Join a demo session with Disposable mail – 10 minute mail

We will have scheduled Demo sessions this week and we definitely think that you should join. In the 30 minute session we will cover:

  • Understanding of Disposable mail’s basic setup and settings
  • Best practices using the tool
  • Q&A

The scheduled times are:

LINK: Monday the 16th at 16.00 CET
LINK: Tuesday the 17th at 10.00 CET
LINK: Wednesday the 18th at 16.00 CET
LINK: Thursday the 19th at 10.00 CET

Are unable to attend on these times? Don’t worry send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to find a time that suits you!

Hope to see you at the Demo sessions

The Disposable mail Team

Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, one time mail, anonymous email address… All emails received by Tempmail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox.