Release: Improved PDF report and new WordPress vulnerabilities – 10 minute mail

We are continuously developing our scanner and service. In the latest release we have added a new improved PDF report which now has an executive summary. We have also added a couple of new vulnerabilities for WordPress.

New improved PDF report

Export full report or just executive summary

The new PDF report is released that will give you the ability to export the findings and share it with your colleagues. You also now have the opportunity to export an executive summary that will give you an understanding of your security status in a comprehensible format.

Export is located at the top right in the report

You find the export button in the top right corner of your dashboard.

New vulnerabilities added for WordPress

We have added a couple of new vulnerabilities for WordPress to the scanner. This is part of our continuous improvement and we are constantly looking out for new vulnerabilities.

We hope that these new features will serve you well. If you have any feedback on our new release or ideas for new features do not hesitate to tell us, either in the comments below or at [email protected]

Happy scanning!

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