure and what your security routines look like. Take this opportunity to tackle security and show that you are aware of your clients’ wishes!

Why security matters to your clients


Having a functional website that end customers trust is crucial for your clients and businesses like e-commerce stores depend on their online presence. This is not new to you as you already help your clients bring in organic search traffic and optimize conversion, but now it’s time to secure their websites and protect them and their customers’ sensitive data.

A security breach can take a toll on brand reputation as well as revenue and recovering from the badwill it creates is a key challenge. You have your clients’ trust – use it to keep their users’ data safe!

Brand reputation

Delivering vulnerable websites puts your agency’s reputation at risk; if your client’s website is hacked, the damage done to their brand can be immense. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day and 90% of websites have critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Instead of helping your clients regain their customers’ trust after a security breach, you can be an early adopter and encourage them to work proactively with security.

As an agency, you don’t want to be left behind. What happens if new customers request proof of your internal security skillset? What if your client were to find security monitoring tools on their own and initiated the dialogue? Wouldn’t you prefer to be the one who leads the security discussion?

What would Google do

Google accounts for 64% of the search market and is leading the development of search technology. It is no secret that Google is beginning to put security first – why should you lag behind? Here’s just a couple of measures Google has taken to make security more transparent and central to the customer experience:

Over the last couple of years, SEO and mobile have become the norm and security is up next. Google already gives a ranking bonus to websites with encrypted connections, but this is just the beginning. Shifting to a security- oriented mindset now means you and your clients will be ahead of the game as security awareness grows.

The evolution of digital marketing

Site speed, design, conversion rate optimization… These trends have gone from buzzwords to being an expected part of an agency’s service mix. If you are, or aiming to become a full-service agency, adding security to your offer is the next step – which will work as a great pitch for prospective clients and improve customer loyalty with your existing clients.

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