Cookie Clicker Cheats, Hacks, Unblocked, Achievements of 2020 – 10 minute mail

Cookie Clicker Hacks: In 2013, A French programmer Julien came out with a brilliant browser-based game idea based on flash that got the biggest hit in the gaming industry named “Cookie Clicker.” Well, If you are aware of this, you can skip this part, but if you want to know more about Cookie Clicker, we recommend you read the full article. By the end of this, you will be able to hack cookie clicker, plus you’ll get free cookie clicker cheats of 2020.

Cookie Clicker Cheats and Hacks 2020
Cookie Clicker Cheats and Hacks 2020 | itechhacks

What is Cookie Clicker?

Cookie Clicker is an online game, which was created in 2013. This game has no end but, it has a number of achievements, which users can claim on reaching a milestone.

Players initially click on a cookie, which is displayed on the screen. They earn a single cookie per click. A count of cookies obtained is kept, and players can spend these cookies on purchasing assets such as cursors, farms, and buildings. These assets will automatically produce more cookies.

This is a mechanical game and you earn cookies by clicking on a wafer. However, you can hack this game using the method listed below and eliminate the automatic working.

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How To Hack Cookie Clicker?

The process of hacking Cookie Clicker is quite easy to understand and execute. You can follow the steps listed below to hack Cookie Clicker.

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your device (PC Highly Recommended) and navigate to this link. You will be redirected to the game interface of Browser Cookie Clicker.

Step 2- Now, you are supposed to open your browser’s source inspector. The process of unlocking the browser console is different for different web browsers. Below are the critical combinations for some well-known web browsers.

1. Chrome Browser:

Cookie Clicker Cheats and Hacks

For Windows Press Ctrl + Shift + J

Mac Press ⌘ + ⌥ Option + J.

2. Firefox Browser:

Cookie Clicker Cheats and Hacks

For Windows Press Ctrl + Shift + K

Mac Press Ctrl + ⌥ Option + K.

3. Edge and IE Browser:

Cookie Clicker Cheats and Hacks

Right-click a blank space on the page and press “Inspect Element.” or ALT + X.

4. Safari Browser:

For Mac Press ⌘ + ⌥ Option + C.

Step 3- On your source inspector window, you will find ‘Console‘ at the top row. Click on it to open the Console tab.

Step 4- In the Console, type Game.Earn(number) and replace ‘number’ with the number of cookies that you wish to generate.

For example, type Game.Earn(9999) in the Console to earn 9999 cookies on Cookie Clicker.

Other hacks that you can type in the Console for Cookie Clicker are as follows.

1. Game.RuinTheFun(); – This code unlocks every upgrade and building in the game, and automatically adds any number of cookies to your bank.

For Example Game.Earn(999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999)

2. Game.cookies=Infinity; – As the code suggests, on using this code, your cookie balance will be changed to unlimited. However, you can undo this code by entering Game.cookies=0 in the Console.

Cookie Clicker Cheats and Hacks

3. Game.cookiesPs=number – If you wish to add a certain number of cookies to your bank per second, replace ‘number‘ by your desired amount.

4. Game.cookies=number – This code can be used to equate the number of cookies in your bank to a definite amount. You can either increase or decrease the amount of cookies.

Step 5- Once you have entered a command in the Console, click on ‘Enter‘ to apply the code to Cookie Clicker.

This is the method that you can use to hack Cookie Clicker.

NOTE: We recommend that you apply one code at a time.

If you wish to save your progress made in Cookie Clicker, you can do it by following the method listed below.

How to save your Cookie Clicker Game Progress?

At the top of the game page, click on ‘Options‘ and then click on the ‘Save to File‘ option to download the text version of your Cookie Clicker’s progress.

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Cookie Clicker Cheats 2020

If you don’t want to hack a cookie clicker with the above method, then you can use these cheats.

1. Change your Mouse Cookies Per Second (MCPS)


2. Change your Cookies Per Second (CPS)


3. Spawn a Golden Cookie

Game.goldenCookie.delay= 0;;

4. Add cookies to your current cookie supply

Game.cookies= Game.cookies + 1000000000;

Cookie Clicker Unblocked

If you get a message like “the website was blocked according to your internet provider policy,” then you need a good VPN to unblock this cookie clicker, or you can go with some best proxy sites to bypass the blocked networks easily.


Q1. How To Get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker?

Upgrading Prisms, Time machines, and other high base production buildings are better for idle players, since upgrading Temples does nothing, and upgrading Wizard towers has no purpose when idling. For active play, We would prioritize Wizard towers, Prisms, and Time machines, and alternate between whichever is cheapest.

Q2. Cookie Clicker Achievements

There are 300+ Normal Achievements and 10+ Shadow Achievements plus 4 Dungeon Achievements, but they are only obtainable in the Dungeons Beta. Ordinary achievements increase your milk percentage by 4% each to a maximum of 1,512% milk.

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This is how you can hack Cookie Clicker and unlock all the achievements and upgrades on it with the latest cookie clicker cheats of 2020. If you know of any better method to hack Cookie Clicker, or if you have any queries regarding the process listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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Top 200+ Best CMD Tricks,Tips And Hacks Of 2020 (CMD StarWars) – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Best useful CMD Tricks? A hidden Terminal in Windows is just Amazing! One can use it for hacking and for security as well. This Tool is considered as a Most popular tool for windows. However, We thought this tool is not built for us. But it’s not true! Command Prompt Tool (CMD) is very useful tool But most of us don’t even know how to use it? So to make clear all you doubts related to CMD. We are here with a List of 200+ CMD Tricks, Hacks and All basic things that could help you to learn CMD Tool.

 Best CMD Tricks, Tips And Hacks Of 2019
Best CMD Tricks, Tips And Hacks Of 2020 | itechhacks

The command prompt also known as cmd tricks allow you to do things which are not available in the GUI of the Windows OS. There are a number of cmd tricks that you can use as a tool. Command prompts are a bit out of date but, they are quite powerful and handy if you want to navigate to a location or if you want to customize your PC using different settings.

Command prompts are a bit complex but, the positive side is that it cuts down on the time lost in doing it in a modern way. Hence, we give you some of the best cmd tricks which you can use regularly to do this much easily and conveniently.

What is Command Prompt (CMD)?

Command Prompt, well known CMD, is the command-line interpreter on Windows NT, Windows CE, OS/2 and eComStation operating systems. Well, In Command Prompt we could give direction in a specific action assigned to a program to perform a specific task.

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How To Open Command Prompt?

Open CMD
Open CMD

Step 1: Click On The ‘Start’ Menu.

Step 2: Type ‘CMD’ or ‘Command Prompt’ On search box.

Step 3: Click on The CMD as shown in the picture.


Press Windows Key + R that will eventually open the Run window, where you need to type CMD and hit enter.

List Of 200+ CMD Tricks & Hacks Of 2020 (Command-Prompt Tricks)

#1 Getting help

This trick is for all the beginners as well as professionals since there is a lot I’ve can learn using this trick. This trick allows you to get the info of almost every command from the command prompt. This info tells you about what that command does, what process is used and also shows you some examples. To execute this trick, you need to type “/?” at the end of the command whose info you need.

#2 Use of Function Keys

The function keys are F1, F2, F3… till F9. Specific functions are given to every function key. The function of every function key is listed below:

F1: This function key paste per character last used the command.
F2: You can use this function key to paste last used command only to a specified command character.
F3: Paste the Last used command using this function key.
F4: Delete command only to a specified command character using this function key.
F5: This function key passes last used the command without cycling.
F6: Paste ^Z using this function key.
F7: This function key provides a list of already used commands.
F8: This function key pastes cycle-able used commands.
F9: This function key will let you paste command from the list of recently used commands.

#3 To Copy Data From Command Prompt

You cannot just copy from the command using the keyboard shortcut which is Ctrl+C. To copy data from the command prompt, right-click anywhere on the window and then, click on ‘mark’ from the drop-down box. Now, select whatever you want to copy and finally hit enter to copy that part. However, the keyboard shortcut to copy and paste data from the command is enabled in the Windows 10.

#4 Check IP Address Of Any Website

Checking the IP address of a particular website is not a difficult task. Ask you need to do is enter “nslookup” command along with the name of the website. For example below box cmd trick, will give you the IP address of itechhacks website.

#5 Execute Different Commands in an Order

There are tricks using which you can easily execute commands one after another. You need to put “&&” between two consecutive commands to execute them one after another.

#6 Scan the System Files

Scanning and repairing your system files is made easy by the command prompt. Just type “sfc/scannow” and hit enter. The scanning will immediately start and it will either repair the files or provide you with the details of any problem encountered.

#7 Create Permanent Folders

Permanent folders can be created using the command prompts. You need to toe the bane of the disk in which you wish to create this folder followed by either “md con” or “md lpt1” and hit enter. The final code should look something like “D: md con“. The new folder will be created with this same name. This permanent folder can only be deleted using the command prompt and to do that, you need to swap “md con” with “rd con” or “md lpt1” with “rd lpt1” and hit enter.

#8 Compare And Check The Difference

Using command prompts, you can compare two text files and check the difference. To do this, you need to type “FC” command to enter the directories of both text files. The structure of this command prompt should look like “fc nameoffirstfile.txt nameofsecondfile.txt” and hit enter to obtain the comparison results of both the files. If both the files have no difference then, the command will return to the message which reads “no difference encountered”

#9 Encrypt Files using Command Prompt

Encrypting important data is a very useful tool in command prompt. Encryption is more like restricting your personal data to yourself. Using command prompt, you can easily encrypt files on your PC. For this, you will first need to change your working directory to the folder which contains your files. You can do this by using the “cd” command and then, you’re “Ciper /E” and hit enter. One done, all the files in this folder will be encrypted. You need to make sure that you set a password for your account or else, this encryption will be of no use. These encrypted files will open normally from your account but, not from any other account.

#10 Create a WiFi Hotspot

Using command prompt, you can set up a WiFi hotspot on your PC and thus, be sharing your internet access with a number of devices around you, without making use of any third party app. The steps required to setup this WiFi hotspot are:

Step 1- Enter the text “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=HotspotName key=Password“ in the command prompt and enter any name you wish in place of ‘HotspotName’ for your hotspot and ‘Password’ with a unique password of your choice. Now, hit enter to save the changes.

Step 2- To broadcast your WiFi hotspot, you will have to type “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” in the command prompt so that the devices near you can connect to your hotspot.

Step 3- To terminate the WiFi hotspot, you will have to make use of command “netsh wlan stop hostednetwork”. This will stop the broadcasting. if you want to restart the broadcasting, you will have to apply the step 2 once again.

#11 Shut Down Computer With CMD

Best CMD Tips, Tricks, and Hacks.You can also shut down your computer by using the command prompt. Type the following command in command prompt.

For Shutdown: shutdown -s
For Restarting: shutdown -r
For Logoff: shutdown -l

#12 Netstat CMD Command 2020

Netstat is another best CMD Command, it is an important tool when you want to know about who is establishing a connection with your computer. The output of this command provides you the information about all active connection and listening ports. Check below attributes to execute this CMD:

1. -a (display all connection).

2. -n (sorts connection in numerical order).

3. -b (display executable name. that is browser name)

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Best CMD Tricks & Hacks Of 2020 (200+ CMD Commands Latest)

Top 200+ Best CMD Tips, Tricks And Hacks Of 2017

1. Accessibility Controls – access.cpl | Best CMD Tricks
2. Accessibility Wizard – accwiz
3. Add Hardware Wizard – hdwwiz.cpl
4. Add/Remove Programs – appwiz.cpl
5. Administrative Tools – control admintools
6. Automatic Updates – wuaucpl.cpl
7. Bluetooth Transfer Wizard – fsquirt
8. Calculator – calc
9. Certificate Manager – certmgr.msc
10. Character Map – charmap
11. Check Disk Utility – chkdsk
12. Clipboard Viewer – clipbrd
13. Command Prompt – cmd
14. Component Services – dcomcnfg
15. Computer Management – compmgmt.msc
16. Control Panel – control
17. Date and Time Properties – timedate.cpl
18. DDE Shares – ddeshare
19. Device Manager – devmgmt.msc
20. Direct X Troubleshooter – dxdiag
21. Disk Cleanup Utility – cleanmgr
22. Disk Defragment – dfrg.msc
23. Disk Management – diskmgmt.msc
24. Disk Partition Manager – diskpart
25. Display Properties – control desktop
26. Display Properties – desk.cpl
27. Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility – drwtsn32
28. Driver Verifier Utility – verifier
29. Event Viewer – eventvwr.msc
30. Files and Settings Transfer Tool – migwiz
31. File Signature Verification Tool – sigverif
32. Findfast – findfast.cpl
33. Firefox – firefox
34. Folders Properties – control folders
35. Fonts – control fonts
36. Fonts Folder – fonts
37. Free Cell Card Game – freecell
38. Game Controllers – joy.cpl | Best CMD Commands 2020
39. Group Policy Editor (for xp professional) – gpedit.msc
40. Hearts Card Game – mshearts
41. Help and Support – helpctr
42. HyperTerminal – hypertrm
43. Iexpress Wizard – iexpress
44. Indexing Service – ciadv.msc
45. Internet Connection Wizard – icwconn1
46. Internet Explorer – iexplore
47. Internet Properties – inetcpl.cpl
48. Keyboard Properties – control keyboard
49. Local Security Settings – secpol.msc
50. Local Users and Groups – lusrmgr.msc
51. Logs You Out Of Windows – logoff
52. Malicious Software Removal Tool – mrt
53. Microsoft Chat – winchat
54. Microsoft Movie Maker – moviemk
55. Microsoft Paint – mspaint
56. Microsoft Syncronization Tool – mobsync
57. Minesweeper Game – winmine
58. Mouse Properties – control mouse
59. Mouse Properties – main.cpl
60. Netmeeting – conf
61. Network Connections – control netconnections
62. Network Connections – ncpa.cpl
63. Network Setup Wizard – netsetup.cpl
64. Notepad – notepad
65. Object Packager – packager
66. ODBC Data Source Administrator – odbccp32.cpl
67. On Screen Keyboard – osk
68. Outlook Express – msimn
69. Paint – pbrush
70. Password Properties – password.cpl
71. Performance Monitor – perfmon.msc
72. Performance Monitor – perfmon
73. Phone and Modem Options – telephon.cpl
74. Phone Dialer – dialer
75. Pinball Game – pinball
76. Power Configuration – powercfg.cpl
77. Printers and Faxes – control printers
78. Printers Folder – printers
79. Regional Settings – intl.cpl
80. Registry Editor – regedit
81. Registry Editor – regedit32
82. Remote Access Phonebook – rasphone
83. Remote Desktop – mstsc
84. Removable Storage – ntmsmgr.msc
85. Removable Storage Operator Requests – ntmsoprq.msc
86. Resultant Set of Policy (for xp professional) – rsop.msc
87. Scanners and Cameras – sticpl.cpl
88. Scheduled Tasks – control schedtasks
89. Security Center – wscui.cpl
90. Services – services.msc
91. Shared Folders – fsmgmt.msc
92. Shuts Down Windows – shutdown
93. Sounds and Audio – mmsys.cpl
94. Spider Solitare Card Game – spider
95. SQL Client Configuration – cliconfg
96. System Configuration Editor – sysedit
97. System Configuration Utility – msconfig
98. System Information – msinfo32
99. System Properties – sysdm.cpl
100. Task Manager – taskmgr
101. TCP Tester – tcptest
102. Telnet Client – telnet
103. User Account Management – nusrmgr.cpl
104. Utility Manager – utilman
105. Windows Address Book – wab
106. Windows Address Book Import Utility – wabmig
107. Windows Explorer – explorer.
108. Managing the Boot Configuration Data – bcdedit
109. Editing Boot Settings – bootcfg
110. Encrypting or Decrypting Files/folders – cipher
111. Clearing the screen – cls
112. Managing stored usernames/passwords – cmdkey
113. Changing CMD Color – color
114. Compressing one or more files – compress
115. Converting FAT drives to NTFS – convert
116. Delete files – del
117. Deleting User Profiles – delprof
118. Displaying the list of files and folders – dir
119. Displaying Message On Screen – echo
120. Deleting one or more files – erase
121. Opening the windows Explorer – explorer
122. Formatting a disk – format
123. Knowing file extension – ftype
124. Displaying the Mac Address – getmac
125. Online help – help
126. Displaying the host name – hostname
127. Editing disc label – label
128. Log a user off – logoff
129. Get a log time in a file – logtime
130. Creating .cab files – makecab
131. Creating new folders- md
132. Opening Windows Installer – msiexec
133. Managing the network resources – net
134. Knowing the permissions for a user – perms
135. Testing a network connecting – ping
136. Printing a text file – print
137. Shutdown computer – psshutdown
138. Checking free disk space – freedisk
139. Know the file and volume utilities – fsutil
140. File transfer protocl – ftp
141. Showing the space used in folders – diskuse
142. Deleting a folder and all subfolders – deltree
143. Importing or Exporting Active directory data – csvde
144. Displaying the resultant set of Policy information – gpresult
145. Updating the Group policy settings – gpupdate
146. Replacing the files that are currently in use by the os – inuse
147. Comparing two files – fc
148. Finding a text string in a file – find
149. Finding for a strings in file – findstr
150. Displaying the memory usage – mem

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best commands prompts or cmd tricks which you can use to make use of Windows in a much different and unique way. Also, you will have access to some of the very powerful customizations. If we have missed out on any such amazing cmd truck which would have been mentioned then, please let us know in the comments section. Also, please tell us which cmd trick did you like the most from our list.

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Latest Windows 10 Tricks, Tweaks & Hacks Of 2019 – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Are you having Windows 10 PC or Laptop? obviously yes, That’s why you are here 😛 . Amm! So in this windows tweaks series, we have posted lots more hacks on Windows 10 earlier and today we are coming with viral Windows 10 Tricks, Tip and Hacks of 2019. These Windows 10 tweaks will boost your PC performance.

Windows 10 Tricks, Tips & Hacks Of 2017 - Performance Tweaks
Windows 10 Tricks, Tips & Hacks  – Performance Tweaks

Windows 10 is the modern operating system and is loaded with numerous amazing features. There are a lot of things which you already know about this operating system but, there are few things which you don’t know. There are quite a few tricks and hacks in Windows 10 operating system which will help you in setting up this operating system quickly and also, assist you in performing some tasks with a few clicks. So let’s take a glance at the Windows 10 tricks and hacks which you can use to customize your operating system as per your convenience.

In this tutorial, we are going to share the best windows 10 tweak tools and Best Windows 10 Tricks and Hacks of 2019 that will help your PC to boost its speed and performance. Before dive int main article we want you to show some Windows 10 facts and unknown hidden information.

Download Link: Download Windows 10 ISO 32-64 BIT 

Upcoming Windows Version Will Be Windows 11?

What Windows 11? Are you serious? This is what people are spreading fake news on everywhere. However, Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10“. That was the statement from Jerry Nixon, Microsoft’s developer evangelist, speaking at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. So why would people think Windows 11 Would be next version by Microsoft.

Let’s have a quick look at these “Best Windows 10 Tricks and Hacks 2019” 

Using this trick, you can view all the apps in your Start menu. All you need to do is click on ‘All Apps‘ option, and you will be able to see them in alphabetical order. As we all know Windows 10 comes with the best UI in its start menu. And the inbuilt apps provided by Windows 10 more glossy look and best boost performance as well.

#2 Get the Reboot and Shut Down Options in the Start menu

Click on the ‘Power‘ option in the start menu and access the Reboot and Shut Down option in the Start menu.

#3 Move and Resize the tiles in the Start menu

By using this best Windows 10 Tweaks and tricks, You can easily move and resize the tiles. To move the tiles, click and hold on that title and then, drag it to your desired location. To resize a particular tile, right-click on it and select the ‘Resize‘ option from the drop-down box.

#4 Create Multiple Desktops

First, click on the task view button next to the search bar on the taskbar. You will then notice a button at the bottom-right corner of your screen labeled as ‘+ New desktop.’ Click on this to create a new desktop. Using this best Windows 10 Tricks and Tweaks, You can create as many new desktops as you want.

#5 Switch Between Desktops

Switching between desktop is also a Windows 10 latest tricks. For this, you need to click on the task view button and then, click on either of the thumbnails at the foot of the screen to shift to another open desktop.

#6 Use Snap Assist for Split-Screen View

To use two windows using a split-screen, drag the first window to either end of your screen. When you release the button of your mouse, the window will automatically get fitted on the one-half of your screen. Then, Snap Assist will show the thumbnails of the other windows which are already open.

#7 Enable ‘Do Not Track’ in Edge

Another amazing Windows 10 Tricks, Hacks. This option in Windows 10 is disabled by default. If you require enabling this feature, click on the three-dot menu and navigate to Settings >> View advanced settings and then, scroll down and turn on the ‘Send Do Not Track requests‘ option.

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#8 Pin Folders in File Explorer

There must be quite a few folders which you wish to access frequently. To pin those folders in file explorer, right-click those folders in the File Explorer and then, choose the ‘Pin to Quick access‘ option from the drop-down box and those files will be readily available in the left pane.

#9 Annotate, Highlight, & Insert Notes in Edge

The most fantastic feature is that you can mark up web pages in Edge. You can easily note, write, highlight, and even type directly on a website. All you need to do is click on the Edit image at the top right, a purple bar will arrive, with tools to draw, highlight, erase, make notes, take screenshots, and share.

#10 Keyboard Navigation in Edge

In the all-new Windows 10, you can allow carpet, keyboard or browsing just by clicking on the three-dot menu and then, go to Settings >> View advanced settings and enable the ‘Always use caret browsing’ option. And then, turn it on by hitting F7.

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#11 Use Dark Theme: Windows 10 Hacks

Now you can easily shift your old, preinstalled interface to Dark Theme for this trick you need to follow: Settings > Personalisation > Colours, scroll down and choose Dark as the app mode.

#12 Command Prompt (CMD) Shortcuts: Windows 10 Tweaks

Before we have published a list of 200+ best CMD tricks and hacks of 2019. You can go through that topic to read more about Command Prompt Shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Command Prompt:

  • Ctrl + C / V /A – Copy, Paste , Select All
  • Shift + Page Up / Page Down
  • Ctrl + Right/ Left Arrow – Text browsing, etc.

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best Windows 10 tricks, tips, tweaks and hacks and tricks which you can use in the all-new Windows 10 to ease up on some of the tasks such as pinning folders in the file manager, use Snap Assist for a Split-Screen view, etc. If we have missed out on any such helpful Windows 10 tricks and hacks then, please let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Indepth Arduino Guide 2020 – How To Program Arduino Easily – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Well, Many of us are doing Engineering/Studying or having hell lots of interest in technology. However, We all wants to make a Robot that can do our task, do whatever we want. Robots are one of those fascinations that they can mobilize thousands of people to test their limits. In this tutorial we will be going to Share all about Arduino, How Does Arduino Work? And also 5 of best unbeatable Arduino Projects.

What is Arduino? How To Program Arduino Easily? Free Softwares To Program it
What is Arduino?

What is Arduino?

Arduino is the name of a developer which produces single-board microcontrollers. But Arduino is not a Microcontroller. This name comes from the name of the place where its founder used to meet. It is an open source, computer hardware and software company. These microcontrollers are used for building digital devices and interactive objects which can sense and control objects in the physical world.

What is Arduino?
What is the Arduino Board?

Arduino consists of a programmable circuit board and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Arduino boards include a universal serial bus (USB), which is used for loading programs through PC. These microcontrollers can be programmed using programming languages such as C and C++.

Arduino was specially designed for artists, designers, hobbyists, hackers, newbies and for those who wish to create interactive objects. These Arduino boards can interact using buttons, LEDs, motors, speakers, GPS units, cameras, the internet, and your smartphone or your television set too. The software of the Arduino boards are free and the hardware is affordable. Also, programming these Arduino boards is quite easy, all you need to know is which software to use and how to use that software for programming Arduino boards.

Buy Arduino From Offical Site

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Types Of Arduino Board

There is a number of different types of Arduino boards available in the market/online. But the Arduino Board that comes in use most times are:

  • Arduino Uno (R3)
  • LilyPad Arduino
  • Red Board
  • Arduino Mega (R3)
  • Arduino Leonardo

Things That an Arduino Can Do?

  • With the help of Arduino, you can create Robots, Cars, Electronic Sensor Systems; There etc.
  • Arduino can do, Auto Start/Auto-Off Switch in any automobile
  • It can do anything, with this, I mean to say howsoever you program it, it can work same as you program it. Interesting!! Right. Yes ! you can do anything with this simple looking board.

How To Program the Arduino Board?

Arduino Board
Arduino Board

You might be thinking that you don’t know a single word about programming? Right. Then This is not rocket science. Anyone can program it without having knowledge in programming languages, There are a number of different websites where you can get prebuilt codes. And here you will get to know how to program an Arduino easily. if you don’t buy Arduino Yet then you can purchase it from our below links. So let’s get start

Buy Arduino (Indian Version)


Buy Arduino (USA Version)

Steps To Program Arduino:

Step 1: First Look On the Arduino board that you have, See left of the Arduino logo there’s a LED, a small light, with the letter L next to it.

Step 2: Now we are going to switch it ON and OFF and then look at the board whether the LEDs are blinking or not? if it is working then Arduino is working properly.

Step 3: When you first plug your USB cable into your Arduino and with your computer, you may notice that this LED is blinking. Not to worry! It’s the default program stored on the chip.

Step 4: Arduino can run standalone by using a power supply in the bottom left of the board. Once you’re done programming and don’t require it to be constantly connected to your machine you can opt to power it separately.

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Best Free Top Softwares To Program Arduino Board

Softwares To Program Arduino BoardAbove we had shown: Howto connect and check the Arduino working and functions. And hence, below we have listed which software you can use to program Arduino along with some instructions and tips which you must know before you start programming an Arduino board. So let’s take a look at these software’s and what all you need to know.

#1 ArduBlock: Best Software To Program Arduino

This software is best for beginners and learners as it provides with a logical way for writing codes. Using this software, you can construct your program visually by using the same selection of functions. While visually learning and constructing codes, you will become familiar with the name of functions and variables which you will need to know before you move to the complete Arduino IDE. ArduBlock is easy to use and learn since it uses visual stimuli which is the easiest way of learning things.

#2 C#: Best Software To Program Arduino

You can use this software to code the Arduino. All you need to do is run this software either on the visual studio of Microsoft or on any other alternative which you have. And then, you can establish a communication between your PC and the Arduino using C# for calling functions or to send and receive commands. An alternative way to program an Arduino using C# is to make use of a device such as Netduino. It is a completely different microcontroller but is compatible with Arduino hence, you can use it since Netduino uses only C# and no other language.

#3 Snap4Arduino: Best Software To Program Arduino

This software is based on drag and drop visual programming language. The principal of this programming language is quite similar to ArduBlock but, it provides a competitively different experience. Before you install Snap4Arduino, you will have to install StandardFirmata on your Arduino. But, if you already have Arduino IDE installed in your computer then, you just need to open it and navigate to Files > Examples > Firmata > StandardFirmata. Now, upload it to your board and start interacting with the Arduino using Snap4Arduino. However, you cannot compile programs which are made in Snap4Arduino but, you can interact with the Arduino when it is connected to the computer.

#4 Python: Best Software To Program Arduino

Arduino won’t run programs written in python however, you can communicate via serial input to use python. Python is a very useful coding language but, it is mostly recommended for higher level coding. However, you can use it for programming Arduino without any difficulty.

Best Unbeatable Arduino Projects of 2020

#1 Remote Control Matrix

This one is amazing and simple Arduino project that I like most.

#2 Arduino Parking System

When your car approaches to the certain point of a parking lot, the LED color automatically changes from green to red.

#3 Wireless Camera

#4 Alcohol Gas/Liquid Detector

When a certain amount or more alcoholic Gas is detected, buzzer goes off and the warning light is on by turning on the relay.

#5 Sound Sensing System

Arduino Projects for Kids

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In the above article, we have tried our best to explain to you what exactly Arduino is and what software’s you can use to program your Arduino. If we have missed out on any such software which we can use to program Arduino then, please let us know in the comments section below.

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