Sling TV Live Streaming 2020: Channels, Packages, Pricing (Guide) – 10 minute mail

Sling TV is the best streaming service starting at $30 per month. There is ESPN, and so many other networks like AMC, A&E, Food Network, HGTV, Lifetime, and also Disney Channel. Here, in this article, we will give you all the details of Sling TV. Check out the full article.

Sling TV Live Streaming 2020: Channels, Packages, Pricing (Guide)
Sling TV Live Streaming Channels, Packages, Pricing

Sling TV is an OTT (over-the-top) service which comes in over the internet instead of using a cable company, or broadcasts to watch TV. We can say, Sling TV is an online service just like other streaming apps Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. However, Sling TV is special on Live TV, as it shows the programs as they are broadcast.

Not only Sling TV is the OTT service, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Netflix also offer live content with different specifications. Once you download the Sling TV, you need to sign up and start watching your favorite TV program.

Once you start the app, you will see all the channels. It also has a guide, so it is easy for you to find the content. Make sure you have a good internet connection to watch TV as Sling TV does not support offline viewing.

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What does Sling TV Cost?

Now, let us see about pricing. If you know, Sling TV is available in two flavors Sling Orange and Sling Blue. The cost of both the flavors is $30 per month.Sling TV Live Streaming 2020: Channels, Packages, Pricing (Guide)

In Sling Orange there are 32 channels, but Blue has 47. Though, Blue does not have all Orange channels. If you want you can also buy the combination package of Blue/Orange which costs $40 per month. So, it is better to buy the combination if you want both the flavors you will 20%.

Sling TV offers add-on packages, and the price is from $5 to $15 per month. There are so many packages available, so if you want everything, then the monthly subscription might be more than $100 per month.

Sling also offers the compatibility, and it also has over-the-air antennae support (only in supported areas). If your location supports the antennae, then you can get an antenna, and the price is $59.99.

And, if you don’t have any device to stream Sling TV then pre-pay for Three months of Sling TV and get an AirTV Player and an adapter with the antenna. The total you need to pay $189.98.

What are the Sling TV packages and what channels are included?

Sling TV Guide Channels, Packages, Pricing

The Sling Orange package has channels like ESPN, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, TNT, IFC, and A&E. This package is without any add-ons.

While Sling Blue package offers channels like Fox, NBC, USA, Bravo, TBS, FX, Syfy, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, Headline News, and MSNBC.

You can see, Orange has no NBC networks and the Blue package does not have ESPN and Disney Channel.

One of the biggest and main differences between these two packages is Orange package is a single stream service, and Blue package supports up to three same streams. You can use one Sling stream at a time to watch or record any content. A blue package can be used by multiple users to watch different channels at the same time.

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Sling Packages Price Number of Channels Notable Channels
Sling Orange $30 per month 32 AMC, CNN, ESPN, Food Network, TBS
Sling Blue $30 per month 47 USA, FX, El Rey, Viceland
Sling Orange + Blue $45 per month 53 Comedy Central, History, IFC, NFL Network

Sling TV has so many add-on packages that have Sports channels to premium movies. The list of the content is too long for each package. For example, Sports package has NFL RedZone, NBA TV, NHL Network, beIN Sports, and ESPN bases loaded. All these costs an extra $5 every month.Sling TV Live Streaming 2020: Channels, Packages, Pricing (Guide)

There is an HBO package that has one channel, and the price is $15 per month. The Showtime package is also the same as one channel for $10 per month.

In 2018, February Sling TV was the first service to mix NBA League Pass with a price of $29 per month. It gave access to live, out-of-market games. If you are interested only in games, then there is a Team Pass for $18 per month.

Subscribe to Showtime, NBA League, and other channels from Sling TV without paying for Orange or Blue Subscriptions.

All the football fans, sling, offer the best way to find out which channels are showing which games. You just need to visit and search. The page will show you what games are streaming in your area if you enter your ZIP code.

Does Sling TV offer local channels?

It depends on where you live and which package subscription you have whether Orange or Sling Blue as Sling offers Fox and NBC in few markets.

It depends on what you are watching, whether you broadcast network programming or anything. If you want to access to more networks without any content, then choose Hulu. It is another option.

Does Sling TV require a contract?

Sling TV has a month’s service, which you can start or stop at any time. There is no start-up or canceling fees on Sling TV.

Watch Sling TV on Devices:

As of now, Sling TV is available on:

  • web browsers on PC and Mac
  • iOS mobile devices
  • Android mobile devices
  • Apple TV (4th gen and later)
  • Amazon Fire TV devices
  • Chromecast
  • Fire tablets (OS 4.4.2 and later)
  • Google Nest
  • Oculus Go
  • Roku LT and higher
  • Roku TVs from Hisense and TCL
  • Xbox
  • Select LG, Samsung and Vizio smart TVs

Can I record shows on Sling TV?

Yes, of course. You can record on its Cloud DVR for free for 10 hours. The cloud DVR Plus package price is $5 per month, and then it increases to 50 hours of content.

Are there advertisements on Sling TV?

Yes. On Sling TV you see exactly what you see if you were watching channels on TV.

Are there movies on Sling TV?

The movies are aired on a few channels like AMC, or TBS, and other Hollywood channels. With extra payment, there is an option for on-demand movies. You can see both new releases and old movies.

How To cancel Sling TV

If you want to cancel Sling TV then just follow the simple steps to cancel the membership.

  • Open the app, and go to the account page
  • There you will see a link of Cancel Subscription
  • Again click on Cancel Subscription option
  • Give a reason why you are leaving
  • Once it confirms your cancellation, it will stop immediately

There are no charges for canceling the Sling TV Subscription any time.

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Final Thoughts

So, these are the things about Sling TV which you need to know. It is a small guide on Sling TV – Packages, Channels, and other basic information that you all need to know. We hope you liked it and it was helpful for you. f you know of any other information on Sling TV or if you have any queries regarding the method listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below. Cheers 🙂

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How To Create Your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway in 2019? – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Are you looking for a working method to create your own Bulk-SMS Platform without being reseller under any 3rd party firm? I guess you get tired of being search “How To Make your own SMS Server”? Right? Don’t Worry! you have come to the right place then. Here we have discussed all SMS Platforms and how to create an SMS Server and Gateway on your PC easily in 2019.

How To Create Your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway in 2019?
How To Create SMS Server in 2019? || itechhacks

SMS was one of the only mode available to send text from one mobile phone to another. However, now we have a number of social media apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, etc, where people can send text messages over the internet. But, sending an SMS is a lot more complex method. For sending an SMS, the data from your mobile phone is transmitted to your service provider’s servers.

There, it reads the address from which the days is received and to which address the data is to be sent! This system, which contains an SMS server is also known as an SMS gateway.

You can create your own Bulk-SMS platform or gateway by putting a server and a database in place! However, creating an SMS server/gateway is not as easy as it looks. You need to follow a set of instructions to create your own SMS gateway. The steps required are listed below. You can start executing them as mentioned.

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What is an SMS?

Well, I guess this is just a formality to tell you about “SMS“. Taking responsibility and to make the tutorial of making own SMS Panel easier. We should start with very basic. So SMS Stands for Short Message Services. People usually ask can we send long messages via SMS? Yes !you can send, but if the message exceeds 160 characters then you would be charged for the second message as well. (Take this thing in your mind 😛 )

You can probably make thousands of dollars $$$$ via selling bulk SMS to companies/firms. In this article, we will not be covering any marketing strategies nor promoting any Bulk SMS platform. We are just here to tell you that if you don’t want to become a reseller to any 3rd-party bulk SMS provider then you can create or start your own Bulk-SMS Gateway and set up an SMS server so that you can have access to all data and flexibility of running this business.

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Type of SMS.

There are basically two-core types of SMS services that you can sell or irrespective to the customer you get these two types of messages on your phones.

Promotional VS Transactional-SMS
Promotional VS Transactional SMS

#1 Transactional SMS:

Messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service. Example: OTP

#2 Promotional SMS:

These are SMSes which are sent with the objective of promoting your product or service. Example: Offer Messages

Boring? Might be! Let’s get straight to the step-by-step tutorial in order to create a bulk-SMS platform.

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Step 1- Download Diafaan software from ‘‘ here. You can avail its 30-day free trial, which you can cancel anytime you want.

How to Create your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway?
How to Create your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway?

Once installed, you have to install it just like you install any other application on your device.

Step 2- If you are about to use MySQL, download ODBC driver on your computer.

How to Create your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway?
Install: Downloads

You can download it from ‘‘ this link. If your computer has a 32-bit processor, download the 32-bit version and if it has a 62-bit processor, download its 62- bit version.

Once downloaded successfully, install ODBC on your computer.

Step 3- Now, launch Diafaan on your computer. You will be asked to create an admin-user for your Diafaan installation.

How to Create your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway?
Your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway? 2019

Step 4- In the following dialog-box, select the type of gateway you wish to create. A number of options will appear on your screen from which you can select your gateway type.How to Create your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway?

Step 5- Now, search for your GSM modem in the drop-down list. Then, enter your PIN code and click on ‘Test’ to start the testing process.

Step 6- You will now have an option to set a name of your gateway. If you do not wish to change it, you can proceed with the default name.

How to Create your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway?
Your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway? 2019

Step 7- At this step, you are supposed to select a Connector, which will be responsible for handling your messages. Thus, you need to be careful while selecting a Connector. You can use an SQL Connector or a Web Connector.

How to Create your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway?

Step 8- Keep your MySQL database, user name and a password in hand and then, connect to your database with the ODBC connector. Use the MySQL user name and password here.

Step 9- Use PHPMyAdmin to create a structure and the database for your gateway.

Step 10- Now, add the ODBC connector string after selecting the ODBC type. Also, search for the driver name of your ODBC. You can do it by navigating to Control panel >> Administrative tools >> Data sources (ODBC) >> Drivers.

Step 11- Enter the ODBC driver name in the ODBC string, along with your database name, user and password. And then, click on ‘Test’ to initiate testing the connection.How to Create your Own Bulk-SMS Server/Gateway?

Step 12- Once the test is successful, you are supposed to set up the location where your messages will be stored in the database.

Step 13- The final step is to give a name to your connector and you are all set to use your own SMS server/gateway.

Now, let us test your sever/gateway by sending a message.

Step 14- First, you need to set-up the web connector which can be done by clicking on ‘Add Connector’ option to the right of the dialog box. Then, select the connector from the list.

Step 15- Now, set-up your http port and click on ‘Test’ to test your http server.

Step 16- Once the test runs successfully, enter a name for your connector and run a Test for the URL provided to you.

Step 17- Finally, you can send a text message from your own SMS server/gateway. You can try it by sending to yourself before using it to send an SMS from this server to other people.

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Video Tutorial to Setup Bulk SMS Server/Gateway in 2019


This is the complete method for creating your own SMS server/gateway. Since there are a number of steps included in this method, you need to be careful while executing them in series. However, if you execute each step properly, you should be able to create your own SMS server/gateway on your computer.

If you have any queries regarding the steps mentioned above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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How to Speed Up Your Website in 2020: Google PageSpeed Insights – 10 minute mail

In a world of internet shopping and online exploration, it seems as though much of society is filtered through screens and computer systems. With all of this technological activity taking place, convenience and efficiency have become the cornerstones of a good business strategy. In this article, we are going to dive into one of the factors that can heavily contribute to a user’s experience on an online platform. That factor is speed.

To the user, a website’s speed is one of the most subtle yet influential attributes of any website they visit. In fact, if a website is fast and efficient, very little applause or recognition is even given to the site. It is as if efficiency is considered the default of any website. It’s one important factor in how Google ranks different websites in the SERPs, and is therefore an important component of most SEO efforts. That being said, if a website seems to lag or take its time sorting through the commands it is given, the user will notice this slowness immediately, which creates a problem. So what do you do if your website leans more towards the latter than the former?

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Today, we’re going to answer that question with the help of Google PageSpeed Insights. Whether you are familiar with this program or not, by the end of this article, you will be able to identify and address the dead weights that hold your website back from efficiency and speed, leading to better experiences for your users and higher traffic for you.

What is Google PSI?

Before we jump into how you can speed up your website and increase your online efficiency, let’s first discuss what exactly Google PageSpeed Insights is. Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a Google-run program that first analyzes the content of a specific website, then gives you suggestions on how you can increase the speed of your site. Whether it be a mobile or desktop site, PSI analyzes the efficiency of each page and then provides feedback for the website host.

Another attribute that PSI has is that it provides both lab data and field data. While lab data is helpful to the host when it comes to actual bugs on the site and is usually taken in a controlled setting, field data is what is actually happening in reality. While it may not be as controlled as lab data, field data allows PSI to correctly analyze the actual components of a user’s experience and catch any problems that they are encountering at face-value. In reality, since they both play a role in discovering and addressing the problems found within a site, they are both important factors to consider.

How does Google PSI work?

Now that you have an idea of what exactly PSI is and the factors it uses in speeding up a website, let’s go into how you can start speeding up your site using PSI. PSI uses an open-source program called Lighthouse, which collects and analyzes data taken from your website after running it through the program. After it’s finished, your site will receive a specific score on speed and efficiency. On that scale, a 90 or above is considered pretty fast, a 50 to 90 is considered moderate or average, and 50 or below is considered slow and underperforming. You run Lighthouse through PSI by inputting the domain of your site into it. So whether you are running the URL of another site through PSI or using your own domain that you purchased from a vendor such as 101domain, PSI can use Lighthouse to analyze the information. Keep in mind, your users care very little about what your PSI score is. The real issues arise when the user actually experiences lagging or inefficiency in person, so it is important to consider what the perceived performance is as well as the lab data you retrieve.

Another thing that should be noted before we dive into actual ways you can improve your site’s performance is that while users care very little about your PSI scoring, the search engine that oversees it does. When dealing with Google and its algorithms, your SEO can be heavily affected by the score you receive when running your site through PSI and Lighthouse. This may not carry over onto other search engine platforms, but since Google is an extremely heavy-hitter when it comes to internet searches, your PSI scoring still certainly carries some weight if you want to be high up on the results list.

Finally, let’s dive into practical ways you can speed up your site’s performance. Let’s take a look at this site about philanthropist and heir to Home Savings and Loan, Howard Ahmanson:

According to PSI, one of the most common recommendations for sites is to eliminate render-blocking resources, which you can see above. These resources consist of JavaScript and CSS scripts that hinder your site from loading quickly. When you are loading a site, your computer must process all these files before it is able to display it, so the fewer resources you have to load, the quicker your site processing speed will be. One way you can practically eliminate them is by attaching your JavaScript and/or CSS scripts to the HTML file. You can “inline” these resources using different plugins, but be careful; this process tends to only be effective on smaller websites, so depending on the size of your files, this trick may hurt or help your site’s performance.

Another recommendation that PSI frequently gives is to avoid chaining critical requests. This technique has to do with optimizing how browsers load your page. If you chain critical requests, then before your site is even able to become visible, all requests and data must be loaded and ready to go, which may take longer than if some requests were loaded over time.

Finally, the last practical way in which you can speed up your site’s efficiency is by minifying your CSS files. If you do not already know what these are, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language that lays the groundwork for the presentation of a site, such as fonts, colors, and spacings. So when dealing with these files, it is possible to condense them in such a way as to eliminate useless spaces and characters. By doing this, your site has less redundant information to process through, and therefore increases your site’s efficiency and speed.

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Overall, PSI is a valuable tool if you want to discover the entanglements that strangle your website speed and address them head-on. From eliminating certain resources to simplifying files, there are a plethora of ways in which you can increase site efficiency, and PSI has the ability to guide you through all of them. So whether you are the website host or the user exploring the site, speeding up your website is something that obviously proves beneficial for both parties.

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Get Grammarly Premium Accounts & Passwords For Free (April 2020) – 10 minute mail

Grammarly premium accounts: Are you looking for some methods from which you can get Grammarly premium accounts for free? If you are looking for this then you are at the correct place.  Go through this article thoroughly to know how you can get Grammarly premium accounts for free 2020. Once you read this article completely without skipping any parts, you will know more than one method to get Grammarly premium accounts for free. You need to do some tasks instead of spending your hard-earned money. Don’t worry, we are going to cover each and every step to get free Grammarly premium accounts in detail in this article.

How To Get Grammarly Premium Accounts For Free
How To Get Grammarly Premium Accounts For Free

Before going to know how to get Grammarly premium accounts for free, let us look at what is Grammarly? and what are all the features of Grammarly premium accounts? If you are working as a content creator, article writer or your work needs any kind of creating documents then Grammarly is a lifesaver for you. 

About Grammarly

Grammarly is an online grammar checking tool that was widely used by bloggers, students and many other professionals to correct grammar mistakes, punctuations, spelling mistakes, and many other mistakes. Writing is a crucial part of every business. Isn’t it? Many of your clients judge our business based on our content. So using tools like Grammarly really comes handy in many situations. 

Using Grammarly, your proofreading work can do done without any hassle in a fraction of seconds. We are going to look at the features of Grammarly in later part of this article. There are many applications like Grammarly in the market.

But what differentiates Grammarly from others is its versatility. Grammarly has an online site for checking your content online. They have an MS Word plugin that can be integrated with your Microsoft word to help you while you are working in Microsoft Word. They also have a browser extension that helps you to get all the Grammarly features on your web browsers like while you are editing documents on the Google docs or any other platform that doesn’t matter.  Let us look at some of the features of the Grammarly premium accounts.

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Features of Grammarly PremiumHow To Get Grammarly Premium Accounts For Free

As I mentioned earlier, Grammarly has a lot of features to offer. The core usage of Grammarly is proofreading. Isn’t it? As you guys may know Grammarly has both the free and paid versions. If you are asking what is the major difference between the paid and free versions of Grammarly? Actually, there is not a huge difference between both versions. 

The free version of Grammarly is able to solve less number of grammatical errors in your content, 100 to be precise. On the other hand, the Paid version can able to solve more than 200 grammatical errors. Other than this, the paid version comes with other tools like plagiarism checker and vocabulary library which helps you to increase your vocabulary. Grammarly paid version costs you 8$ per month which everybody cannot afford. So here are some of the methods using you can get the paid version of Grammarly for free. Without wasting any more time let us actually begin the actual guide. 

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Grammarly Free Access 2020

You can simply use Grammarly for free by adding their chrome extension for free. Almost, 20 million people use Grammarly free chrome extension to improve their writing and content quality. 20 million people use Grammarly to improve their writing

How To Get Grammarly Premium Version for Free 2020

STEP 1: Just shoot your browser and go to

STEP 2: Now click the signup button and enter all the required details to sign up in Grammarly.

STEP 3: Once you hit the signup button, Grammarly will send you the verification email. You need to click the confirm button to confirm your account on Grammarly.

STEP 4: Now you have your one week trial of your premium Grammarly account. You can simply create a new email account and get the unlimited time of Grammarly premium account. Otherwise legally Grammarly provides you with something called an affiliate program. 

STEP 5: You can use their site or browser extension and navigate to the refer and earn button to get a chance to get a free premium Grammarly account for free. 

STEP 6: Now you need to share your affiliate link of Grammarly to your friends via email or any social media platform which doesn’t matter. You will get an additional one week of Grammarly premium for each referral you do. Roughly 50 referrals will get you one year of free Grammarly premium account. 

It seems to be somewhat difficult when you think. But in real life, it is easy to refer a service like Grammarly to your friends and get benefited from this. So, getting a premium service of Grammarly for a year is so easy. 

If you are a blogger or a social media influencer, you will get lifetime access to Grammarly premium like ease. 

Free Grammarly Accounts and Passwords:

STEP 1: Open your browser, In this tutorial, we take Google chrome.

STEP 2: Visit this link [ ] and install the Edit this Cookies chrome extension.

STEP 3: Now simply close the chrome browser and open it again.

STEP 4: Its time to open the Grammarly site.

STEP 5: Now click the cookie icon which is located on the top right of your browser and Go to import option.

STEP 6: Copy any of the below code and paste it into the import box and click the TICK button.

Grammarly Premium Cookies

Download Grammarly Cookies

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Grammarly Plans

There are three plans offered by Grammarly.

  1. Monthly – $29.95/ month
  2. Quarterly – $19.98/ month
  3. Annually – $11.66/ month
Features of Grammarly Premium
Features of Grammarly Premium

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Final Words:

We hope you like this article and find this article helpful. Share this article with all your friends and family and helps us to grow bigger than ever. If you know any other ways from which you can get Grammarly premium accounts for free (April) do let us know and we try to update our article. 

Have any questions with this article? Always feel free to let us know by comment down below or contact us using our contact us page. Our team is looking forward to making our site better than ever by your valuable suggestions and comments. 

Want all the latest tech happenings straight to your mailbox? You have a choice. Subscribe to our email newsletter and get all tech articles on your mailbox. Don’t worry we are not spamming your mailbox. That’s pretty much for this article. Catch you guys on the next one. Cheers!

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How To Watch Netflix for Free in Quarantine COVID-19 – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Coronavirus is everywhere. People are self quarantined in their homes to prevent public spread. In most of the places, all the entertainment mediums are closed for two weeks. Also, most of the people are given Work from home. So How to watch Netflix for free and chill with your friends in your quarantine time due to the Covid-19 virus? Let’s dive straight into the article and learn-how.

How To Watch Netflix for Free in Quarantine COVID-19
How To Watch Netflix for Free in Quarantine COVID-19 @itechhacks

In this situation, there are only limited ways we can kill our boredom. Isn’t it? One major way is to stream and watch your favorite tv shows and movies. Who doesn’t want to watch their favorite movies especially in a situation like this? But here comes the worst part – downloading your favorite your from pirated sites is a huge hassle. Yeah searching for the links which are blocked in most of the countries and going through many ad-links makes most of the people irritated. We are looking for some ways to kill our boredom and definitely, this is not the method everyone needs.

So, What else we can do? Netflix! Is there any other platform contain as big collections of movies and tv shows like Netflix? The answer will always be NO. Netflix is the premium streaming online media that was used by millions of users. You all know Netflix had only premium plans and no Free plans.

No..No… Don’t worry. You are not going to pay any of your hard-earned money for your Netflix. Instead, we will tell you some methods using you can enjoy watching your favorite movie and tv shows on Netflix for free. The best part is we also guide you one way using you can stream your favorite movie/tv show along with your friends. (No need to ask your friend to come to your home.) We know you are curious. Without wasting any more time let us actually tell you the way using you can enjoy watching Netflix for free with your friends.

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How To Use Free Netflix With Your Friends:

Follow the below instructions carefully to enjoy watching unlimited Netflix content with your buddies for absolutely free. In a short story, we are going to use a chrome extension to share our Netflix content with our friends for free. The detailed step by step procedures are as follows:

 STEP 1: Fire up your favorite chrome browser and visit the below-mentioned URL.


How To Watch Netflix for Free

STEP 2: On the following screen click the Install Netflix Party from the top right corner of the page.

STEP 3: once you click that button, you will be redirected to the chrome store of the Netflix party extension. Without any hesitation click the Add to Chrome button on the chrome store page.

STEP 4:  Just wait for a few moments until the Netflix Party finishes its installation process on your chrome browser.

STEP 5: Once the installation was successful, you will be having the red NP(Netflix Party) icon on your chrome extension bar. If this icon is not in your extension bar try to restart your chrome and check again.

STEP 6: Now open your Netflix homepage and start playing the movie you want to watch with your friend. Wait Wait… I don’t have a NetFlix account and that’s why I am here – we know this is the thing running on your mind. We will guide you to get a free Netflix account in the following para.

STEP 7: Once you loaded any of the content the NP icon of your extension turned red. Click the red NP icon and click on the Start Party button.How To Watch Netflix for Free

STEP 8: Now you will have the URL of the content you are watching. You can share this link with your friends and loved ones to watch the same content without any Netflix logins. You can share this link using any platform like E-mail, social media and what not?

By doing this, you and your friends can watch the same content and have some good time while others are quarantined in their homes. Let’s address the elephant in the room.

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We promised you to help you watch all the Netflix content without paying any actual money. For that, we are giving away many Netflix accounts for you guys. As usual, we are providing the accounts user name and password for Netflix accounts.

 Free Netflix Premium Giveaway 

Feel free to use any of the accounts but don’t change the password of any account. If we found any of the account passwords changed, we will block it as soon as possible. Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy your isolated time with your buddies by watching your favorite content for free.

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We hope you like this article. If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comment section. Subscribe to our E-mail newsletter for some instant tech updates.  Catch you guys on the next one. Cheers.

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How To Make PC or PSP or Android Games (A-Z Steps – 10 minute mail

Short Hacks: Playing new latest games has always a fun of things but only a few of the gamers ever thought to create a PC or PSP Game. Playing Games, Testing Games and Developing Games, all the different stages for a developer. If you are one of them who seriously wanted to create an amazing game for PC or for Android etc then you must need to follow this guide before getting into this field.

How To Make a PC or PSP Games (A-Z Steps | Process)
How To Make a PC or PSP Games

Each one of us loves playing video games on our PC/laptop. Unlocking new levels and completing various tasks is an excellent entertainment for us. Also, there are a lot of gamers who keep looking for new games from time to time since they finish every game as soon as they lay their hands on it. While playing any game, we often tend to point out some glitches or suggest some improvements or modifications which could have made the game a lot more interesting.

However, we do not understand the efforts of the developer behind the game you are playing. Hence, it is essential for us to know the laborious steps which the developers have to go through to come up with a game before you point out the glitches or provide any suggestion in it. Also, there might be people who might be interested in knowing the steps behind developing a game. You can also hack android games without rooting.Here, we have explained each step in detail so let’s get started with the first step.

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How To Make a PC or PSP Game?

To create a high-end original game then you need to follow all these steps mentioned below. Have a good luck for your success!

Step #1: Form a unique concept or an exclusive idea for the Game

The most important and the basic step is to have a unique concept or idea for the game. This is because neither can you copy the idea of any other game nor can you create a good audience for you by simply copying someone else’s game. The uniqueness and excitingness of your idea determine the probability of your game becoming a big hit. The more unique your idea is, the more hit your game will be.

Step #2: Select an appropriate software to develop your Game on

The built quality of your game depends on the software on which you develop your game. There are many software available at your disposal but, choosing the one which meets all your demands is the key to developing a game which you desire. Some of the options are ‘RPG Maker VX Ace,’ ‘IG Maker,’ ‘Construct 2‘ and ‘GG Maker’ for Windows users while’ GameMaker’ is available for both Windows as well as Mac users. ‘Stencyl’ and ‘Unreal Engine 4‘ are software which can be used by Windows, Mac, and Linux OS users. You can use either of this software to create your own PC game.

Step #3: Make the characters and environments of your Game

This where the actual work begins. Each game revolves around the characters of the game. And these characters have to be placed in an environment to make the game more interactive. These characters are totally based on the idea of the developer. Most of the developers prefer a 2D graphics due to some simplicity but, even 3D graphics can be used. ‘GraphicsGale‘ is a program which can be used to create 2D graphics. The developers who wish to create a 3D game can use ‘Maya‘ or ‘Blender‘ which are 3D modeling software.

Step #4: Add some levels and sound to your game

Your game has no meaning if it doesn’t have any level to complete or any challenge to take up. Hence, you must have some levels in your game to keep the players engaged. The other component to attract players is to have a great sound effect on your game. Add sound effects for attacking, jumping, running, walking and anything else that demands it.

Step #5: Testing the game which you have developed

You must test your game several times to make sure you roll it out with least glitches possible. You can test your game by providing it to your game-testers and providing them with the necessary information about the game such as the controls, etc. You will know all the glitches by the review of the game-testers or the insights which you have on your game. You can then do away with all the glitches which had come up during the playtest.

Step #6: Publishing the game

This once again is a very important step since the better you present your game, the better will it do in the market. Once you publish your game, be ready to answer all the questions asked by your players.

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Wrap Up: These were the only 6 steps through which each beginner or developer has to pass in order to create an amazing PC or any type of game for the people and the market. If you have any queries related to the above steps then please let us know in the comments section below. and Waitttt… Don’t forget to share our efforts with your dear ones 🙂

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How To Black Text on 4Chan (4Chan Spoiler Text) 2020 – 10 minute mail

Now, you have got you can hide texts, but how to do that on 4Chan app? Do you know how to Black Text on 4Chan? If No, then don’t worry, we are here. In this article, we will show you how you can do Black Text on 4Chan app. Go through the full article and black text on 4Chan.

How to Black Text on 4Chan
How to Black Text on 4Chan

4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. It is easy to give a summary of Movies and TV shows in an app. But, there are a few points which spoil the surprise for the users. So, in order to maintain the interest of the public, those texts should be colored in black. The black-colored background makes sure that the text is not readable to anyone.

So, if you want to hide the main points on 4Chan message boards, you can use the “Spoiler” tags. This tag creates a black background behind the words and it is not readable to anyone. As there is a black background with black text it is unreadable until you put your mouse cursor on the text.

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Follow the given below steps and do black text on 4Chan app.

  • First of all, open your web browser and visit 4chan website
  • From the list of all boards, select the boards
  • Select reply option which is next to image or comments
  • Enter your name, subject, and email id
  • Type [Spoiler] in the comment section to open Spoiler tag
  • Now, type the words which you want should appear black in color
  • Then type /spoiler to close the spoiler tag
  • Click on the “Submit” button to submit the post

This is how you can do spoiler on 4chan app easily in 2020.

What is 4chan?

4chan is an image-board website where you can post reviews about movies, games, and TV shows. This website was launched in 2003 and then it became popular. It has great features like you can manage games, fitness, music, and video games from one platform.

The website gets enough traffic as the user posts content and reviews regularly. It has exposed animal abuse threats also.

On this website, anyone can post a comment or can share an image, it won’t ask you any information. For different topics, different boards are available like video games, anime, Japanese culture, and much more. As we told you, it won’t as for registration or any process to comment or post the image on the website.

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We hope you find this article useful and you may get some idea about How to Black Text on 4Chan. If you have any suggestions on this article, feel free to contact us. Also, do comment on your experience on installing this and share your comments if you face any issues during the installation. If you have any queries, do ask us in the comment section. Subscribe to our email newsletter for instant updates. Thanks a lot for spending your time reading this article. Cheers!

Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, one time mail, anonymous email address… All emails received by Tempmail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox.

How To Use PayPal On Amazon with 4-Methods of 2020 – 10 minute mail

Amazon is the world’s one of the largest e-commerce websites and PayPal os one the oldest and most trusted payment gateway that operates in almost all countries. But do you know that you can easily use PayPal on your Amazon account? If not, then you landed to the right blog post. Here we have shared the steps and methods on how to use PayPal on Amazon in 2020.

How To Use PayPal On Amazon
How To Use PayPal On Amazon

Amazon the most popular e-commerce website to buy any product online. It has amazingly low prices on all the products. And the shipment of the products is so quick. Most of them do shopping online and Amazon is the best site to do online shopping. You can do payment through different methods. If you have balance in your PayPal account and want to use it on Amazon then how can you do it? Want to use PayPal to pay on Amazon? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here we will show you how you can pay through Paypal on Amazon.

Amazon is not united with PayPal so it does not accept direct payments from PayPal. So, check out the process of using PayPal to pay money on Amazon.

So, do you know the reason why Amazon is not accepting PayPal? There are two main reasons for Amazon not working with PayPal. Check out the reasons below:

The first reason is, earlier PayPal was a part of eBay. eBay is the direct competitor of Amazon. PayPal and eBay were together from 2002 to 2015. Though PayPal has split to a different brand, the partnership with eBay was strong.

Secondly, PayPal is also a direct competitor to Amazon as it has its own Payment service named Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay is accepted by so many other retailers that allow you to use Amazon payment methods.

Now, let us check out how to use PayPal on Amazon to make payment.

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As we all know that you can’t pay directly through PayPal on Amazon. However, there are a few simple ways that will help you out to pay through PayPal on Amazon. Though these ways do not use direct PayPal ultimately it will use your PayPal account. Check out the methods and use PayPal on Amazon.

Method 1: Use PayPal Access Card on Amazon

One of the best options to buy from Amazon using the PayPal account is PayPal Access card. PayPal access car is a prepaid credit card that is backed by Mastercard. However, this is not available to all PayPal account holders.


If you are not having this card, then you can apply for it. Go to the PayPal access card page. If you are eligible you will be given a card which you can use to pay. For example, it is a Mastercard, so you can use a PayPal Access Card to make your Payment on Amazon.

Method 2: Buy Amazon Gift Cards Through PayPal

This one is one of the easiest methods to use PayPal. You must buy an Amazon gift card through your Paypal account. Buy an Amazon gift card from a site like and use your PayPal balance here. Once you buy gift cards then you can use those gift cards to shop on Amazon.How To Use PayPal On Amazon?


Just be safe when you buy a gift card from any site. Make sure that the site is safe and secure.

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Method 3: Use a PayPal Business Debit Card on Amazon

All the PayPal business account holders can follow this step. While shopping on Amazon uses PayPal Business Debit MasterCard as a payment method. It will deduct money directly from your PayPal balance. The main difference is that this Payap debit card is connected with a business account.

The PayPal Cash Mastercard offers few members benefits, and this business card also has some offers like unlimited cashback which is applicable to all purchases.

Method 4:Use a PayPal Cash Card on AmazonHow To Use PayPal On Amazon

You can also pay through PayPal Cash Card while you shop from Amazon. Use a PayPal Cash MasterCard, it is a debit card that is linked directly to your PayPal balance. Until you have sufficient balance in your PayPal account, you can use this card to make a payment while Amazon checkout process.

Most of the PayPal users get this free of charge. This Cash Card does not require a credit check and can be loaded in so many ways like direct deposit and bank transfer.

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So, this is how you can use PayPal to pay on Amazon. If you have balance in your PayPal account and want to use on Amazon, try out these given methods and pay through PayPal. We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding the method listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below. And Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Cheers!

Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, one time mail, anonymous email address… All emails received by Tempmail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox.

How To Download JW Player Videos Easily Online (2020) – 10 minute mail

In Short Hacks: Are you looking to download JW player videos without any hassle? If you are one of those guys who is looking for a detailed guide about how to download JW player videos for free then this is the only article you need. In this article, we will show you many working methods from which you can download any online streaming videos which use JW player.

How To Download JW Player Videos Easily Online on Browser
How To Download JW Player Videos Easily Online

The best thing about this guide is that you don’t need to install any new applications or downloaders to actually download JW player videos. Sounds great. Isn’t it?

Download JW Player Videos: For all those who don’t know what is JW player, let me tell you what is JW player and how most of the streaming sites use JW player to provide you with their video content. If you know about JW player you can skip this part and directly go to our download guide. In that guide, we will show you how you can download JW player videos without any other software and in an easy way. Without wasting any more time, let us actually begin with this article. 

JW Player is a Newyork based company that helps websites to host their video content. They help the website owner’s to embed video clips on their webpages in an easy way. JW Players become very famous as they are very efficient in using the resources of the website and also provide a clean and easy interface for the website owner’s to upload their content. 

JW Player takes full control of your video contents and provides many API from which you can access your video content in different ways. Once you share your video in your console you just need to copy the HTML code into your website. This is why the JW player is used by many of the leading news and journal sites. Now you have some understanding of fJW player. Isn’t it?

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Now address the elephant in the room, how to download JW player videos? Was this question running in your mind? Let us discuss exactly what are all the methods from which we can download JW player videos. I will show you 2 different methods in detail using you can download videos from any online streaming sites. Let us look at the first method. 

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What is the browser you currently using? Is it Chrome or Firefox? Almost 90% of people’s answers will be from these two. Let us know what browser you are using in the comment section below. The best part about these two browsers is they are extremely powerful and have all the advanced options as well. So if you are using any of these browsers you don’t need to install any application to download any online videos. Follow the below guide to start downloading online videos.

STEP 1: Fire up the browser of your choice (Chrome or Firefox). 

STEP 2: Navigate to your favorite streaming site from which you need to download any online video.

STEP 3: Click the play button of that video in the JW player on that page and wait until the video gets loaded completely. 

Picture by: Silicophilic

STEP 4: Once the video starts playing, press the pause button. If you are on Google chrome press Ctrl + Shift + I or right-click on the web page and click Inspect element.

If you are using Firefox, right-click on the webpage and select view web info.

STEP 5: After that, if you’re on chrome navigate to Network and select Media. In case if you are using Firefox you can directly get the Media button. 

STEP 6: Once you entered into the Media page you can see some links are ending with .mp4 or any other video extensions.

Now all you need to do is just copy that video URL and open the URL in a new tab. Once you opened that URL in a new tab, it will automatically start downloading your favorite video. Hola! It is so simple Isn’t it?  So what are you waiting for? Navigate to your favorite online streaming site and download your favorite videos. 

Using this method you can download all your favorite JW player videos without any other software or extensions in your browser. But if you don’t want to get the URL of the video every single time or you have no issues in using some other downloaders to download the online video then we got you covered in our second method of download JW player videos. Let us look at this method.

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IDM needs no introduction 🙂 It is the most used download managers in any platform. If you ever used to download big files you will definitely come across this name. Isn’t it? If you still don’t know what this application is, it is a simple application which let you download big files and provides you some facility like pause, better speed, and reliability. 

You can also download any online videos which are streaming on the browser. The best part of IDM is its simplicity and functionality. You can download any videos just by tapping a download button if you are going to use IDM. To download online videos using IDM, follow these steps. 

STEP 1: Download IDM from by searching the following keyword on google “Download IDM Latest Version 2020”

STEP 2: Open the executable file and install IDM on your computer. While doing this close all your browsers. How To Download JW Player Videos from any Website

STEP 3: Once you successfully installed IDM on your PC, you will get a pop up of download video in every online video you are streaming.  How To Download JW Player Videos from any Website

Which method do you like the most? Which suits for you let us know in the comment section. 

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We hope after reading this article you will come to know how to download videos from JW player in 2020 without using any other applications or by using IDM. If you find this article helpful, share this article with all your friends and family and help us to reach more people.

Have any queries or suggestions? Team iTech Hacks are always open to suggestions. Always feel free to contact us using the contact us page. We are looking forward to reading your suggestions. Want to get articles like this on your doorstep? Subscribe to our E-mail newsletter and get all your tech articles in your mailbox.  Thanks a lot for reading. Catch you guys on the next one. Cheers! 🙂

Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, one time mail, anonymous email address… All emails received by Tempmail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox.