How To Get To Isle of Thunder – 10 minute mail

If you already played World of Warcraft. Then definitely you must be a big fan of this game. It is tricky, a little bit tough, and yet an exciting game to play. As we already know, the Isle of Thunder is a zone/place on the continent of Pandaria. This zone has a fortress covered area around it. In this article, we have discussed how to get to Isle of thunder in 2020.

How To Get To Isle of Thunder
How To Get To Isle of Thunder

The Isle of Thunder has quests for the players of level 90. This area is not controlled by either of the factions and has got quests for both of the factions. Above all, the question is still the same; how can one get to Isle of thunder? Well, you don’t need to worry. In this post, We will tell you all about how to get to the Isle of thunder.

So, without taking any more time. Let’s start with the post.

The Isle of Thunder is basically an island which is found on the northwest of Kun-Lai Summit and the Townlong Steppes. It is an island full of exciting daily quests, rare NPCs, raid dragons, and many more.

This zone has lots of elite characters that you can take out, they do not, unfortunately, reward you with any epic loot, only money or something useful.

  • To reach the island, Firstly, you need to make it to the portals by the Shado-Pan Garrison. As we know that the island is in its own situation where flying over your faction’s capital is not possible. If you try to do so, you’ll automatically get Thunder Calls in your log.
  • You then need to head to the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes, where you will get some quests like The Storm Gathers.
  • Since we know that flying is not allowed on the Isle of Thunder, so choosing a ground mount can be a great idea! You should consider investing in Elixir of Water or Reins of Azure Water, which will make it easier to travel around the coastal areas.
  • In Addition, you can also set your hearthstone to the island in later stages, but not at the beginning. Though, you can set it by the portals at the Shado-Pan Garrison.
  • If you want to get back to your Base, then you can make it easily through Kirin Tor Beacon/ Sunreaver Beacon.

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Step by Step Guide To Get To Isle of Thunder

To get to the Isle of thunder quickly and easily. You just need to follow these simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Firstly, Go to Sando-Pan GarrisonIsle of Thunder

Firstly, try to make it onto Sando-Pan Garrison if you are on Townlong Steppes. Sando-Pan Garrison is located at the west-central of Townlong Steppes.

Step 2: Isle of Thunder PortalIsle of Thunder

After getting to Sando-Pan Garrison. Go outside, look around and you will see a shining blue portal which can be found in the camp.

Be sure that you’re on the right stage of the game; otherwise, you won’t be able to find the portal. You will find an NPC(No-Player-Character) around that spot of the portal.

That NPC scout would be named as Captain Elsia. It will give you a quest named The Storm Gathers. It will help you to get on the boat, which is near to the Isle of thunder island.

Step 3: Take a Ground MountIsle of Thunder

As you know, you can’t fly to the Isle of thunder island, So you need to choose the ground mount. It will help you to get into the island.

Remember to use Elixir of Water or Reins of the Azure Water. It will make you easier to travel around the coastal areas and walk across water for 10 minutes.

Since Elixir of water requires level 50. So you need to have at least level 50 to use this incredible power.

Step 4: Use the Orb on the BoatIsle of Thunder

When you are on the boat, you will get to do many new things. Lots of stuff as you will get a portal which will help you to get transported to Sando-Pan Garrison

In Addition, you will also get an Orb that will help you get transported into the coastal area of Isle of Thunder Island.

From there, you’ll need to swim until you reach the mainland of the Isle of thunder island.

Make permanent Base on the Isle of Thunder

As you know that you will get a portal to Shado-Pan Garrison on the boat, you are in. Additionally, on the very same boat, you will get a quest named Assault on Zeb’tula. Yes, you can get a permanent base on the Isle of thunder island by completing this quest.

After completing the quest, you will not need to use the boat every time to get to the Isle of thunder island. 🙂

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I would like to say that the Isle of thunder is an exciting place in which you should definitely explore and involve in the activities happening there. At last, We would like to thank you for visiting itechhacks. If you like this article, Feel free to drop your feedback in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share the article with your dear ones. Cheers! 🙂

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Nintendo Confirms Around 160,000 User Accounts Affected in Recent Hacks – Disposable mail news

On Friday, the Japanese gaming giant, Nintendo confirms that around 160,000 user accounts of Nintendo Switch users have been affected in the recent hacking attempts.

Nintendo’s Switch game console is immensely popular among avid gamers and its demand has risen dramatically amid the lockdown forced by COVID-19 pandemic, making it out of stock almost everywhere. As the number of people turning to Nintendo is rapidly increasing, the number of hackers targeting digital accounts has also increased as a result.

In the wake of the breach, Nintendo has disabled the option of logging into a Nintendo account via Nintendo Network ID (NNID)– login IDs and passwords of the users have been acquired in an unauthentic way by some means other than Nintendo’s service, the company confirmed. Notably, these attempts to access accounts illegally have been made since the beginning of April. The information compromised during the breach includes usernames, DOB, email addresses, and country.

The company has notified all the affected users of the breach through an email, alerting them to reset their passwords.
Meanwhile, the company also warned the users in case they have used a common password for their NNID and Nintendo account, and said, “your balance and registered credit card / PayPal may be illegally used at My Nintendo Store or Nintendo eShop.”

The company further recommended the users to enable two-factor authentication as some accounts are already being used to make fraudulent purchases. Affected users are advised to contact Nintendo so that the company can examine their purchase history and cancel fraudulent purchases.

“We will soon contact users about resetting passwords for Nintendo Network IDs and Nintendo Accounts that we have reason to believe were accessed without authorization,” the company said.

While apologizing to the customers, Nintendo said,
“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and concern to our customers and related parties,”

“In the future, we will make further efforts to strengthen security and ensure safety so that similar events do not occur.” the company added.

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1.1 Million Customers Records of SCUF Gaming Exposed Online – Disposable mail news

The database of more than 1 million customers was exposed online by ‘SCUF Gaming’, a subsidiary of Corsair that develops high-end gamepads for Xbox, PS4, and PC. The incident led to the exposure of clients’ names, payment info, contact info, repair tickets, order histories, and other sensitive information. Other data belonging to the company’s staff and internal API keys were also compromised as a result.

The data was left unprotected for two days before being discovered by the security researcher, Bob Diachenko who reported the same to Scuf Gaming. The team led by the researcher found the data on the web without any password protection or authentication.

The database was taken down by the company in less than two hours of being notified. Meanwhile, bot crawlers got enough time to locate the exposed database and a ransom note was found demanding 0.3 BTC from the company. The note says that the data had been downloaded by the cybercriminals, however, no such action is being detected by the systems. “Your Database is downloaded and backed up on our secured servers. To recover your lost data, Send 0.3 BTC to our BitCoin Address and Contact us by eMail.” The note read.

Experts are of the belief that the involved criminals did not get enough time to delete or encrypt the data present in the database, hence, it’s unlikely that they would have been able to download it either. However, SCUF clients and staff could face a risk of phishing attacks, identity theft, and fraud by the cybercriminals who might have downloaded some pieces of
the leaked database.

In a conversation with Comparitech, a spokesperson for Corsair, parent company to SCUF gaming told, “…Once notified, we identified the root cause of this exposure and secured the database within two hours. While investigating Mr. Diachenko’s warning, we also discovered that a bot had connected to the database’s server and placed a ransom note there. We have no evidence that either the bot or any other actor was able to misappropriate customer data.

This issue was specific to one system, being operated off-site due to work-from-home precautions resulting from the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

To stay on a safer side, SCUF Gaming customers are advised to keep an eye for any suspicious activity in regard to their bank accounts as scammers who were to able gather whatever bits of information they could, are likely to attempt targeted phishing attacks.

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DDoS Attacks on the Gaming Giant Blizzard Causing Worldwide Service Disruption – Disposable mail news

In order to ruin the users’ stay at home during their work from home period brought about by COVID-19, the hackers have hit gaming giant “Blizzard” with a colossal DDoS attack causing worldwide service disruption.

The attack, as per reports was carried out on March 18th around 2:20 AM (GMT) when Blizzard users took the issue to Twitter and the Customer Support handle for Blizzard on Twitter additionally affirmed enduring the DDoS attacks.

The company further clarified that it is “currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts.”

As indicated by DownDetector’s live map, Blizzard is as yet enduring the result of the attack particularly in the US, Israel, Bahrain, Iraq, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Denmark and a few other countries.

Image credit: Down Detector’s live map

Furthermore, it is very unclear whether the DDoS attack has halted as there has been no update tweet from the company.

It is, however, worth noting that Blizzard is home to probably the most mainstream games including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Diablo Immortal, and so on.

The gaming monster has a strong customer base with in excess of 32 million active users across the global.

Aside from these EA Sport, a division of Electronic Arts is likewise enduring a worldwide service blackout.

It is indistinct on the off chance that it is an aftereffect of a DDoS attack or the company is confronting technical challenges within however there have been various tweets from EA Sports customers complaining about lagging and connectivity issues.

As indicated by DownDectector’s live map, EA Sports is as yet enduring lagging issues in the US, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Denmark, Japan, and Israel, and so forth.

Image credit: Down Detector’s live map

By and by, it is most likely not a smart decision to DDoS Blizzard but rather users are encouraged to remain tuned for any further news with respect to the attack.

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Enable Discord Screen Share with/without Audio 2020 (Working) – 10 minute mail

How many of you moved to discord after facing issues on Google Hangout? Well, I am one of them. But after using Discord I wasn’t aware of its Screen Sharing feature. But after lots of research and scraping multiple tutorials, I have ended up finding some very easy and handy steps to enable screen share feature in Discord. Well, This simple feature of discord saved my time and helped me to connect with my team easily without loss of data packets. In this article, we have shared a complete step by step tutorial to enable screen share in discord with audio 2020.

Steps To Enable Screen Share in Discord
Steps To Enable Screen Share in Discord

Discord is a VoIP voice and text messaging app. Discord app allows you to share images, videos, audio, and all multimedia forms. It is quite popular among gamers as it is a gaming community app. One can also do a group chat of small business or any work. However, so many people don’t know about this app, and from this app, one can do video calling and screen sharing solutions also.

Up to ten people, including you, can do Live video calling at once by sharing the desktop. And this Screen Sharing feature is built in the Discord app. To Screen Share on Discord, you don’t need to install any other app. This feature is beneficial, and this makes the app a real competitor to other apps which also allows video calling. So, if you still haven’t used the Discord app then download it now and start using it. We will give you all the details of the Screen Share and Video calling feature of the app.

As this screen share feature is new and most of them don’t use it so, many of them are unaware of this feature. Here we will show some steps which will help you to Enable the Screen Share in the Discord App. So, let’s get into it.

To enable the Screen Share feature, make sure you are using the Discord Desktop Client, and the app should be of the latest version. With whoever you want to do a Screen Share, that person and you should be on a video/audio call. So, better you check that the Audio/Video feature is working correctly.

Video/Audio Camera Settings

First, do some basic configurations to call someone and for Enabling the Screen Share option.

  • First Go To Settings from the left side of the bottom on the right of your username
  • Now, go to APP Settings From the left side of Menu
  • Select, Voice & Video option from there, Adjust all the video and audio settings
  • Go to Video settings and select the video camera from the drop-down
  • On the right side, there is an option to Test Video to check everything is proper or not.
  • You need to enable the camera access if you are using the Discord Browser app instead of a standalone client.
  • Under Voice settings, select input and output devices. Check everything is working or not by doing a Mic Test by clicking on the let’s check button

Now, let us see how to connect with friends on Discord.

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Steps To Connect on Discord for Screen Share

To start a video call, first, you need to be friends on Discord with all of them in the group. Once all of them are in the call from your friends’ list, you can start the call. If you are not there, then go to the Homepage from the Discord icon which is at the top left side of the screen.

  1. First, open the friend list by tapping on the FRIENDS
  2. Click on the username of the friend or on their name which is shown on the Video Call
  3. As you click on the friend’s name, a DM (direct message) with them will be opened.
  4. Above the DM window choose Video Call by clicking on the icon

If you are using Discord on your Android or iOS, then you can start a video call by clicking on the three dots which are at the top right of the screen. However, in the DM or a Group chat, there is an option to select the Start Video Call.

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Features of Screen Share on Discord Server

When you do a screen share, you can turn on or off the sound. This helps you to chat properly. While you are sharing screens with your friends, there are many great and helpful features. Here are some of the features available.Steps To Enable Screen Share in Discord

  • Turn ON or OFF Sound during Screen Share

While you are sharing the screen with your group, you can choose to turn ON or OFF your voice as per your requirements. To do this, go to Application Windows, and turn on or off the Sound option.

This feature helps you to choose to see the Video of any person when you are connected to a group call. Whoever you want to see, select that person while others will just slide by the right in the Marquee. If you wish to change the person to see, then choose anyone from the Marquee.

  • Swap Screens to share in Discord

You can swap from the video or screen from the icons which are at the bottom. Do it, by clicking on the left icon which is at the center with an arrow, and choose the screen which you want to share. Select any application window or the full screen. If you wish, you can switch to video by clicking on the Video button.

For screen sharing, you can have a full screen. Do it by tapping on the double arrow icon, which is situated on the right side. The expand arrow will make it full screen.

Once you are done, you can quickly disconnect the call by clicking on the Leave Call option. If you click on this option accidentally then the call will be disconnected as it won’t give any warning.

  • Discord Screen Share AudioSteps To Enable Screen Share in Discord

From the bottom, select the settings icon and get access to the User Settings.

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Discord app is a handy and full-featured chatting app. It is the most popular app for the features of text and voice chat. As you can also do a screen sharing with up to ten people at once. Use this Live Video chat feature while you are on Desktop. Follow the steps given above and easily Enable the screen sharing option and start it with your friends on Discord. It also has some unique features which are also great. Invite your friends on Discord and start Video/ Audio Call, Screen Share or send text messages.

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