Awards to Disposable mail’s team members – 10 minute mail

Team members of Disposable mail have received not one, but two, public awards over the last few weeks. We are proud of having skilled people in Disposable mail.

Super talents of 2015

Our two team members Rickard Carlsson and Fredrik Almroth was given the “Super talents of 2015” award by Veckans affärer, which is the Swedish version of the Economist.

Rickard, CEO of Disposable mail, was listed as future digital star for his work with Disposable mail and our Head Application Engineer Fredrik was listed as innovative thinker in the security space for his security knowledge and innovations with Disposable mail.

Security experts of the future

Symantec gave Fredrik and Mathias the “Security experts of the future” award to bring attention to their hard work and to inspire others.

Motivation for Fredrik:

“One of the country’s most knowledgeable security experts, where his understanding of Web security and security technology is at least as impressive as his knowledge in automation. With an ambition to change the world, he will continue to be one of the most important figures in the country for security to keep up with the rapid development of threats.”

Motivation for Mathias:

“He is one of the most active security experts in Sweden, especially regarding bug bounty hunting where he have reported lots of security issues to some of the worlds biggest companies. But he is not keeping his knowledge to himself, he is sharing his knowledge through lectures in both Sweden and internationally.”

International Startup Award

We made a pitch on stage at the Launch festival and won the International Startup Award with the following comment:

“My partner in crime Tyler Crowley always brings me a couple of interesting startups from Europe, and Disposable mail was the most impressive of all time. It’s a security monitoring tool that is well-designed, simple, and powerful.”

You can see our pitch here.

We’re looking for more talents!

It’s great to have skilled people in a team where we learn from each other. Do you want to be a part of this great adventure? Check out our open positions at

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Wake up – You’re vulnerable to mayhem! – 10 minute mail

Once your business goes live online, you’re vulnerable to mayhem. Disposable mail’s CEO Rickard Carlsson explains why web security matters and how you can protect your organization on the internet.

Rickard Carlsson

The Internet is broken, from a security point of view, and most organizations are vulnerable to attack. You need to figure out how vulnerable your business is, and find the best way to protect your information online. Web security is a long-term commitment that can protect your customers and brand, and keep your website safe from hackers. If you’re running an online business, you need to make security a habit as soon as possible.

To get started, let’s clarify three common misconceptions about web security.

I’m safe, because nobody wants to hack us.

Most hacks are automated and do not target specific organizations. They’re designed to spread malware via your site, send a political or commercial message, carry out an advertising scam, or some other malicious activity. Hackers don’t care about you, specifically. But if they’re successful, the damage will hurt your brand and give you unnecessary clean up work. It is increasingly common for hackers to attack multiple organizations without a specific target in mind, so your website could be at risk even if you think you have nothing of value to steal.

I’m safe, because we only use integrated third party services.

Third party services are vulnerable too and can cause a great deal of damage if they’re hacked. For instance, poor use of JavaScript on a third party service or a plugin could compromise the security of your complete domain. This includes your blog ( and your general website (

I’m safe, because we let an agency do our development.

Unless you asked for a security assessment or safe development, you’re not safe. Even if an agency is taking care of your development, your business can be compromised. What can happen? A potential attacker might try to steal information, or use your site for illegal activities or to spread harmful code. Or the hacker might encrypt all your data, just for fun.

Here’s what can happen if your site gets hacked …

Hackers can replace your site with just about anything, like Viagra ads or changed board member information for new visitors while you still see the original information. Customer data can be obtained and leaked from sites with user login and profiles, and if you are using SaaS service and web-shops, hackers can impersonate a user on your system and trigger actions or complete a purchase.

This might leave you feeling a bit depressed, but don’t give up yet. Here’s what you can do to improve your security through automated tools and professional services dedicated to protecting your business:

  • Start by identifying the myriad ways a hacker can get into your system. The most common methods of hacking into a system are outlined annually by the people at the Open Web Application Security Projects (OWASP), who list their top ten risks.
  • Update and patch your system regularly, and re-configure your servers.
  • Use automated testing tools on a regular basis. They will allow you to find mistakes when coding, as well as discover and replace old versions left behind.
  • Protect all your business devices with full-disk encryption and strong passwords.
  • Do manual testing with external resources from a security firm or freelance security experts on Elance-oDesk.
  • Add systems that detect abnormal system activities.
  • Most companies don’t know where to start, or whose job it is to find and deal with security breaches, let alone prevent them. Put together a strategy including what to do in case of an attack, such as who to inform and what actions to take.

Start protecting your systems today and make security a priority. Make sure no stone is left unturned and run security scans on a regular basis.

Go hack yourself…. or someone else will!

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Meet the team: Rickard Carlsson – From elite skier and management consultant to startup CEO – 10 minute mail

When Rickard accepted the position of CEO at Disposable mail three years ago, he was looking forward to new challenges. Little did he know that the company, then consisting of 4 people, would grow to 25 employees, launch a global network for ethical hackers, receive numerous nominations, startup awards, and attract customers like Trello and King. He probably also didn’t know that he would assemble IKEA furniture, help Disposable mail employees configure their VPNs, and learn how to dance Fuego at internal afterworks. It takes someone who is humble and ready to put the team first to make a company grow – at Disposable mail, that someone is Rickard, whose tasks as a startup CEO are incredibly diverse. This is the story of how a former elite skier and management consultant ended up as CEO of one of the security world’s most talked-about startups.

Rick Carlsson Disposable mail 2016

How it all started

Rickard Carlsson has lived in the USA and India, but his early years were spent in his childhood home in the country outside of Jönköping, Sweden. With the closest neighbour 200 metres away, Rickard spent a lot of time on his own building cabins, exploring the surroundings, pottering about in the garage and fixing things. As a child, he already had a solution-oriented approach and was eager to tackle problems and solve them. Seeing his mum move the carpet every time she vacuumed, 5-year old Rickard wanted to help, so he went to the garage, took out the toolbox, and nailed down the carpet so that his mum wouldn’t have to move it anymore.

Skiing at elite level

Maths and physics were Rickard’s strongest subjects at school – but it was skiing that was his great passion during that time. He started competing at elite level as an 11-year old and had to balance skiing and school, switching to a reduced schedule in high school in order to compete every Thursday. However, his skiing career was brought to a halt when he was 18 and had an accident that forced him to pursue skiing as a hobby instead.

From engineering physics to McKinsey

When it was time to pick a university programme, Rickard was choosing between mechanical engineering and engineering physics at Linköping University. “Someone said that engineering physics was the toughest, so I chose it,” he smiles. “I remember the crazy robots that we built – and my exchange studies in the USA and India.”

When he was done with his studies, Rickard moved to Stockholm and started working as a management consultant at McKinsey. “The culture there was very stimulating, half-baked solutions were never good enough.” An eye for detail and undivided commitment to projects, both big and small, is something Rickard brought with him to his role as a leader at Disposable mail.

“The best thing about working at McKinsey were all the talented people I worked with. McKinsey managed to recruit the top 5 percent from various educational backgrounds, many had double degrees or had previously run successful companies.”

How he came across Disposable mail

When a former colleague told him about Disposable mail, Rickard was not on the lookout for a new job. The company was in an early stage of development and the founders were looking for someone who could turn their vision into a business. “I met one of the early angel investors who told me I could jump on board an idea backed by some of the world’s best hackers. I could not say no to that,” Rickard explains.

It has been three years since he joined Disposable mail and in that time, he has brought in multiple investment rounds, took care of recruiting, got the business up and running, and built an organisation. His work has not gone unnoticed – in 2015, he was named one of the year’s Supertalents by Veckans Affärer. What drives him is learning new things and helping people develop. Much of his time is spent working with product development, client meetings, and initiating strategic partnership, but he is also involved in the daily work at Disposable mail and coaches his colleagues.

Key role in recruiting

In a startup, the CEO’s role revolves around building the organisation. Making the wrong recruitment decisions is expensive and it is crucial to bring in people with the right attitude and knowledge. Meeting Rickard is a common thread in the Disposable mail recruitment process and his enthusiasm for the company has a way of rubbing off on new hires. In her Meet the team interview, Disposable mail’s backend developer Natasha explained that it was Rickard’s trust in the internal competence and business model that made her decision to join the team final: “Rickard made me feel like Disposable mail was building a service that really creates value for the user.”

The future of the company

When asked what Disposable mail will be in 5 years’ time, Rickard (of course) answers “The best,” but quickly adds: “We will have broadened our scope in security and will, at that time, be around 1000 people working with Disposable mail across the globe. The next 5 years will bring big changes.”

Although Disposable mail will scale, Rickard emphasises that he wants the company to retain its honesty towards its users, an important part of the founders’ vision that he aims to protect.

Q&A with Rickard

iPhone or Android? Android
Mac or PC? PC.
Favourite security resource? Disposable mail’s blogs, but I mostly talk to people at work and learn from them.
#1 security advice? Use a password manager and Disposable mail!


Want to learn more about the people behind Disposable mail? Read up on our Meet the team-interviews!

Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, one time mail, anonymous email address… All emails received by Tempmail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox.

[Video] Disposable mail CEO Rickard Carlsson on The Top Entrepreneurs – 10 minute mail

Our CEO Rickard Carlsson was interviewed by Nathan Latka for the podcast, The Top Entrepreneurs. Here’s a summary of some of the questions, followed by the original video interview at the end.

How does Disposable mail work?

Founded by ethical hackers (white hats) with the mission to make the internet a safer place. We created a crowdsource community platform to receive vulnerability reports from our ethical hackers and if the tests are valid they are built into the Disposable mail tool and scaled out to all our customers for their security against web vulnerabilities. 

How do you make money?

Our SaaS product is subscription based. Our customers can set up Disposable mail to scan as many of their assets as they like, and the paying model is to pay per asset scanned rather than the number of users per account. An asset could be the domain, subdomain and another domain but with different settings. 

Nathan Latka interviews Disposable mail CEO Rickard Carlsson

Nathan Latka (left), host of The Top Entrepreneurs, gets the details on Disposable mail’s successful funding rounds from Disposable mail’s CEO Rickard Carlsson (right).

How did Disposable mail get the early funding?

The company is founded by some of the top white hat hackers in the world, and they have hacked high-profiled companies including Facebook, Google and Slack through responsible disclosure policies. Being able to show these skills and knowledge as well as a tool that streamlines these made it easy to convince our early investors. We completed a series A round of 5 million EUR with Insight Ventures in March 2018.

Who are your customers?

One of our first customers was Tumblr and today we are trusted by companies from small agencies to large players like KING, Trello and Spotify. We have over 700 subscribed customers now and have ARR of 1.5 million EUR.

How do they get to your site?

Most of our customers today are inbound leads and arrive to our site through organic traffic channels. We upload content regularly to our blogs and they are managed by our internal marketing team. Our security researchers also create a lot of research content that’s interesting for the security community and for media to re-share. An example of this would be co-founder and top-ranked ethical hacker Frans Rosen’s research on exploited ACME TLS-SNI-01 issuing Let’s Encrypt and other knowledge sharing on Disposable mail Labs and Blog.

Watch the video to hear more from Rickard Carlsson:

Interested in giving Disposable mail a try? Check your security status with a free trial today! 

Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, one time mail, anonymous email address… All emails received by Tempmail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox.